Thursday, September 28, 2023

Rhino User Webinar: Grasshopper in art - A new way of approaching classic norms of making

 Rhino User Webinar
October 11, 2023, at 16:00 (CEST)

In this Webinar, Ekkehard Altenburger will show his versatile approach to using Grasshopper as an artist.

His portfolio spans various aspects of parametric design, encompassing everything from creating initial drafts for traditional lacquer studios in Hanoi to his ongoing methodologies at the Academy of Visual Arts in Hong Kong, where he uses Grasshopper as the main software to program a range of large and small robots in a digital fabrication studio. 

The webinar will center on the utilization of various plugins like Weaverbird and Kangaroo 2, alongside the HAL robotics framework, demonstrating their applicability in both smaller and larger robotic systems, including ABB, UFactory, and Universal Robots.

Ekkehard Altenburger is a German artist based in Hong Kong. With a background as a master mason, he later studied in Bremen, Edinburgh, and London. Architecture has a significant impact on Altenburger's artistic endeavors.
His projects can be found in various public and private collections, as well as in the public domain. Altenburger's current research focuses on using parametric algorithms in idea development and the creative process, including incorporating them into traditional Vietnamese lacquer painting techniques. He serves as an Assistant Professor for Sculpture at the Academy of Visual Arts in Hong Kong, where he established a robotics laboratory for digital fabrication.
Altenburger's pieces have been featured in exhibitions such as 'Amber in Vietnam/Hanoi' and 'True and False' at Burg Ranfels in Bavaria, Germany.

VIKTOR Grasshopper Sunlight Analysis App

With VIKTOR, transforming your Grasshopper model into a real-time web application is a breeze.

Feel free to explore the Twisting Tower & Ladybug Sun Hours Analysis public app.

For more insights, check out the blog post on Easily Turn Grasshopper Models into Sharable Web Apps with VIKTOR.

Wednesday, September 27, 2023

DesignMorphine PhD Open Day Y24 - Free Conference

Join DesignMorphine for an Open Day presentation and Q&A session where they can answer any questions you might have about this fully accredited online Ph.D. program. The open day will begin with a presentation and overview of the degree program, a run-through of each pathway, the backgrounds and qualifications of their Ph.D. mentors, and technical details about the degree program's format and experience. We will then open it up to a live Q&A session where they will answer all your questions. They will be taking questions by chat or interactive live video questions. 

More information and registration...

Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Artist-in-Residency program at EPFL (Lausanne, Switzerland)

EPFL again invites artists, designers, and makers to join it for a 3-month residency in the spring of 2024! 

"We welcome project proposals that leverage our research to explore new geometric and material expressions, aiming to create a sculptural artwork, kinetic installation, or functional application prototype. You will have access to GCM’s latest research technology and computational design tools, as well as a fully equipped fab lab including machines for laser cutting, CNC milling, and 3D printing, standard hand tools, and various custom-built machines. In collaborating with GCM’s team, you will receive hands-on support on in-house design software and digital fabrication technology."

Rhino User Webinar: SubD contour for gems using Grasshopper - by Aurelio Perugini (in Italian)

 Rhino User Webinar (in Italian)
4 October 2023 at 16:00 (CEST)

In the words of Aurelio Perugini: 'At the request of a friend of mine, Chiocca Gianluca, of the jewellery shop of the same name in Terracina (LT), the opportunity arose for me to create a Grasshopper definition for a ring with a diamond outline.

I wanted to make a fairly soft contour so I thought of exploiting SubD, after which I imagined that by creating a definition this would also be useful in other parts of the ring and I could exploit it in subsequent projects.

Definitions of this type are often complex and time-consuming, so I tried to make a simple project, and I wanted to share this experience with other users who may have the same needs as me.

Self-taught, since 1999 I have taught CAD for jewellery with Rhinoceros at the professional schools of Valenza, (AL) in Milan and at the Master's degree course for jewellery at the University of Eastern Piedmont. In recent years, in parallel with my work as a planner and designer for Il Sole Gioielli, a manufacturing company in Valenza, I have been working with my partner, Gianfranco Guzzo, on the project for a jewellery plugin, EasyJewels3D."

Friday, September 22, 2023

Notilus marine plugins are expanding


Notilus plugins are tailored to meet the needs of the maritime industry. Trusted by industry leaders, these tools empower you to expedite your design processes, reduce errors, and bring your projects to life faster.

- Automatic part detection, posing, and marking.
- Creation of 2D cutting files with ease.
- Automated stiffener generation and easy cutout management.
- Collaborative working within the same project.
- Instant bill of materials list with weight and Cog values.

