Thursday, September 21, 2023

Rhino User Webinar: Design-Driven Engineering

Rhino User Webinar
September 27, 2023, at 4:00 PM CEST

How can we, as structural and bridge engineers, work to enhance architectural designs while simultaneously achieving sound and efficient structures?

This upcoming webinar will provide insights into the innovative culture at Tyréns, a multidisciplinary consulting firm that embraces innovation and prioritizes design-driven engineering.

Through a series of examples, we'll demonstrate the diverse ways we collaborate with architects—spanning from distinctive projects to the intricacies of daily tasks within building structures and bridge engineering. Through these examples, we will showcase effectively using RhinoGrasshopper, and other linked applications to drive, collaborate, and automate designs.

About the speakers:

  • Daniel Lauri is a Structural Engineer and Computational Design Lead at Tyréns in Stockholm. He is mainly involved in early-stage design, research projects, as well as leading the company's digital transformation strategy in his role as Digitalization Lead. Daniel is also a mentor and Computational Design Lead in Tyréns Structural Design Network.
  • Guayente Minchot is a Structural Engineer with a strong focus on early design stages and the seamless integration of structural engineering into the architectural vision. She works daily with visual programming tools like Grasshopper and Rhino and its various integrations with other 3D modeling and Finite Element (FE) software. Guayente is also an ambassador for Tyréns Structural Design Network.
  • Martin Krepper is a bridge engineer who works on projects in both early-stage design and production stages. He works daily with Rhino/Grasshopper against BIM and FEA software such as Tekla Structures and SOFiSTiK. Martin is also an ambassador for Tyréns Structural Design Network.

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