Saturday, October 27, 2018

ThinkParametric online class: Elefront 101 Distributed Data Models with Rhino Objects

Elefront 101 Distributed Data Models with Rhino Objects

In this online Elefront course by ThinkParametric, the instructor, Ramon van der Heijden, will walk you through the whole workflow of how Elefornt works by creating a highly detailed glassing facade system, similar to the way Elefront was used in the Morpheus Hotel by Zaha Hadid.

Friday, October 26, 2018

Using Unreal Studio to get epic results with Rhino 3D Files in Unreal Engine

For digital creatives across all industries, finding faster, more efficient ways to get your design data into Unreal Engine can revolutionize your design pipeline. In our upcoming webinar, we’re going to show you how to speed up your 3D workflows using the time-saving power of Unreal Studio paired with Rhino software to achieve incredible results in a fraction of the time.

Join design specialist Eddie Perlberg, as he walks you through the process of using the Datasmith toolset in Unreal Studio to import your Rhino files directly into Unreal Engine. From there, he’ll also show you useful tips and techniques to make your work shine!

You’ll learn:

  • Best practices when you’re working with Rhino data 
  • Importing and polishing your data inside the Unreal Engine
  • Tips for leveraging the Unreal Studio product viewer template for best results
  • And more!

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Scan&Solve Pro now available for Rhino 6

Scan&Solve Pro is now optimized to use in Rhino 6. This Scan&Solve Pro version has full functionality and trademark meshfree simulation in Rhino 6, so you can continue to analyze structures without the hassle of meshing.

And, Scan&Solve now offers perpetual licenses for Scan&Solve Pro that never expire.

For a limited time, Scan&Solve is offering a 20% discount when you use the promo code SnSProIntro.

 Download Scan&Solve Pro today and start working with the newest version of Rhino.

Sunday, October 21, 2018

"Live" Getting Started with Rhino - October 24 and 25th

Image by Doaa Alsherif

Join us for a free "live" webinar designed to get you started modeling in Rhinoceros.

In this live Getting Started webinar, we will demonstrate how to model and render a ring using Rhino. 

Wednesday, October 24, 2018
9:00 AM - 11:00 AM PDT

Thursday, October 25, 2018
9:00 AM - 11:00 AM PDT

In this webinar, you will learn how to:
  • Move from a “clean sheet” to a model very quickly. 
  • Build and render a simple model ring built from scratch in about an hour and a half.
We will also discuss modeling techniques and approach. Many tips and tricks will be included during the session. So be sure to bring a notebook.

All sessions are recorded so you can review and study later. Space is limited.

If you have any questions, please contact Mary Ann Fugier.

Saturday, October 20, 2018

New ThinkParametric course: Learn to use the Ivy plugin

Learn how to use the Ivy plugin to perform advanced mesh analysis, segmentation and unrolling processes using Graph Theory principles.

In this course, you'll learn the concepts behind Graph Theory. ThinkParametric covers the basic workflow of how Ivy works and explains the MeshGraph, which is an abstract construct that combines the geometric characteristics of the mesh with sets of linked data containers.

You will learn the different ways to use Ivy to analyze your meshes and cover how to perform various types of segmentation.

Then you'll cover how to use this segmentation to unroll the meshes and how to add flap to mesh segments to send them to the digital fabrication process.

The class will cover an architectural design application of Ivy by trying to recreate a design piece inspired by the work of Marc Fornes.

Friday, October 19, 2018

Visualizing Math with 3D printing

Wouldn’t it be great to experience three-dimensional ideas in three dimensions? In this first-of-its-kind book, Visualizing Math with 3D Printing, mathematician and mathematical artist Henry Segerman takes readers on a fascinating tour of two-, three-, and four-dimensional mathematics.

Segerman has succeeded in making a wide variety of mathematical ideas ... accessible to a general audience in a genuinely new and effective way. -- Journal of Mathematics and the Arts

Henry Segerman is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Mathematics at Oklahoma State University. Besides his research interests in three-dimensional geometry and topology, he is a mathematical artist, working in the medium of 3D printing. Check out his website.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Reactive Facades Workshop - Colombia

Join Rhino3DColombia at the 6th version of VANGUARDIA 2018. This year's theme is Evolving towards Parametric Architecture. Julián Oquendo and Ovidio Cardona will be conducting a workshop oReactive Facades.

