Saturday, September 28, 2013

Two men walked into a bar . . .

Look what happens when two designers get together for a drink during a snow storm. Steve Boa and Sean Kieley, both experienced 3D designers, pull out Rhino, design the 'ultimate mini squeegee', and launch it on Kickstarter.

You can back this project and have your very own Squee-Kee-Kleen.
  • $16 The Squee-Kee-Kleen "Limited Edition" Kickstarter Green.
  • $17 The Squee-Kee-Kleen Auto version, in black. Includes refillable bottle with -30 degree windshield washer fluid.
  • $18 The Squee-Kee-Kleen Color in one of the five translucent colors that you choose, also with the refillable bottle.
  • $66 The Squee-Kee-Kleen Set. One each for the car, SUV, truck, motorcycle, boat, and the house. Or gifts for your friends.

Friday, September 27, 2013

PNY NVIDIA Quadro Tests with Rhino 5

The choice of which graphics card to purchase and use with Rhino is more of a challenge than it could be. Clear guidance on how one current model in a popular range compares to another in the same range is hard to come by.  Common questions are “What is the overall best value graphics card for larger file Rhino use?” and “Should I consider a high end or super high end card?” With the help of PNY Simply Rhino UK hopes to clarify some issues around these subjects.

This short report is limited to the current range of NVIDIA Quadro K cards. Quadro cards have generally been accepted as preferable for Rhino in the previous two or three software versions, so this is where we are starting our tests.

VSR iView 2.0 now available

The app VSR iView is designed for iPhone and iPad, letting you present your 3D data models created with the Rhino + VSR product suite anywhere and anytime on your Apple mobile devices. And it is perfectly easy to do. Virtual models can be viewed and moved, evaluated and analyzed, or used as a virtual element in an augmented-reality scene.

You can simply receive your model via an email or web download on your iPhone or iPad, by direct export out of Rhino (requires the free VSR WebGL toolbar), or even by synchronizing your files with iTunes. Besides viewing your 3D model, you can also display the analysis previously computed for your model with the Rhino + VSR product suite.

In addition, VSR iView offers six different display modes, from realistic visualization to artistic effects.

Archsim Energy Modeling for Grasshopper

Use Archsim Energy Modeling component for Grasshopper to quickly create multizone energy models and simulations for building design. This tool comes with an abstract thermal model class library and various functions such as early design auto-zoning and automated intersections that assist you with model creation, simulation, and result visualization.  Currently, supported simulation engines are Energy Plus 8.0 and (TRNSYS 17). However, the open library allows you to extend the output functionality for any other simulation package.

UrbanDaylight availability simulations

The UrbanDaylight is a Rhino 5 and Grasshopper plugin to enable designers to simulate and evaluate the daylight potential of large urban designs. The tool automates exterior DAYSIM simulations for all buildings in the city model. Given the solar radiation on the facades, it uses a generalized impulse response to compute the interior illumination on an hour-by-hour basis. This allows us to use the data for climate based metrics. You can download the paper and slides from the SimBuild 2012 presentation. 

Image credits: Kendal Square Redesign student design project at MIT Urban Modeling Seminar – by James Perakis and Josh Westerhold.

Daylighting – A DAYSIM interface for Rhino

Daylighting Beta is included in the plugin. This extends Rhino with regular DAYSIM simulation functionality. Here is a link to the creators of the DAYSIM simulation engine.

HiveKit for Grasshopper

HiveKit is a plugin for Rhino/Grasshopper to:
  • Virtually simulate your complex interactive experience within your Rhino/Grasshopper model
  • Easily program a network of interactive devices directly from the Grasshopper interface
  • Use advanced distributed algorithms to synchronize all devices in your network and create global behaviors without the need for a central control unit or control system infrastructure
HiveKit comprises a virtual machine running on the embedded platforms which is responsible for several functions: 
  • Managing the communication between devices
  • Running the distributed algorithms 
  • Listening for new behaviors (via the Grasshopper interface)
Once a new behavior has been created in Grasshopper and downloaded into one embedded device (via the Deploy component), the code is virally propagated into the network without any additional configuration steps.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Orca3D 1.4 WIP released

A new Orca3D 1.4 Work-in-Progress (WIP) version has been released.

