Monday, January 29, 2024

food4Rhino webinar: TRmesh and TRfem - Volumetric applications in geometry and simulation (January 31 at 4 PM CET)

food4Rhino webinar: TRmesh and TRfem - Volumetric applications in geometry and simulation
Wednesday, January 31, 2024, at 4 PM CET

TRmesh is a Rhino plugin for generating tetrahedral meshes, also known as unstructured grids, in a robust and performant way.

It differs from other meshers in that it is directly based on the Rhino API instead of relying on an external open-source wrapper. This allows it to be extremely fast and flexible by performing direct distance queries and skipping the intermediate surface triangle/quad meshing step entirely.

This webinar presents the new version 2.91 of TRmesh and the accompanying thermal solver TRfem that was rewritten from scratch and now offers near real-time performance with a smooth interactive user experience.

While applications to finite elements and physics—such as heat transfer solutions and other engineering tasks—are evident, we will focus on less evident purely geometric applications, such as isosurfacing and shrink wrapping with locally adaptive sizes.

TRmesh's close integration with Rhino turns 3dm into a file format with volumetric data storage, providing for user-driven and lossless isosorfacing without the need for baking isosurface meshes for persistence. With the growth of advanced additive manufacturing techniques allowing for intricate topologically optimized structures, implicitly defined surfaces and lattice configurations are increasingly prevalent. In this context, we will demonstrate how TRmesh is an ideal fit for Rhino 8's ShrinkWrap feature.

The capabilities of TRmesh extend to complex, locally variable constraints and are particularly effective with noisy data such as imperfect input meshes or point clouds.

We will also mention the deployment of TRmesh on compute servers, catering to high workloads and positioning Rhino to more conventional engineering applications.

Speaker's bio:

Mathias Fuchs is a Mathematician with ample experience in applied geometry, statistics, and simulation. He's been a Senior Researcher at the CODE group, Zaha Hadid Architects, London, and is now an independent programmer specializing in numerical algorithms for geometry and Rhino.

Download TRfem from food4Rhino... 
Download TRmesh from food4Rhino... 

Thursday, January 25, 2024

DesignMorphine Masters Y24/25 - Degree

Master of Science in Computational and Advanced Design
From September 2024 to June 2025 (Online)
Early Enrollment Deadline - February 1

DesignMorphine has created a bespoke, accredited, and worldwide recognized 9-month online Master of Science program. Crafted to be accessible from all corners of the world, it aims to fulfill the demands of those who seek to exceed and lead in multidisciplinary advanced computational design. The Master of Science Degree is accredited by the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering, and Geodesy (UACEG),  founded in 1942 in Sofia, Bulgaria. The program also partners with The Microsoft Garage in New York, Logitech, and Pininfarina, hubs for talent and community growth driving innovation and inspiration. Some students are placed in diverse leading design companies, while others choose to follow a career in academia or create their own design firms.

DesignMorphine is an international educational institution that acts as a catalyst for progress. Today, more than ever, all architects, engineers, and designers (metaverse, interior, vehicle, industrial, animation, fashion, etc.) should be exposed to this mindset and techniques to be on the frontier of the inevitable rapid technological advancement. 

Technological advancements in advanced and computational design have led to exciting new opportunities that blur the lines and norms of conventional design education and its application. DesignMorphine's mission is to democratize these innovative design practices and allow all fields of design to blend. 

Over the past ten years, DesignMorphine has had the opportunity to meet and teach thousands of specialists from 84 countries and nurtured their progress and success in some of the biggest companies in the world. Their students are taught by their team of fearless design innovators who have experience in teaching and practice from the best practices worldwide. They have been constantly optimizing their teaching methods to satisfy their students' thirst for better education, in the form of workshops and webinars and now on a university level. 

Need more information? Please watch the Masters Open Day recording explaining the program.

More information and applications...

Advance Design Workshop 2024 (ADW24) by Luigi Memola

Prepare to be captivated by the visionary vehicles meticulously crafted by Luigi Memola, showcasing an extraordinary level of detail achieved through the ingenious use of Rhinoceros

You will discover applicable executive and creative methodologies for ideating advanced design products, vehicles, robots... But also techniques to best communicate your design. You will discover the creative process that allows Luigi to create his vehicles from a blank sheet of paper, develop them in a 3D environment, and give them life with digital photographic rendering and post-production tools for the fine presentation.