The seminar employs the most advanced technology and software in parametric architecture, Rhino and Grasshopper. The presenters will be attempting to share an experience with attendees on how reactive facades behave in a specific case.

October 24, 2018 at Cali, Colombia
October 25, 2018 at Medellín, Colombia 

Place: Centro de Diseño y Construcción – IDEO
Time: 9:00am-5:00pm
Fee: Free admission (prior registration required)

Register here!

For more information please contact Rhino3DColombia.

What is a RhinoFabStudio? RhinoFabStudio (fabrication studio) is a small-scale digital workshop, certified by McNeel, with an array of Rhino and Rhino compatible software and computer controlled tools and training. These tools cover the various leading-edge industrial methods and materials needed to design, analyze, and fabricate almost anything.

Seven Myths in Architectural Detailing

How has architectural detailing changed since the advent of parametric software and digital fabrication? Gabriela Celani discusses this in this great article in ArchDaily -- 7 Myths in Architectural Detailing that Are Changing in the Digital Age.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Learn about Lean Solemma environmental analysis tools in NY

Solemma Symposium and Training
New York City | Oct 23-24, 2018

The Solemma Symposium (formerly called DIVA Day) is an annual event on the use of environmental analysis tools in design practice, research and architectural education.

This is happening October 23-24 in New York City. We'll be there!  #nyc_oct_2018

New York | Oct 23-24, 2018
Cornell University AAP NYC
26 Broadway, Lower Manhattan.

Event registration...

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Webinar in Russian: MatrixGold, a new dimension in jewelry design

Webinar in Russian: MatrixGold - a new dimension in jewelry design

Sabit Software, as an official distributor of Rhino in the Russian Federation, invites you to the free webinar MatrixGold - a new dimension in jewelry design. MatrixGold combines the best features of Matrix 9 and RhinoGold. It was developed using the latest version of McNeel’s CAD engine - Rhino 6. The webinar is conducted in Russian.

Date: October 18
Time: 10:00-11:00 am Moscow time.

Prototyping 2018 | Introduction to Rhino and Grasshopper Workshop in Kortrijk

November 7-8, 2018
13:30 - 16:30
Kortrijk Xpo

Join the Introduction to Rhino and Grasshopper workshop at Prototyping 2018! Learn to use the software, understand how it works and apply its tools to your work. This is a good way to start understanding the best practice approaches to modeling in Rhino and to use parametric procedures in Grasshopper.

Intermediate Grasshopper Online Training, November 2018

Intermediate Grasshopper Online (Mornings) at McNeel Online
November 12-15, 2018
Hours: 9:00 AM-12:30 PM each day (PST)

Seattle, Washington - Online

Course Description

Instructor Andres Gonzalez explores the intermediate concepts of generative modeling in Rhino using Grasshopper. He will apply these concepts to Grasshopper intermediate design and development numerous in numerous real-life examples with you.

This course is for design professionals who are looking to efficiently learn concepts and features of Grasshopper at an accelerated pace in an instructor-led online environment. This course requires Intro to Grasshopper training or equivalent. 

The class will be conducted in English using the GoToTraining software. All sessions are recorded for your review after the training.

You will need one of these:
  • Rhino 6 for Windows, which includes Grasshopper
  • Rhino 5 for Windows and the free Grasshopper plugin
  • Rhino 5.4 for Mac, which includes Grasshopper.
Rhino 6 for Windows is recommended, and it will be used by the instructor in the training. Students are welcome to use Grasshopper for Mac. Differences between the platforms are minor and will be discussed.

View the course outline.

Intro to Grasshopper Online (Mornings) at McNeel Online

Intro to Grasshopper Online (Mornings) at McNeel Online
October 30-November 2, 2018
Hours: 9:00 AM-12:00 PM each day (PST)

Seattle, Washington - Online

Course Description

This course is for design professionals who are looking to efficiently learn concepts and features of Grasshopper at an accelerated pace in an instructor-led online environment.

Instructor Andres Gonzalez will get you started with generative modeling in Rhino using the Grasshopper add-on. The advantages of using Grasshopper in preliminary design and concept development come to life in numerous real-life examples.

The class will be in English using the GoToTraining software.