This release contains the evolving Stability Criteria Evaluation and the Longitudinal Strength features, both of which were removed from the 1.3 release. Development continues on both of these, and feedback is welcome.

Download Orca3d WIP 1.4...
Buy Orca3D...
Leave feedback...

Designalyze - New AEC blog with tutorials


Designalyze is a technology/tutorial blog that focuses on the
architecture, engineering, and construction communities. Our
tutorials cover Grasshopper, Rhino, and RhinoScript. Designalyze
also features some in-depth tutorials on Python and C# specifically
geared toward Rhino and Grasshopper.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Rose Pavilion workshop documentary

Rose Pavilion, XXIV Winter Olympics designed by architect Dimitry Demin. RoboFold will develop a folded and robotically manufactured thin-shell structural system. The project kicked off with a workshop in Frankfurt: watch the documentary on Vimeo.

Rose Pavilion from Dimitry Demin on Vimeo.

VSR plug-ins at AutoDesign Prague 2013

On September 26th, AutoDesign Prague 2013 will take place at the Škoda automobile museum in Mladá Boleslav (Czech Republic) under the motto "Design in the Heart of Europe".

This international conference is being organized by the AutoDesign & Styling magazine and will enable contact and an intensive exchange with leading automotive designers and manufacturers, both for professionals and the broad public.

VSR is a supporting sponsor of "AutoDesign Prague 2013" and will be present on site through its Czech reseller DIMENSIO s.r.o., who will be showing VSR's Class A Modeling and Editing plug-ins and the Realtime renderer.

For more information, please go to

Saturday, September 21, 2013

OctaneRender for Rhino special price during beta

The OctaneRender™ for Rhino plugin fully integrates the OctaneRender engine into Rhino 5, dramatically improving workflow by eliminating the need to export your scene from Rhino 5 to OctaneRender.
The plugin will be a new product, launched in a reduced price beta phase, and will remain in beta until it goes final. A license for the OctaneRender for the Rhino plugin product alone will cost 99€ while in the initial open beta phase. By purchasing an open beta license, you will receive a copy of the final version, including updates (v1.0, 1.1, 1.2) and an upgrade option for v2.0 in the future.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Connecting 3D printing with people

 Type A Machines welcomes RhinoFabLab, 3D HUBS and Zazzy 
to San Francisco! 

Are you passionate about this innovative technology? We're excited to share our insights and ideas on how 3D printing can connect people all around the world.
Please join us today Wednesday, September 18, 2013 from 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm (PDT).

For more information and to register, please click here.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Rhino 5 Level 1 - Online training by Lawrence Dubowitz

Authorized Rhino Trainer Lawrence Dubowitz will be holding a live online class on Rhino 5 to show how to create and edit accurate free-form 3D NURBS models. This fast-moving class covers most of Rhino’s functionality, including the most advanced surfacing commands.

The class will be conducted in English using TeamViewer v8 software. For those who are unfamiliar with TeamViewer 8, an orientation session will be held.

Orientation: Sept 30 - 10:00am-11:30am (GMT +2)

Training: Oct 1, 2, 3, 8, 9 and 10 - 10:00am-2:00am (GMT +2)

Friday, September 13, 2013

Karamba - parametric engineering in Grasshopper

Karamba provides accurate analysis of spatial trusses and frames and is easy to use for non-experts, tailored to the needs of architects, specifically in the early design phase.

Karamba is fully embedded in the parametric environment of Grasshopper. This makes it easy to combine parameterized geometric models, finite element calculations and optimization algorithms like Galapagos.

Karamba is being developed by Clemens Preisinger in cooperation with Bollinger-Grohmann-Schneider ZT GmbH Vienna.

Karamba 1.0.4 has been released and includes many new features and bug fixes.

Design competition for industrial designers

Hatch Live: LIVE Design Competition in Rhino for Industrial Designers
Get set for the inaugural series of Hatch Live, a multi-day industrial design competition happening in New York City, sponsored by Hatch Hub.

Hatch Live is a new and fast-paced competition allowing product designers to showcase their talent. Bringing together the design community and an audience of design lovers, Hatch Live will take place at We Work Lounge in the Soho neighborhood of NYC starting on Saturday, October 19, 2013 and culminating in a final on Saturday, November 23, 2013.

