Monday, September 18, 2023

Rhino.Inside.Revit (Essentials) Training course revised—Next session beginning on October 3rd

Simply Rhino published its revised Rhino.Inside.Revit (Essentials) Training course, delivered by Ivana Petrusevski (Computational Design Lead at Grimshaw Architects).

This fully revised course is exclusive to Simply Rhino Training and is dedicated to cutting-edge Rhino.Inside® technology and its application in the context of Autodesk Revit®. The live online course is tailored to architects, landscape architects, and other AEC professionals who use Rhino as well as Revit and are looking into ways to enhance the interoperability between the two. The training highlights current best practices and outlines fast and efficient workflows that can be readily adopted in real-life scenarios.

The course is delivered by Ivana Petrusevski. Ivana is a Computational Design Specialist with more than 15 years of experience in computation for AEC. She is the Computational Design Lead at Grimshaw Architects, working as computational support for large-scale projects, is a Rhino and Grasshopper trainer, and is involved in various digital technology strategies and initiatives.

Topics covered during the course include: What is Rhino.Inside | Interface | Revit Tab | Grasshopper Tab | Color Coding | GUI | Basics of BIM | Revit Categories | Revit Types | Elements | Filters | BREP to Direct Shape | Direct Shape with Category and Material | Adaptive Components | Driving Revit Families from Rhino Grasshopper

Like all Simply Rhino online training, this course is delivered live to enable timely questions and answers and help you progress with the new tools you are learning. The training is also recorded so that class attendees can watch the training back at their own leisure, should they wish, offering trainees the best of both training worlds! 

Find out more at the Simply Rhino web site, including how to join the next iteration of the course, which begins on October 3rd.

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