Tuesday, July 25, 2023

food4Rhino Webinar: Tweener (August 2 at 5 PM CEST)

August 2 at 5 PM CEST

Just as NURBS curves are defined by control points, a Tweener curve is defined by the region's boundary curves. In general, to "tween" means to generate curves that interpolate between given input curves.
Reconciling curves of different origins is a fundamental part of the designer's toolbox, but it can often result in overlapping or undercutting NURBS curves. Tweener is a Rhino plugin and Grasshopper assembly that solves this problem by guaranteeing smoothness and the absence of intersections. It allows to tween between any number of closed planar curves or between any two not necessarily closed curves on any given surface.

Thus, Tweener curves are drawn interactively by manipulating their boundary conditions, much like how NURBS curves are manipulated by control points, providing a very different perspective on curve modeling. Even though Tweener is ideal for early-stage sketches and drawings, it is deeply related to concepts from computer graphics, architectural theory, and parametric design.

A core feature is a powerful interactive editing environment that allows the designer to achieve a very individual hand-modeled look while automatically maintaining the curves' quality, smoothness, and organicity.

In this webinar, aimed both at Rhino novices and experts, we will familiarize ourselves with the core functionality of the Tweener plugin and its history and mention diverse applications, including product design, general illustration, 3D printing, interior design, and landscape. We will also mention the underlying mathematics.

Speaker: Mathias Fuchs is a mathematician with ample experience in applied geometry, statistics, and simulation. He's been Senior Researcher at the CODE group, Zaha Hadid Architects, London, and is now an independent programmer specializing in numerical algorithms for geometry and Rhino.

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Monday, July 24, 2023

Speaker Grill Parametric Texture - Free webinar by Cademy (August 13 at 4 PM GMT)

Attention all industrial designers!
Join us for the next Free Workflow Webinar 6.0 (August 13 at 4 PM GMT)

In this session, we will be 3D modeling the Harman Kardon Neo Speaker grill using Rhinoceros, applying perforation texture with interlaced grid patterns in Grasshopper, and generating stunning renderings in KeyShot. It is an exciting opportunity to expand your skills in one of the most widely used 3D modeling tools for industrial design and to enhance your portfolio. 

See you there!

Friday, July 21, 2023

AAVS New York: Two Weeks Left to Register!



August 4-12, 2023
Registration ends August 3, 2023 - Register today!

This innovative program features designers and academics from some of the leading offices and advanced institutions from around the globe!

In partnership with Pratt Institute, this intensive 9-day in-person program will cover some of the most relevant and advanced approaches to computation and urban design in practice today.

The program will focus on digital and scripted design methodologies as well as cutting-edge AI platforms realized through digital representation techniques. Focusing on using Rhinoceros and Grasshopper, each invited instructor will introduce their advanced methods of working within these platforms for diverse design outcomes and exposure to different design methodologies for participants in each group.

Featuring staff and lecturers with academic experience at the Architectural Association, Pratt Institute, UPenn, MIT, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Hong Kong University, Technical University Munich, Technical University Prague, UCL the Bartlett, TU Graz, ETH Zurich, and Tsinghua University.

Professional experience at Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA), Skidmore Owings & Merrill (SOM), Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG), Kohn Pedersen Fox (KPF), Grimshaw Architects, Bart//Bratke and URBAN BETA.

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Thursday, July 20, 2023

Digital Possibilities on an Island workshop


The Circular Factory (CF) and The Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalunya (IAAC) invite you to participate in their workshop titled Digital Possibilities on an Island, scheduled for August.

Is it possible to generate high-quality architecture using local wood waste? Can we integrate digital technology with local craftsmanship?

This initiative aims to showcase the potential of robotics and computation in creating sustainable architecture in remote areas like Roatan, Honduras. By leveraging the collective expertise of The CF and IAAC, the project explores the possibilities of utilizing Roatan's raw, green, and untreated wood to design a structure inspired by natural geometries that serves the local community. The research seeks to culminate in constructing a 1:1 prototype gazebo in Roatan, employing computer vision, robotics, and untreated logs of green wood.

During the workshop, participants will use Rhino, Grasshopper, Speckle, Python scripting for computer vision, and ABB robots for the gazebo construction process.

To register:

Send your name, CV, and portfolio to alicia.nahmad@thecircularfactory.com or/and alex@iaac.net

Location: Roatan, Islands Bay Honduras

Date: August 12-26, 2023
Time: 9 am-6 pm daily (including classroom and fabrication lab hours).
Fee: 800 euros

For additional information,
please contact 
alicia.nahmad@thecircularfactory.com or/and alex@iaac.net

Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Master in Parametric Design, Autumn XVIII Edition


A unique study program adapted to this new situation and challenging world

This master course is the hybrid and flexible version of Controlmad's Master in Parametric Design On-site, with XIII successful editions.  It is the chance to introduce you to the world of Computational Design, the state-of-the-art field for product design, architecture, landscape, engineering, digital fabrication... through the creation of physical and digital parametric models using as main tools Grasshopper for Rhino, CNC machines, and 3D printers.