The event is for visual, concept, and digital artists and designers who, for the first time, will also be able to participate remotely.

Online and Live Event
Date: May 3, 2024
Duration: 3 hours
Place: Toolbox Coworking (2 Via Agostino da Montefeltro 10134 Torino Italy)
Language: English

Monday, January 22, 2024

Euromaritime 2024

30-31 Jan and 1 Feb 2024
Parc Chanot
Marseille (France)

The actors of the maritime industries will meet in Marseille on 30-31 January and 1 February 2024 for their trade fair dedicated to blue growth, particularly shipbuilding and ship repair, maritime and river transport, ports, and new technologies for energy and the maritime environment.

The entire NDAR team will be present in Booth A13 to showcase what's new in naval architecture and shipbuilding software solutions, namely Rhino and specialized plugins like Orca3D and ExpressMarine, and discuss new workflows, strategies, implementation schemes, and processes.

Making an appointment in advance is highly recommended.
Email:, or call +33 (0) 4 92 91 13 24.

More information...

Friday, January 19, 2024

Botcha x Rhino 2024.0 released!

Digital footwear creation has never been easier 
then now with Botcha x Rhino!

Botcha's latest release brings you groundbreaking features with the all-new last and color management panels, seamless support, and deep integration for Rhino 8. Countless issues have been swiftly resolved, and existing workflows have been fine-tuned to maximize efficiency. Workflows have been accelerated, as many cutting-edge tools have been introduced that enhance both Rhino and Grasshopper. 

The Botcha x Rhino package includes the plugin for versions from Rhino 7 onward, as well as several Grasshopper components.
  • Remapping from mesh, Brep, SubD to another object
  • UV Editor
  • Parametric modifiers
  • And much more! 

Thursday, January 18, 2024

Getting to Know... Interstice: Democratizing 4D models!

Interstice aims to fill the gaps between stakeholders in the AEC industry by building custom solutions for complex challenges and guiding projects from concept through execution.

In this interview, Eric Guenther, Co-Founder and Principal of Interstice and Digital Practice Manager at FSE, talks about the company's origin and how the desire to explore beyond traditional structural engineering led to its formation. He discusses the potential of Mass Timber, highlighting its sustainability, aesthetic appeal, and cost-effectiveness. He talks about the challenges of specialization and siloing in the AEC industry and explains how Interstice aims to create innovative solutions that span across various domains, bringing cohesiveness to the industry. Enric also emphasizes the importance of tools like Rhino, Grasshopper, Python, and ShapeDiver in transforming project delivery and client collaboration.

Wednesday, January 17, 2024

Rhino/Grasshopper for Structural Engineering, February 21-23, 2024 (McNeel Europe)


Rhino/Grasshopper for Structural Engineering
Online Workshop
Tutor: Junghwo Park
February 21-23, 2024
10 AM-5 PM CET
Hosted on Zoom by McNeel Europe

Even before using CAD software, structural engineers have mathematically calculated the structure parameters, such as material, weight, support conditions, and loads, according to the design codes and verified the calculated results through experiments on physical models. Today, 3D modeling tools are used to calculate, optimize, or aesthetically evolve the given structures to stand without failure off the ground and meet the designers' intentions. In our next online workshop, Junghwo Park, BIM lead at Umdasch Group Ventures and certified BIM trainer by buildingSMART Austria, will teach a Rhino and Grasshopper online workshop aimed at structural engineers.

What you will learn: In this 3-day online workshop, you will understand how to use Rhino and Grasshopper in structural engineering. You will get to know useful Grasshopper plugins that aid the process during your daily practices. Furthermore, you will learn about seamless data interpolation between Rhino and structural engineering software such as SOFiSTiK, Tekla Structures, and Karamba3D, and lastly, data exchange workflows in BIM using Rhino.Inside.Revit, Speckle, and Autodesk Data Exchange apps.

Day 1

  • Why Rhino and Grasshopper?
  • Rhino UI
  • Rhino project settings
  • Graphics settings
  • Template
  • Engineering modeling tools
  • Annotations
  • Documentations
  • External document management

Day 2

  • Grasshopper UI
  • Project settings
  • Data management
  • List management
  • Modeling components
  • Documentation components
  • Plugin management
  • Useful plugins for structural engineering and BIM workflows.