You will need the following software tools:
  • Rhino 6 for Windows, which includes Grasshopper, or
  • Rhino 5 for Windows and the free Grasshopper plugin, or
  • Rhino 5.4 for Mac, which includes Grasshopper.
Rhino 6 for Windows is recommended, and it will be used by the instructor in the training. Students are welcome to use the Grasshopper for Mac. Differences between the platforms are minor and will be discussed.

Discover how to use Rhino's computational design feature to enhance your modeling process.

View the course outline.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Join the Simerics and Orca3D workshop at SNAME 2018

Simerics Workshop at SNAME 2018
Wednesday, October 24, 2018
1:30 PM–4:30 PM

Join Simerics and Orca3D for a complimentary 3-hour hands-on computational fluid dynamics (CFD) workshop, highlighting the ease-of-use and speed of the Orca3D Marine CFD system. Orca3D Marine CFD is an integration of the Rhino modeling system and the Orca3D marine design plugin for Rhino.

Also, visit Booth 315 to learn about Simerics’ and Orca's latest developments for the marine industry!

The SNAME Maritime Convention 2018 will be October 24-27 in Providence, RI, at the Rhode Island Convention Center. SNAME is an internationally recognized non-profit, professional society of individual members from more than 85 countries, serving the maritime and offshore industries and their suppliers.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Rhino Training in Austria

Explore the world in 3D and master the construction and workflow in Rhinoceros. Whether you are a beginner or a highly skilled professional, learn to use Rhino's 3D modeling technology in a personalized manner. Find the best way to efficiently transfer your ideas into reality.

Discover a broad spectrum of Professional Workshops (authorized by McNeel) for individuals, groups, and institutions offered by the architect, designer, and artist Jan Kokol. With the experience of projects by Zaha Hadid, UNStudio, Miralles Tagliabue, Günter Domenig, Swarovski, MIT-Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard GSD and many more, the workshops will teach you with real-world problem scenarios how to offer your clients the best possible solutions.

James Clar sculpture

LERA+  collaborated with the artist James Clar for a sculpture exhibit at Jane Lombard Gallery:

James Clar
The World Never Ends 
September 6-October 20, 2018
Panel Discussion: Friday, October 19, 6-8 PM

Jane Lombard Gallery 518 West 19th Street, New York, NY 10011
LERA+ worked closely with American artist James Clar on this exhibition exploring technology’s influence on society. LERA+ created a custom plugin for Rhino that automated connections for each lit piece. In Rhino, the artist was able to define each connection, assign which sections would hold LED lights and which would be steel rods, and run the plugin to automate the design of the connections.

Project details...

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Parametric Design and Digital Fabrication Workshop

Parametric Design and Digital Fabrication Workshop (beginner + intermediate)
Date: November 16-21
Location: Mexico City, Mexico
Course fee: USD 439,- (early bird first ten applications), regular USD 519,-
Max. number of participants: 30
Language: English

ParametricSupport and ThinkParametric will tutor a parametric design and digital fabrication workshop this fall in Mexico City.

The workshop introduces freeform modeling using Rhino and visual programming with Grasshopper. Participants will model/ program a spatial structure and generate 2D documentation and fabrication files. A CNC-milling machine is available to produce construction elements for assembly.

Please bring your laptop with Rhinoceros and Grasshopper installed.

SimplyRhino - Rhino 5 for Mac Hardware Requirements

SimplyRhino has been researching the best specification for running Rhino 5 for Mac and is sharing the results on their website.

Fabricating a 3D printed sculpture to withstand Times Square

Formlabs, a 3D printing technology developer and manufacturer, was faced with fabricating a 3D printed sculpture for Times Square. The challenge: it was to be installed for one month in the winter. It had to stand up to cold, wind, water, UV exposure, and New York City crowds.

Alongside design studio Aranda\Lasch and engineering firm LaufsED, they created Window to the Heart. The Formlabs team was able to print and finish 1,000 tiles, and assemble and adhere them together to become the final 10-by-12-foot installation in the heart of Times Square.

Designing for wind is a core aspect of any structural engineering endeavor. Times Square is an especially tricky location because it is an intersection where several wind tunnels meet. And the standard engineering procedure is to make sure that the safety factors can withstand the wind speeds from 100-year wind speed data.

Read how Formlabs approached this design and printing challenge of wind, adhesives, and tiles.