The course is divided into two parts: 

  • Part I : Rhino, Grasshopper, Kangaroo, Karamba, Python, Visualization (October 30-January 12)
  • Part II:  Digital Fabrication (On-site at Controlmad or online, as you wish) (January 12-February 8)

You may take part in the full course onsite or remotely, or just Part I (Online. Onsite attendance would depend on spots available)

More information...

DigitalFUTURES - Portuguese Workshops

DigitalFUTURES is a volunteer-driven online platform dedicated to architectural education, among other subjects. 

This year, they are offering a few workshops in Portuguese.  

The workshops cover parametric design, digital fabrication, parametric analysis for walkability criteria, BIM and Grasshopper, form-finding, and subtractive digital fabrication. These workshops utilize Rhino software and tools like Grasshopper, VisaulARQ, and RhinoCAM.

Discover the workshops they have to offer hereAll sessions are recorded and uploaded to YouTube, creating a permanent and freely accessible repository of educational materials. 

For additional information, please contact info@digitalfutures.world

Monday, July 17, 2023

food4Rhino webinar: TRfem and TRmesh (July 19 at 5 PM CEST)

food4Rhino webinar: TRfem and TRmesh
July 19 at 5 PM CEST

TRfem and TRmesh are a pair of new plugins for simulation.

TRmesh is a general tetrahedral meshing plugin for TRfem, featuring a highly performant and robust novel fuzzy mesher inspired by Poisson disk sampling and Metropolis sampling, suitable for any finite element-based volumetric simulation.

TRfem is a peer-reviewed heat transfer solver featuring solving for interior/exterior boundary conditions, with result slicing, isosurface extraction, and other import/export capabilities.

In this webinar, Mathias will demonstrate general tetrahedral meshing with TRmesh, then provide a comprehensive introduction to heat transfer simulation in Rhino, covering essential concepts such as thermal flux, dissipation, transmittance, U-values, and related quantities.
Juan will present a thermal comparative assessment workflow on a 3D-printed clay brick with novel geometries.

This webinar is aimed both at Rhino novices and experts, with or without previous exposure to finite element simulation.


  • Mathias Fuchs is a mathematician with ample experience in applied geometry, statistics, and simulation. He's been Senior Researcher at the CODE group, Zaha Hadid Architects, London, and is now an independent programmer specializing in numerical algorithms for geometry and Rhino.
  • Juan Diego Vargas is an architect holding a Master's degree in sustainable architecture from Politecnico di Torino (PoliTo). He is on an investigation scholarship at the TEBE Research Group under the Department of Energy at PoliTo. His research is focused on the development, optimization, and laboratory testing of 3D-printed elements to buffer moisture and dissipate heat.

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Friday, July 14, 2023

Rhino.Inside.Revit online course


Introducing the newly available online course from Rhino3D.Education
Available in English and Spanish!

The Rhino.Inside.Revit project is an exciting development sponsored by Robert McNeel & Associates that brings the power of Rhino 7 and Grasshopper to the Autodesk Revit® environment. It is an add-on for Revit that loads Rhino and its plugins into Revit's memory, just like any other Revit add-on. Grasshopper brings a collection of new components for interacting with Revit and provides access to the two software APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) using its script components. In this course, you will learn the most important ones to create your model, from a few 2D lines in Rhino to a full 3D model in Revit.

Prerequisites: Revit and Rhino basics. We suggest you take our free Rhino Introduction course and our Revit course. 

Plus: Earn a certificate of completion

Enjoy 20% off with code: RHINO3DEDUCATION20 at checkout!
For a limited time only.

Rhino3D.Education offers online courses in Rhino, Grasshopper, Computational Design, GhPython, PanelingTools, RhinoCAM, V-Ray, and more. Check it out!

Thursday, July 13, 2023

Construct3D 2023 - Computational Design Workshop

The Construct3D organizing team is gearing up for Construct3D 2023: Next Steps for Digital Fabrication in Education Programming. Its community of educators and industry leaders has come together to figure out where and how to move forward in the digital fabrication world, build networks, and learn new skills.

Rhino3D.Education and RhinoFabStudio. Director, Andres Gonzalez, will lead the workshop, Find New Forms with Computational Design, to learn generative modeling in
Rhino 7 using Grasshopper.