- Quick pipe and fitting addition.
- Customizable pipe and equipment libraries.
- Fast measurement and COG calculations.
- 3D pipe dimensioning and positioning.
- Live bill of materials and fluid weight calculation
- Automatic penetration addition
- HVAC design
- Spool Generation

- Automatic dimensioning and labeling.
- Automatic generation of 2D drawings.
- Easy layout creation and scene management.
- Revision management and label editing.

- Swift clipping plane location determination.
- Enable/disable clipping planes effortlessly.
- Project-based clipping plane saving and restoring.

- Customizable symbol library.
- Auto-count and labeling of items.
- Instant bill of materials.
- Automatic pipe and symbol legends.
- Easy rescaling of drawings.
- Check pipe dimensions and instruments.

Thursday, September 21, 2023

Rhino User Webinar: Design-Driven Engineering

Rhino User Webinar
September 27, 2023, at 4:00 PM CEST

How can we, as structural and bridge engineers, work to enhance architectural designs while simultaneously achieving sound and efficient structures?

This upcoming webinar will provide insights into the innovative culture at Tyréns, a multidisciplinary consulting firm that embraces innovation and prioritizes design-driven engineering.

Through a series of examples, we'll demonstrate the diverse ways we collaborate with architects—spanning from distinctive projects to the intricacies of daily tasks within building structures and bridge engineering. Through these examples, we will showcase effectively using RhinoGrasshopper, and other linked applications to drive, collaborate, and automate designs.

About the speakers:

  • Daniel Lauri is a Structural Engineer and Computational Design Lead at Tyréns in Stockholm. He is mainly involved in early-stage design, research projects, as well as leading the company's digital transformation strategy in his role as Digitalization Lead. Daniel is also a mentor and Computational Design Lead in Tyréns Structural Design Network.
  • Guayente Minchot is a Structural Engineer with a strong focus on early design stages and the seamless integration of structural engineering into the architectural vision. She works daily with visual programming tools like Grasshopper and Rhino and its various integrations with other 3D modeling and Finite Element (FE) software. Guayente is also an ambassador for Tyréns Structural Design Network.
  • Martin Krepper is a bridge engineer who works on projects in both early-stage design and production stages. He works daily with Rhino/Grasshopper against BIM and FEA software such as Tekla Structures and SOFiSTiK. Martin is also an ambassador for Tyréns Structural Design Network.

New version of Lark Spectral Lighting Grasshopper plugin


ZGF Architects and the University of Washington Applied Research Consortium (ARC) have released version 3.0 of Lark Spectral Lighting on food4Rhino and GitHub. The Lark project is a global, peer-reviewed, open-source software to expand the toolkit for researchers and designers predicting non-visual light for human health.

Lark v3.0 allows for custom spectral power distributions for the sky, sun, electric lights, glazing, and finish materials. The workflow can be used by architects, lighting designers, manufacturers, researchers, and public health officials to test any configuration of daylight and electric lighting for any building type. 

Applying measured spectral data for light sources has been a driver for Lark, first with skies (v1.0), then electric lights (v2.0), and now the sun (v3.0). Their research shows the color of the sun transitions from warmer spectrums at sunrise (e.g., violet, orange, red) and sunset to cooler spectrums (e.g.,  blue) at its zenith, which can largely impact non-visual light stimulus. This cycle can be simulated with full-spectrum lighting for improved health and well-being in any indoor environment.

Details and download...

Monday, September 18, 2023

Rhino.Inside.Revit (Essentials) Training course revised—Next session beginning on October 3rd

Simply Rhino published its revised Rhino.Inside.Revit (Essentials) Training course, delivered by Ivana Petrusevski (Computational Design Lead at Grimshaw Architects).

This fully revised course is exclusive to Simply Rhino Training and is dedicated to cutting-edge Rhino.Inside® technology and its application in the context of Autodesk Revit®. The live online course is tailored to architects, landscape architects, and other AEC professionals who use Rhino as well as Revit and are looking into ways to enhance the interoperability between the two. The training highlights current best practices and outlines fast and efficient workflows that can be readily adopted in real-life scenarios.

The course is delivered by Ivana Petrusevski. Ivana is a Computational Design Specialist with more than 15 years of experience in computation for AEC. She is the Computational Design Lead at Grimshaw Architects, working as computational support for large-scale projects, is a Rhino and Grasshopper trainer, and is involved in various digital technology strategies and initiatives.