Day 3

There will also be general product presentations from SOFiSTiK, Tekla Structures (Rhino.Inside.Tekla by Sebastian Lindholm), and Karamba3D.

Course requirements: No specific requirements for the course. This course is for structural engineers without experience using Rhino and Grasshopper.

Online course fees: EUR 395,- (+VAT); full-time students and university teachers get a 50% discount (proof of status required). Please note that we will confirm your seat after your payment has cleared.

Max. number of participants: 25. If there is no quorum, the course will be canceled 15 days before.

Course language: English

Educational seats are limited. Sign up now by contacting Verena!

Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Introduction to Rhino 8 Online course - English and Spanish


We are excited to announce our latest online course from Rhino3D.Education, designed to help you unleash your creative potential with the cutting-edge Rhino 8!

Introduction to Rhino 8 is available in English and Spanish
with English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, and more subtitles!

This course is your ticket to mastering some of the latest features in Rhino 8!

Course Details:

  • Chapter 1: Recommendations before you start
  • Chapter 2: Introduction to the interface
  • Chapter 3: Draw and edit curves
  • Chapter 4: Transform and using the Gumball in 2D
  • Chapter 5: Surfaces
  • Chapter 6: Solids and the improved Gumball in 3D
  • Chapter 7: SubD
  • Chapter 8: Final 3D project
  • Chapter 9: Q & A

Duration: Approximately 3 hours. Language Options: English or Spanish with optional subtitles in Italian, French, Portuguese, German, and more.

Exclusive Offer: Visit our digital magazine Rhinozine, the January issue, and get a coupon to enjoy this course for 100% FREE to celebrate the launch of Rhino 8 for a limited time.

After purchase, this course will be available for two years! Enroll now!

Rhinozine - January Issue

Happy New Year! Don't forget to check our January issue.

Architectural design with a touch of robotic elegance.

From giant scanners to handheld wonders.

Nathan Neufeld’s transcendent monarch butterfly installation.

You can easily view and present your work on your iPhone or iPad.

Tips, tricks, and resources about Grasshopper.

Monday, January 15, 2024

Rhino User Webinar: The Future Generation of NET ZERO Buildings from Zaha Hadid Architects


Rhino User Webinar
The Future Generation of NET ZERO Buildings from Zaha Hadid Architects
31 January 2024 at 4:00 pm (CET)

This webinar will focus on the new experimental design workflow developed by the ZHA Environmental & Sustainability Team, to create efficient envelope designs that are able to target the Operational Net Zero status. At ZHA, they use computational design tools and different environmental analysis workflows to meet Sustainability goals and energy demand requirements and inform envelope design decisions. The webinar will cover how ZHA applies Multi-objective optimization algorithms to influence the form-finding process and achieve high-performance buildings that meet Operational Net Zero status.

About the speaker: Carlos Bausá Martínez is a Senior Associate and Head of Sustainability at Zaha Hadid Architects.

Carlos joined Zaha Hadid Architects in 2019 as the Sustainability Team Lead, following almost five years at Foster + Partners, where he worked in the Specialist Modelling Group as an Environmental Design Analyst. His specialty in Computational Design and Environmental Simulation, combined with his expertise in Sustainable Architecture, allowed him to propose and found the ZHA In-house Sustainability Team to inform design decisions from the early stages in all ZHA's Design Clusters. After four years at ZHA he became Senior Associate and Head of Sustainability and, together with his team, they coordinate sustainability assessment tasks with external consultancy firms to ensure all projects are delivered targeting reductions in environmental impact. The contribution of the Sustainability Team led by Carlos is helping ZHA target carbon reductions from Building Codes around the world and goals of International Sustainability Certifications like LEED, BREEAM, and the Chinese Three Star Rating System. His work with the ZHA Sustainability Team has been publicly shown in exhibitions in China and London, in different venues. Carlos has a background in architecture and computational design.

Complete details and registration...

Saturday, January 13, 2024

ART Required Online Training: February 6-15, 2024


Would you benefit by becoming an Authorized Rhino Trainer (ART)?

Your certification will allow you to stand apart from others offering Rhino training. As an ART, you can post your class schedule to the Rhino Learn page for exposure to Rhino users who visit the website. This schedule can be searched by type of training and region. 

ART Requirements include participation in this online class.