This course is for design professionals looking to efficiently learn concepts and features of Grasshopper at an accelerated pace. Previous basic knowledge of Grasshopper is required. Before the workshop, we recommend you take this free online course, Sudohopper3D.

Construct3D 2023 will be hosted by NYU Tandon from August 1-3, 2023, in Brooklyn, NY.

Location: RGSH_200 6 MetroTech Center, Brooklyn, NY, USA

Date: Wednesday, August 2, 2023

Time: 1:30 pm-4:00 pm EDT

Join Andres at Find New Forms with Computational Design workshop!

Register now!

Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Footwearology presents: Footprint3D - The event for digital footwear manufacturing (Barcelona, September 22-23)

September 22-23
Industrial Akroll (Carrer de Corominas 22 - 08902 L'Hospitalet de Llobregat)

Footprint3D - Bridge the gap between the footwear industry and digital manufacturing. 

Set in the beautiful city of Barcelona at Industrial Akroll, Footprint3D connects suppliers, manufacturers, and tech leaders with forward-thinking brands and designers to create real solutions and drive innovation within the industry.

The event's primary purpose is to provide a platform for partners to showcase their cutting-edge technologies and share insights into groundbreaking advancements in the field. By learning about these emerging technologies, brands and designers gain valuable knowledge on how they can integrate these innovations into their workflow, leading to enhanced product development, sustainability, and competitive advantages. Visitors can expect engaging panel talks, an exciting exhibition of innovative projects, and exciting networking opportunities, allowing attendees to forge meaningful partnerships.

Join us at Footprint3D and become part of a community dedicated to pushing the boundaries of footwear manufacturing. Discover new opportunities for collaboration, find clients for real-life applications of your technology, and make a lasting impact on the future of the industry.

For more information about partnership opportunities and to be a part of Footprint3D, please contact info@footwearology.com. We look forward to welcoming you to this exciting event!

About Footwearology:

Footwearology is a leading company committed to driving innovation and technological advancements within the footwear industry through education and research.

Footwearology offers research and consulting services aligned with its mission to digitalize the footwear industry. Using their expansive network, they connect state-of-the-art technology suppliers with global brands, and startups to create market-ready innovations across the supply chain.

Besides consultancy, Footwearology offers courses for industry professionals looking to update their knowledge with the latest technology, methods, and digital tools. The objective is to give professionals the tools and expertise to innovate within their businesses.

To stay updated with the latest technological advancements and gain insight into how they will be relevant to your business, follow Footwearology on LinkedIn and Instagram.

Rhino User Webinar: Implementation of Automation and Parameterization into Bridge Design


Rhino User Webinar
July 26, 2023, at 4:00 PM CEST

This webinar presents the possibilities for implementing parametric design and automation into daily bridge design processes. Not only the design of unique structures is suitable for these techniques, but also the design of very common and “boring” bridges can benefit from parametric design. With the lack of skilled workers in the AEC industry, shorter deadlines, and higher client demands, engineers need to focus more on design than on CAD work. 

This webinar shows practical use cases of how Rhino and Grasshopper can be turned into a hub for bridge design, drawing production, and BIM models with the possibility to automate selected workflows.

About the speakers:
  • Ondřej Janota is a bridge designer in AFRY CZ. He is responsible for implementing BIM methods and parametric approaches into bridge design processes. With the knowledge of coding, he promotes the automation of daily tasks. Applying coding to civil engineering, he has authored a few plugins and workflows widely used during internal design processes.

  • Michal Marvan is a bridge designer in AFRY CZ. He graduated from Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Civil Engineering, where he specialized in structural engineering and concrete bridges. As a bridge designer in AFRY CZ he specializes in applying and widening parametric design and BIM know-how in the AFRY CZ bridge department. Michal is one of the winners of the local round Tekla BIM Awards competition in 2022.

Friday, July 7, 2023

Rhino User Webinar: Designing Smarter Buildings with Geospatial Data


July 18, 2023, at 4:00 PM CEST

From gathering geospatial data to converting them into meaningful tools, this webinar will give you a complete overview of how to stream GIS data in Rhino through Grasshopper and Heron and convert it into parametric tools to shape your design.

This webinar will help you understand how geospatial data is formed and how it can help us create better and more optimized designs for our cities. We will use Rhino, Grasshopper, VisualARQ, and QGIS to bring in geospatial data and investigate the capabilities of informing our design. We will finalize the work by taking our design to Studio 3DX on the web for a design review in 3D.

About the speaker:

Marios Messios is an Architect Engineer and the Co-Founder/CEO of Studio 3DX. He specializes in architectural innovation, particularly in smart cities and Building Information Modelling (BIM) with geospatial data. His focus is on developing web-based collaborative systems that foster collective decision-making among architects, owners, and communities for mindful and beneficial architecture.