Topics covered during the course include: What is Rhino.Inside | Interface | Revit Tab | Grasshopper Tab | Color Coding | GUI | Basics of BIM | Revit Categories | Revit Types | Elements | Filters | BREP to Direct Shape | Direct Shape with Category and Material | Adaptive Components | Driving Revit Families from Rhino Grasshopper

Like all Simply Rhino online training, this course is delivered live to enable timely questions and answers and help you progress with the new tools you are learning. The training is also recorded so that class attendees can watch the training back at their own leisure, should they wish, offering trainees the best of both training worlds! 

Find out more at the Simply Rhino web site, including how to join the next iteration of the course, which begins on October 3rd.

Details and registration...

New Plugin for Wind Tunnel Simulations Released: Tdyn Wind Tunnel

This plugin combines the 3D design capabilities of Rhinoceros with the smooth user experience and computational power of Tdyn Wind Tunnel.

The plugin allows you to perform CFD simulations in three simple steps:
  1. Automatic export of geometry created and prepared in Rhino to Tdyn Wind Tunnel.
  2. Definition of wind speed and symmetries.
  3. Launch the simulation and view the results!
This plugin is perfect for anyone who can benefit from aerodynamic analyses, regardless of their expertise in CFD simulations or fluid dynamics knowledge, for example:
  • Structural engineers seek accurate values of the wind loads.
  • Architects and urban designers who are willing to assess wind behavior around urban areas/buildings or enhance comfort inside spaces.
  • Designers (cars, motorbikes, etc.) looking for improved estimations of aerodynamic coefficient.
  • Fluid mechanics teachers whose purpose is to provide more intuitive and specific educational tools and content.
Furthermore, CFD experts will also find in Tdyn Wind Tunnel an extraordinary ally that will drastically reduce the preprocessing, meshing, and post-processing times while minimizing the associated errors.

The first execution of the plugin will check if Tdyn WindTunnel is installed on the PC and will automatically download and install it from the CompassIS Website. In subsequent executions, the user will be required to introduce the passwords needed for the execution of the Tdyn Wind tunnel.

The Rhino plugin is free, and Tdyn WindTunnel currently offers the possibility of evaluating it for free with temporal passwords, which can be obtained from our password generator.

Friday, September 15, 2023

Footwear Innovation Day 2023 By design&develop srl (December 1, Montebelluna)

New design, innovation and fabrication landscapes for the footwear industry (Montebelluna, December 1)
Footwear Innovation Day 2023 is a forum dedicated to the latest advancements and trends in the world of footwear design, processes and fabrication. Immerse yourself in the many talks and discussions of the current and future technologies that are pushing the brands' digital strategy. Learn what new processes are available for a more integrated and sustainable design of your products.
Join us in the heart of the Venetian sport-system industry in the wonderful Infinite Area to discuss the latest and greatest research and network with the disruptors that are pushing forward the industry.
We will discuss the new trends of AI applied to design and how sustainability can only be achieved via proper data management. Top experts will show how Rhino is a platform for process innovation and how it is already being used to change the way shoes are engineered. Finally, we will dive into fabrication, and what new options are available to manufacture better products. Each series of talk will be followed by a panel where the audience will be able to interact with the speakers and share ideas with them.
Design&develop is a footwear research, design and development company. We pride ourselves in having developed countless models and solutions for the footwear industry since 1990. We offer services to the footwear brands for concept, design, development and sourcing since the very inception of the studio. A couple of years ago we started developing plug-ins for Rhino3D and have published Jevero and Botcha. We are always looking towards the next solution for shaping ideas into shoes.

For partnership opportunities please do reach out directly:

Live event!
Seats are limited, make sure to reserve your spot here

Jevero and Botcha at Simac Tanning Tech (September 19-21 in Milan)

Jevero and Botcha at SIMAC 2023!
Simac Tanning Tech is the international event with the best-qualified range of machinery and technologies for footwear and leather goods industries, which will take at Fiera Milano, Rho (Milan). Botcha and Jevero, the footwear plugins for Rhino developed by design&develop, will be at hall 14P/stand C38 

Day: 19-21 September 2023
Location: Strada Statale del Sempione, 28
20017 Rho (Milano)
Hall 14P - Stand C38

Thursday, September 14, 2023

Future of Construction 2023 Symposium (TU München, September 13-15)

The Future of Construction 2023 Symposium provides a platform to discuss novel human-machine collaborations in design and construction. Together, we will raise questions about how complementary skills—the accuracy and speed of machines and their ability to crunch large amounts of data, jointly with our capacity as humans to solve problems creatively, flexibly, and collaboratively—can affect the ecologically, economically, and socially sustainable development of the built environment.