Important dates:
  • October 4 - Submissions close - Enter today!
  • October 7 - Semi-finalists announced
  • October 19 - Match dates begin

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Procedural Tailoring with Francis Bitonti

Francis Bitonti's design process is a blend of cutting-edge digital design and manufacturing technologies, aimed to transform mass production.

Procedural Tailoring with Francis Bitonti
October 12-13, 2013
ModeLab, Brooklyn, NY

Register here.
Seats are limited; sign up early!

In this weekend workshop, students will work with 3D digital scan data to generate a garment that can be fabricated using cutting-edge computer controlled manufacturing methodologies, including laser cutting and 3D printing. Students will be introduced to the limitations and advantages of these types of production and design methodologies. While in class, students will have the opportunity to produce a prototype of a digitally fabricated textile.

Interactive Aggregates, Los Angeles, September 28-29

Interactive Aggregates
Saturday-Sunday, September 28-29, 2013
SomewhereSomething, Los Angeles

SomewhereSomething is offering a two-day workshop for both beginners to Grasshopper and Firefly, as well as those who already have experience with the plug-ins.

The first day of lecture will be spent on learning, reviewing, and depending on the your level of experience, expanding programming skills to more sophisticated models. Using materials provided by SomewhereSomething, the second day will be spent building an interactive prototype.

Firefly is an exciting Grasshopper plug-in enabling designers to connect the digital and physical worlds using the Arduino microcontroller. It allows near real-time data flow between Grasshopper and a variety of hardware devices.  More...

Workshop: Introduction to Parametric Design for Architects

September 28-29, 2013
ModeLab, Brooklyn, NY

This two-day workshop will focus on the underlying concepts and mechanisms for creating performance-based parametric systems. The objective of this workshop is to provide participants with both the conceptual and technical framework through which to better understand the relevant application of Parametric Design to the various design problems they will encounter in professional practice.

Digital content will be delivered through the parametric modeling plug-in Grasshopper for Rhino with additional supporting plug-ins and add-ons as required.

Rhino+Grasshopper Training - Type A Machines Printing

Rhino+Grasshopper Training 
Type A Machines Printing
at SmithGroup, San Francisco

September 19-22, 2013
8:30 am-5:30 pm

San Francisco, California

Course Description:
In this class you'll learn to create and edit accurate free-form 3D NURBS models. This fast-moving class covers most of Rhino's functionality, including the most advanced surfacing commands. In addition, you'll learn concepts and features of Grasshopper at an accelerated pace in an instructor-led hands-on instruction environment. The advantages of using Grasshopper in preliminary design and concept development come to life since the students will be able to create their models on a Type A Machines' Series 1 3D printer.

Note:  There will be special pricing and promotions on the Type A Machines and Rhino 5 for the participants at the workshop.

Instructor: Andres Gonzalez , director of RhinoFabLab

About SmithGroup

  Contact Jackie Nasser or call (305) 513-4445.
  Seats are limited; hurry!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

IBEX - International Boatbuilders' Exhibition & Conference

If it’s new, improved, advanced, or innovative, it's here.

IBEX is the world’s premier technical trade show for boat builders, designers, repairers, surveyors, boatyard/marina operators, distributors, and dealers. It delivers a unique forum to do business, share ideas, and accelerate new product development. 

IBEX - Designed to build better boats. 

Stop by Booth 2118 and see Rhino 5 and naval architecture plug-in partner Orca3D.

Free workshop: Rhino and Orca3D: Marine Design and Analysis September 17, 2013, 11:00 am to 12:00 pm

Orca3D and Rhino training in Miami

Course dates and time:
Rhino Level II: October 14-16, 2013
Orca3D: October 17, 2013
8 AM - 5 PM 

Course description:
The first three days will cover Rhino Level II with a focus on building surfaces from existing data. It is assumed that the student has at least a basic working knowledge of Rhino. The fourth day will focus on the full suite of marine design and analysis functionality available in Orca3D. It will cover hull design and fairing, hydrostatics and stability, resistance prediction, and weight and cost tracking. Note that you may register for one or both of the courses.