This online class is offered for ART candidates in the North and Latin American Regions. 

(Other regions may also give permission for you to join our class.)

This class is typically offered twice a year.

Webcam check-in at the beginning of each session is required for class credit.

See detailssign-up, and outline.

  • Week 1: February 6, 7, 8
    Week 2: February 13, 14, 15
    (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday x 2 weeks)
  • Time: 8 AM-12 PM PST

See the ART Requirements for all Regions.

Questions? Please email Mary Ann Fugier

Friday, January 12, 2024

Forecasting girth growth of trees with Rhino and Grasshopper

In a pioneering research endeavor, a team at Green Technologies in Landscape Architecture at the Technical University of Munich focused on predicting the relative girth growth of tree trunks and branches within inosculated tree branching networks. Using Rhino, they rebuild initial topological branching skeletons based on the trees grown by farmer Axel Erlandson. Identifying water supply and usage points on the trees, researchers used Grasshopper to translate geometric instances into mathematical equations, adhering to the pipe model theory and circuit analogy. This enabled the calculation of water distribution across branches. The iterative growth process updated girth stands through a loop function. 

Rhino's efficiency in 3D modeling and seamless data transfer to Grasshopper empowers designers to use this tool for creating innovative living structures in urban settings. 

More information...

Tuesday, January 9, 2024

Master in Parametric Design, Spring 19th Edition

A unique study program adapted to this new situation and challenging world. 

This is the chance to introduce you to the world of computational design,  state-of-the-art field for product design, architecture, landscape, engineering, digital fabrication... through the creation of physical and digital parametric models using as main tools Grasshopper for Rhino and CNC machines and 3D printers.

The course is divided into two parts: 
  • Part I, fully online: Rhino, Grasshopper, Kangaroo, Karamba3D, Python, Visualization
  • Part II, optional to take. Digital Fabrication (Onsite at Controlmad or online, as you wish)

You may choose multiple ways to take it:
  • Full course onsite or remotely
  • Just Part I online
  • Hybrid: Part I online + Part II onsite

Course details
Language: English
Dates Part I: March 25–May 30, 2024
Dates Part II: June 3–27,  2024
Minimum number of students:  8

Monday, January 8, 2024

Live Webinar in German by


Learn about the most important new features of Rhino 8 on this one-hour free webinar delivered in German by Authorized Reseller

January 12, 2024
11:00 am CET

After the presentation, participants will be able to ask questions live.

More information...

Thursday, January 4, 2024

RhinoArtisan 5.2 announced


2Shapes has just released RhinoArtisan 5.2, introducing Curator, a new feature defined as The Thematic Library of Elements

In 2Shapes words: "A curator is the keeper or custodian of a museum. We have developed this feature in the belief that inside any jewelry designer lays a curator, who safeguards the jewelry designer’s creations and works of art. These works of art only grow in prestige and value over time. 
Hence, our curator holds a treasure for every designer, by featuring an innovative library of elements that spans across a variety of themes, giving designers quick and efficient access to a variety of predefined elements".

From classic to contemporary designs, the Curator expedites your creation process by providing instant inspiration and ready-to-use elements.

Learn about this and other new features included in RhinoArtisan 5.2 here.

RhinoArtisan 5.2 is compatible with Rhino 6, 7, and 8.

Tuesday, January 2, 2024

Colossal Cellscapes V1.0 Webinar by DesignMorphine

Colossal Cellscapes V1.0 Webinar
March 30th, 2024 | 3PM to 8PM UTC

Colossal Cellscapes V1.0 will showcase two approaches to large-scale environment construction in Rhino 8 and Grasshopper and its further development with exploration in Unreal Engine 5. The aim is to teach the webinar participants techniques that will enable them to construct both landscapes and roofscapes that reach beyond the capabilities of traditional modeling techniques. 

In the first steps of the webinar cell-type units will be modeled and designed. These cells will have specific requirements to conform to aggregation and array systems rules by way of end-to-end connections and slotted interlocking. Grasshopper will be used to demonstrate various methods of assembling these large-scale systems. The webinar's most technical part will cover how to migrate a mass amount of geometry data from Grasshopper into Unreal Engine 5. This will ensure the geometry is usable and performant in a game exploration environment. The course will also look at using Unreal Engines' built-in Procedural Content Generation system.

More information and registration...