A great set of presentations and workshops, including Digital tools for co-designing with living systems. This workshop will foster a new discourse on the future of integrating an ecosystemic approach in digital design. It builds on recent insights of the research project ECOLOPES (McNeel Europe R&D, one of the leading partners) and TreeML and PrunML. 

Wednesday, September 13, 2023

BarcelonaTech MPDA Parametric Design Master 8th edition starts in October

MPDA Master in Parametric Design in Architecture starts its new edition next October, and you can attend an information session on September 19.

For the past seven years, has proudly trained generations of computational designers exploring technology efficiency. By deeply using Grasshopper as an educational tool, MPDA has guided the integration of computational tools and digital manufacturing technology in building systems and architectural design. During the master, some of the most powerful plugins from the Grasshopper ecosystem (Karamba, Kangaroo, Octopus, Kiwi, Human, LunchBox, Ladybug, Owl.. among others) are used, some of them with specific workshops by the authors themselves. This year the master is blended: the first four months are online and five months are face-to-face in Barcelona.

Very recently, the MPDA23 students have successfully conceived and constructed a timber climate shelter for a public school, demonstrating ease of construction in segmented corrugated timber shells with digitally fabricated rigid joints. This research project highlights the capabilities of computational design, simulation, and digital fabrication methods for minimizing ecological footprint in architecture.

Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Intact.Simulation for Rhino/Grasshopper

Experience the New Standard in Native Model Simulation with the Power of Intact.Simulation for Rhino/Grasshopper!

Finally, high-end, robust mechanical simulation comes to the Grasshopper ecosystem.

Industrial-Strength Simulations: Say goodbye to geometry preprocessing and meshing headaches. Our cutting-edge solution delivers robust mechanical simulations without the hassle. Leave the small features on!

Rapid Iteration, Unrivaled Accuracy: Validate and iterate designs swiftly, all while maintaining precision. Automate and iterate on your designs without sacrificing results.

Unmatched Flexibility: Enjoy the most versatile mechanical simulation solution available. It's quick to set up, handles any geometry including implicit VDB files for lattices, meta-materials, unmeshable solids, STL, polygons, and BREP, and tackles simulation challenges effortlessly.

Comprehensive Capabilities: Explore structural, thermal, and vibration physics with access to a vast material database.

Elevate your design game with Intact.Simulation—simplifying complexity and propelling your projects to new heights in Rhino. Try it today!

Rhinozine September Issue

Lift Foils blends 3D modeling with a passion for adventure, ushering in a fresh era of aquatic thrills.

Blends environment and aesthetics in perfect harmony.

Discover a collection of game-changing video clips that provide tips and tricks on how to use Rhino effectively.

The book showcases the versatility of its techniques by ingeniously extending them from clay 3D printing to thermo-filament 3D printing.

Explore our previous issues of Rhinozine here!

Friday, September 8, 2023

ROB|ARCH Conference in Toronto: Beyond Optimization

Mark your calendars for the ROB|ARCH conference in May 2024 in Toronto, Canada!

The conference has been held biannually since 2012, each hosted by a different team and institution. Each gathering brings together international teams of researchers and practitioners to share expertise, foster networks, increase knowledge, and stimulate innovation.

Each ROB|ARCH conference is a collaborative effort between the hosting universities, industry partners, and the Association for Robots in Architecture. ROB|ARCH 2024: Beyond Optimization will be cohosted by The Daniels Faculty (UofT), the Robotics Institute (UofT), The Design + Technology Lab at The Creative School (TMU), and the Waterloo School of Architecture in Toronto, Canada.

This year’s theme, Beyond Optimization, is intended as a provocation: to reflect on the changes affecting robotics in art, design, and architecture—and to respond by shifting priorities and examining the criteria to evaluate research. It will move beyond a technically focused discourse toward inclusive conversations that center on critical approaches in robotics.

ROB|ARCH 2024 consists of three workshop days (May 21-23) and two conference days (May 24-25). During the workshops, fifteen teams of experts from academia and industry each lead an intensive 3-day hands-on workshop focusing on practical and theoretical knowledge building around robotics in creative practice.

The conference includes keynote presentations, paper sessions, discussion panels, and workshop reports.

A detailed list of workshops and registration details, a detailed conference schedule, and registration information will be announced this fall. Discounted registration fees will be available for students. Visit the ROB|ARCH web site and follow @robotsinarchitecture for the latest ROB|ARCH 2024 information.