Grasshopper Workshop - Mexico

Darco, a digital architecture consulting company in México, invites you to join their workshop on Grasshopper in October. The workshop is led by RhinoFabStudio Director and Rhino and Grasshopper specialist, Andres Gonzalez!

The workshop is addressed to architects, product designers, jewelers, and designers in general. Participants will be able to create their own definitions in order to speed up the design in their respective areas of work.

Basic knowledge of Rhino is required to take this course.

Participants will receive VIP access for a whole year of SudoHopper3D's didactic material! 

Place: Ejército Nacional 373- 403, Col Granada,
Del. Miguel Hidalgo CDMX, México
Date: October 16-17, 2018
Time: 9:00 am-5:00 pm
Fee: $5,750 MN + IVA

For more information and to register please contact Claudia Perez.

What is a RhinoFabStudio? RhinoFabStudio (fabrication studio) is a small-scale digital workshop, certified by McNeel, with an array of Rhino and Rhino compatible software and computer-controlled tools and training. These tools cover the various leading-edge industrial methods and materials needed to design, analyze, and fabricate almost anything.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

GCD5 --- Symposium on Geometry and Computational Design - TU Wien

The members of the Center for Geometry and Computational Design invite you to the 5th Symposium on Geometry and Computational Design, at TU Wien on October 25, 2018.

Leading researchers will give lectures on recent developments in geometry, computer graphics, computational design, and civil and architectural engineering. Selected and ongoing research projects within the center will be presented in short talks, on posters, and in an exhibition.

The symposium will be free for all attendees. Registration, via email to, is open until October 21st.

Advanced Parametric Techniques with Grasshopper, October 20-21

October 20-21, 2018
New York

Design Lucidity is offering this Grasshopper weekend workshop. Participants will be taken through an intensive series of explorations using Grasshopper to create a highly complex facade system for a skyscraper. The curriculum will build on existing case studies that will explain major constraints for systematically defining parametric facades.

Topics include:
  • Skeletal modeling
  • Data tree structures
  • Data abstraction
  • Clustering
  • Performance analysis
Each participant is required to bring their own laptop computer with the required software (Rhino and Grasshopper) installed before the beginning of the course.

New: Update for SectionTools

Announcing an update of SectionTools for Rhino 6.7 (Windows 64 bit only).

New in this release:
  • Added ExtrudeDir option to stCreate command to allow creating sections in any direction.
  • Added stDeleteSections command. It deletes sections and layouts, and their layers.
  • Fixed sectioning through thin objects when they align with the section plane.
  • Added About SectionTools to the menu.
  • Updated the toolbars with the latest changes.
  • Other various stability bug fixes.
Robert McNeel & Associates welcomes your feedback. A great place to post questions is the McNeel Discourse Forum.

Here is the direct download link. Just double-click the installer file and follow the prompts to install.

Monday, October 8, 2018

Open House MacroCad - Amsterdam - The Netherlands

Open House MacroCad - Save the date!
November 6, 2018
The Netherlands

Get inspired by and experience the latest developments in the field of design, visualization, and realization at the Open House MacroCad. Save the date!

An extended program is being prepared, with the presentation of a variety of users showing how they work with certain products, and design specialists demoing specific programs. A VR room will be available so you can experience the latest technologies available.

Lunch will be provided during the afternoon break. Participation is free, but it is mandatory to register.
This event will be in Dutch, with possibly some presentations in English.

The final agenda will be available soon. Stay tuned!

Saturday, October 6, 2018

PolyFrame Beta from the Polyhedral Structures Lab

Announcing the first release of PolyFrame Beta 01.

PolyFrame is a geometry-based, structural form finding plugin for Rhinoceros. It is based on the principle of the equilibrium of polyhedral frames known as 3D graphic statics.

PolyFrame is a computational framework that allows the construction and manipulation of reciprocal polyhedrons for structural form finding. With this tool, a designer can simultaneously design and control the flow of forces in a structural form and drive the optimal structural solutions constrained to certain boundary conditions or specific geometric properties such as edge lengths and surface areas.

PolyFrame is based on a polyhedral construction and manipulation environment called PolyFramework.