Marios has worked with firms like Sauerbruch Hutton Architects in Berlin and Digital Design Unit at the University of Darmstadt, exploring inclusive design approaches. As a co-founder of Parametricos, he developed solutions such as CityLite, an open-source smart-cities platform, before shifting his focus to Studio 3DX, Inc., a real-time 3D design review tool.

Rhino 3D Chair Modelling Masterclass

Sach Chauhan is hosting a new series of short-format masterclasses in 3D modelling with Rhino 7. Based on familiar, everyday products, they combine convenient shorter duration sessions with a live online teaching format, great to fit into busy schedules while giving you a live, fully interactive experience.

First in the series is the 4-hour Chair Modelling Masterclass where you will use Rhino 7 as a 3D digital ‘sketch’ tool to develop the model of a chair. You will learn how to complete your model for visualization, prototyping, and production.

It’s a fast-paced class, suitable for users with a basic understanding and experience using Rhino and who want to expand their learning and skills with effective workflows for iterative design modelling to explore, define and keep control of your designs. Or have general CAD skills and want an introduction to some of Rhino’s surface creation and editing to create free-form yet controlled geometries for industrial and product design.

Improve your Rhino 3D modelling skills and confidence this summer to enhance your design process with Sach’s summer offer. Get 10% off your booking with voucher code ‘RHINOSUMMER10’.

You can book scheduled classes or arrange a time of your convenience as a group, online or in-person.

SAVANNA3D R7 with new SubD blocks


SAVANNA3D for Rhino 7 (SAVANNA3D R7) library contains over 1,600 detailed 3D architectural models in the 3DM file format, plus a few parametric Grasshopper definitions to create parametric models.

All these blocks are 100% NURBS, SubDs, or Grasshopper parametric definitions made in Rhino 7. Plus, discover the new blocks created for you; all are SubD models included in Chapter 7, which provides for cocktail glassware and lounge chairs.

Explore what's included in the SAVANNA3D R7 library by scrolling down to the curriculum section and preview how to use the blocks + get around 40 free blocks from the library by downloading Chapter 2.1 for free!

Subscribe to the SAVANNA3D R7 library to download the entire library; it's yours to keep for as long as you like. Please refer to the License Agreement. The subscription includes all 1,600+ blocks plus any new blocks added sporadically during the twelve-month subscription. 

Enjoy 20% off with coupon code: RHINO3DEDUCATION20 at checkout for a limited time!

Thursday, July 6, 2023

How To Generate Complex Technical Drawings with Grasshopper | Pt. 2

In Part 2 of this video tutorial series, Edwin Hernández from ShapeDiver explains the concept behind Printing Points and how to create a template for technical drawings that allows you to input data parametrically for any project.

If you missed Part 1, watch it now.

Our newest Authorized Rhino Trainers!

Cluster Ring by Laurie Robinson

Congratulations to our newest Authorized Rhino Trainers!

Check out the final projects below with the various topics. 

See additional ART projects.

The ART Trainers are excited to share their Rhino expertise and help you with training or tutoring. You can see their classes and contact details.

If you want to become an ART, here are the requirements. Sign up for the next Required ART training for the North and South American regions.

Learn more about testing for Professional Rhino Certifications... 

Monday, July 3, 2023

food4Rhino webinar: Autodesk Data Exchange - Curate and share data between GH and Dynamo (July 11 at 6 PM CEST)

food4Rhino webinar: Autodesk Data Exchange: Curate and share data between Grasshopper and Dynamo (plus Rhino and Revit)
July 11 at 6 PM CEST

In this webinar, Japhy Walton (McNeel) and Cesar Escalante (Autodesk) will provide an overview of Autodesk’s new Data Exchange Connectors for Dynamo and Grasshopper (and a few other apps), with some live collaborative demos between the two applications. We will walk through how you can use Data Exchanges to share your design data through the cloud across the apps your team works with daily without the hassle of importing/exporting entire design models.

  • Cesar Escalante (Autodesk): Cesar leads storytelling efforts for the architecture industry—creating and evangelizing compelling content on new and emerging technologies to Autodesk customers worldwide. Cesar is a registered architect and spent the past 18 years in the architectural industry, holding design technology leadership roles at large international firms, including Gensler, HOK, and Flad Architects. He is a member of the AIA Technology in Architectural Practice (TAP) leadership council and a board member of the AIA San Francisco. He teaches BIM at the California College of the Arts. 

  • Japhy Walton (McNeel): Application Specialist at Robert McNeel & Associates.

Add the webinar to your calendar via LinkedIn events and watch it live on YouTube...