Call for papers.

Workshops: May 21-23, 2024 
Conference: May 24-25, 2024 
Registration information coming soon!

Tuesday, September 5, 2023

C# in Grasshopper-Practical Applications In AEC | Live Webinar


Live Webinar 
September 27, 2023 -  14:00-15:00 CEST

This exciting webinar jumps into the world of C# in Grasshopper and its incredible potential in automating design tasks, optimizing workflows, and boosting efficiency.

Krzysztof Wojslaw, Parametric Design Engineer and Marcin Luczkowski, Associate Professor at NTNU (Norwegian University of Technology), will present real-world examples that showcase the practical applications of C# for:  

Architects: How C# empowers architects to conduct numerical simulations, enabling better design decision-making and assisting in selecting the perfect building shape.

Structural Engineers: Creating steel frame systems and conducting comprehensive structural analysis, making your engineering more effective than ever.

Geotechnical Engineers: C# component helps with integration between structural analysis software and Geotechnical software, boosting collaboration.

Available now: Public Beta of sphereneRHINO Plugin - A revolution in design and manufacturing

spherene, a specialized company in Adaptive Density Minimal Surface Technology (ADMS), launched its public beta release of its sphereneRHINO plugin. Now accessible directly through Rhino's package manager, the plugin offers a range of features beneficial for professionals in computational design, footwear, orthopedics, automotive, aerospace, and other sectors. The sphereneRHINO plugin improves both material efficiency and structural integrity in various design and manufacturing applications.

The plugin extends the capabilities of Rhino by integrating spherene’s patented features, including:
  • Efficient material use for additive manufacturing
  • Exceptional rigidity with minimal material
  • Adaptive surface integration
  • Parametric control
  • Open-pored or closed-construction options
Getting started couldn't be simpler. Just go to Rhino's package manager and download the sphereneRHINO plugin. For step-by-step installation instructions, check out spereneRHINO's comprehensive documentation.

The Public Beta is available for free for a limited period! Make sure you explore the revolutionary features of sphereneRHINO at zero cost. This will become a paid service in the future.

A trailblazer in Adaptive Density Minimal Surface Technology, spherene is dedicated to revolutionizing design and manufacturing. 

Monday, September 4, 2023

Grasshopper Meets Lacquer: Innovating Art with Ekkehard Altenburger

The artist Ekkehard Altenburger showcased his latest work, which merges Grasshopper definitions 
with the traditional technique of Vietnamese lacquer art painting.

As a well-respected Professor of Sculpture at the Academy of Visual Arts in Hong Kong, Altenburger collaborated closely with a master lacquer artist in a Hanoi studio to master the ancient Vietnamese lacquer art technique. With his expertise in programming robotic systems and the extended use of Grasshopper code in his research, Altenburger took inspiration from the convergence of ancient traditions and modern technology.

Altenburger's fascination with the shift from high-end digital environments to the humble surroundings of a Hanoi studio is evident in his exhibition. Working in intense humidity, crucial for the drying and curing of Vietnamese lacquer derived from tree resin, Altenburger's art exudes a unique blend of ancient artistry and contemporary innovation.

The exhibition, held at Galerie Lunette in the heart of historic Hanoi, allowed Altenburger to showcase his works alongside established artists such as Claudia Van and Dinh Ngoc Canh.

Looking forward to further exploration in this field, Altenburger is drawn to the immersive experience of working in Hanoi studios. He anticipates many more productive days in the sweltering heat as he continues to explore how digital technology opens new aesthetic avenues in this ancient technique.

For more about this exhibition, look at this local TV interview.

Contact Ekkehard Altenburger at

Friday, September 1, 2023

Rhino User Meeting - Stockholm 2023



McNeel Europe, in collaboration with White Arkitekter and Creative Tools, is organizing a Rhino User Meeting for the 21st of September, 2023, in Stockholm, Sweden.

Join us and learn about the latest Rhino WIP developments like the Rhino.Inside technology, PushPull, and much more.

Get inspiration from industry experts, who will share their most recent projects and workflows with the audience in this casual evening.

Networking and drinks will be available after the presentation.

More information...

Rhino at SNAME Marine Conference in San Diego

  Come see the new naval engineering tools in Rhino 

Orca3D Booth # 35 | September 27-29 | San Diego, CA 

Orca3D Version 3 WIP introduced a completely new module focused on advanced stability analysis. The new module includes:
  • Define compartments, calculate intact and damaged stability
  • Improved Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Calculations with Orca3D CFD
  • Grasshopper Components for Hydrostatics for optimization