Wednesday, September 13, 2023

BarcelonaTech MPDA Parametric Design Master 8th edition starts in October

MPDA Master in Parametric Design in Architecture starts its new edition next October, and you can attend an information session on September 19.

For the past seven years, has proudly trained generations of computational designers exploring technology efficiency. By deeply using Grasshopper as an educational tool, MPDA has guided the integration of computational tools and digital manufacturing technology in building systems and architectural design. During the master, some of the most powerful plugins from the Grasshopper ecosystem (Karamba, Kangaroo, Octopus, Kiwi, Human, LunchBox, Ladybug, Owl.. among others) are used, some of them with specific workshops by the authors themselves. This year the master is blended: the first four months are online and five months are face-to-face in Barcelona.

Very recently, the MPDA23 students have successfully conceived and constructed a timber climate shelter for a public school, demonstrating ease of construction in segmented corrugated timber shells with digitally fabricated rigid joints. This research project highlights the capabilities of computational design, simulation, and digital fabrication methods for minimizing ecological footprint in architecture.

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