Rhino Level II: $795
Orca3D: $350

McNeel Miami
1538 NW 89th Court
Miami, FL 33172
United States 

To register:
Email: Jackie Nasser
Phone: 305 513 4445

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

44th Congress of Architects - Paris, France

Congrès des Architectes, Paris
Docks / Cité de la Mode et du Design
3-5 October 2013
Rhinoforyou: Stand 23B

The 44th Annual Congress of Architects will take place in Paris, France, on 3-5 October 2013, and it will be an opportunity to get a dynamic immersion into issues, concepts, designs, and solutions related to architecture by means of a number of debates, lectures, breaks and social evenings. The Congress is open to all architects, including schools and students, engineers, contructors, etc.

Stop by Stand 23B on October 3rd or 4th and visit Rhinoforyou to learn more about their proposed 3D solution for architects, which integrates Rhino, VisualARQ, V-Ray for Rhino, and Grasshopper.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Car design workshop in Barcelona

Barcelona (Spain)
October 7-8-9, 2013 (new dates)

This course is oriented to designers and concept modelers who wish to interact with their creations in a friendly and enriching manner.

This 3-day workshop will provide the students with all the understanding needed to create and easily interact with their concepts using all the potential Rhino and VSR can offer. During this course, students will learn the main concepts regarding car design and how to implement them to improve their concepts in the 3D environment. The participants will find how to generate, edit, and evaluate their models in a simplified manner. This will let them concentrate on the really important part of their creations: the design.
  • Instructor: Jorge Biosca
  • Language: English
  • Cost: Students 395€ + VAT / Professionals 495€ +VAT (early bird price until Sep 16)

Tuesday, September 3, 2013 - an architectural visualization fest
Technical University Vienna, Faculty of Architecture
Sep 6-8, 2013 is the first architectural visualization fest organized in Vienna, Austria. with and are bringing together some the best visual artists in Europe in a 3-day symposium that will take place at the Vienna University of Technology on the weekend between September 6th and 8th, 2013.

We are planning three full days of activity. For each day we will concentrate on a different tool and we will learn from the best people available in the market. These artists will share their experience with us as well as tips and tricks about their jobs. They will showcase their work and talk about the workflow they use as well as their conceptual approach to arch-viz.

What are you waiting for? Learn from the best!  Find out more...

FioredelCielo, Viterbo, Italy - 3 September 2013

If you happen to be in Central Italy in the evening of September 3rd, 2013, you might want to take a drive to the medieval town of Viterbo and watch the 'FioredelCielo - La Macchina di Santa Rosa', a 30-meter tower that will be transported through the narrow streets of the town in an event dated back to the 13th cenctury and that is in the process of being listed as UNESCO World Cultural Heritage.

'FioredelCielo' is the name of the competition winning design by the two aerospace architects Arturo Vittori and Andreas Vogler, founders of Architecture and Vision. The tower was designed using Rhino.

Candle flames, over 1200 computer-controlled LEDs, and thousands of rose petals falling from the tower will contribute to create a sophisticated scenography to emotionally move the people participating in the event. 

Seascape Prototype #1 designed using Rhino


Seascape Prototype #1, Verena Vogler from Verena Vogler.
Some of the main challenges that our civilization is facing are related to environmental depletion and the restoration of damaged habitats. Can we slow down the Global Coral Crisis? Coral Reefs in coastal areas have been depleted by human action, endangering vulnerable coastlines and habitats.
Seascape Prototype #1 is an underwater experiment about Computational Design and Ecological Manufacturing. It is a story of creation in one of Earth's most challenging environments: the ocean, where local natural material and energy resources occur in abundance, ready to be used for a novel way of creating. A solid self-replicating, self-repairing and self-sustaining underwater structure is produced taking advantage of the mineral accretion process.

An innovative way of creating: This experiment related to Computer-based Ecological Manufacturing will be the base to propose and develop further sets of computational design and fabrication strategies inspired by natural reef formations with the focus on the integration of form, material and process. Rhino is a powerful tool to incorporate physical form-finding procedures as computer-based analysis, simulation, scanning and production to further explore how process and material can generate a design form.