Friday, October 5, 2018

Rhino and Grasshopper DOF Workshop at McNeel Miami

Course Description:
In this class, you'll learn to create and edit accurate free-form 3D NURBS models. This fast-moving class covers most of Rhino's functionality, including the most advanced surfacing commands. You'll also learn concepts and features of Grasshopper at an accelerated pace in an instructor-led hands-on instruction environment. The advantages of using Grasshopper in preliminary design and concept development come to life since the students will be able to create their models on a 3D printer and a laser machine.

USD $799
Date: December 10-13, 2018
Time: 8:00am-5:00pm (EST)*

If you are not able to attend the 4-day Rhino D+O+F course, choose between these two options:

1) Rhino Training Level 1: Day 1 & 2
USD $495
Date: December 10-11, 2018
Time: 8:00am-5:00pm (EST)*

2) Grasshopper 101 Training: Day 3 & 4
USD $495
Date: December 12-13, 2018
Time: 8:00am-5:00pm (EST)*

*Note: All times listed are Eastern (Miami) time zone

Location for all courses: 
McNeel Miami
1538 NW 89th Court
Miami, FL 33172
United States

Space is limited!!! Register here!

For more information please contact Jackie Nasser or call 305-513-4445.

What is a RhinoFabStudio? RhinoFabStudio (fabrication studio) is a small-scale digital workshop, certified by McNeel, with an array of Rhino and Rhino compatible software and computer-controlled tools and training. These tools cover the various leading-edge industrial methods and materials needed to design, analyze, and fabricate almost anything.

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Non Architecture – Learning competition

Non Architecture (NA) is a non-profit organization, whose only purpose is to
encourage and support the creation of brave innovative ideas.

Non Architecture considers “Architecture” everything that has already been designed and/or built, a realm of conventional solutions.

Imagine a counterpart, a “Non architecture”: a world of unexplored designs and countless possibilities, that if found, could enlarge and change the boundaries of architecture permanently. NA is developing a series of competitions to focus on finding innovative approaches to a specific architecture topic, always related to a functional issue. Emphasis is always pointed to nontraditional non-architectural approaches to the architect’s work.

The next and 8th competition, launched on October 1st, with a deadline of December 30th, is Learning – Alternative Designs for Universities.

Developed with Intrepid, this 32-country network is funded by the EU and
is investigating how to achieve more efficient and effective interdisciplinary
research in Europe. The aim of the competition is to develop design proposals for the university, intended as a space of higher education, training, and teaching on all levels and disciplines.

The participants are asked to create innovative and unconventional projects on this theme and to investigate what kind of spatial qualities can support or empower the process of learning in the future.

Designers are asked to merge considerable programmatic innovation and valuable design tools. The proposal could be a device, a piece of furniture, interior design project, pavilion, urban plan or something other. The participants chose the scale of intervention, program dimensions, and location to suit their project. 

Rhino and Grasshopper users are encouraged to submit their projects!

For more information, please check the Non Architecture – Learning competition page:

2019 Skyscraper Competition

Established in 2006, this annual Skyscraper Competition recognizes outstanding ideas that redefine skyscraper design through the implementation of novel technologies, materials, programs, aesthetics, and spatial organizations.

The competition encourages participants to consider technology advances and to explore sustainable systems. The eVolo Magazine 2019 Skyscraper Competition is looking for projects that solve economic, social, and cultural problems of the contemporary city, including the scarcity of natural resources and infrastructure and the exponential increase of inhabitants, pollution, and unplanned urban sprawl.

There are no restrictions on the site, program, or size, and no specific height requirement. The goal is creativity without constraints. 

Both team and individual entries are accepted. 

Schedule and fees

November 20, 2018 – Early registration starts, US $95.
November 21, 2018 – Late registration starts. US $135.
January 29, 2019 – Registration deadline. Participants must register by this date.
February 12, 2019 – Project submission deadline
April 9, 2019 – Winners’ announcement


Winners and special mentions will be published by eVolo and several international print publications. Also, the results are covered by important online architecture and design publications and general media such as the Huffington Post and The Wall Street Journal.

1st place – US $5000
2nd place – US $2000
3rd place – US $1000

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

How do you transfer BIM data between Grasshopper and Revit?

How do you work with BIM on today's designs? How do you transfer data between Grasshopper and Revit? How do you get a documentation model?

Watch Jon Mirtschin's 42-minute video Rhino in your BIM toolkit workflow.

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Intro to Grasshopper at Construct3D 2018 - Georgia Tech

Construct3D will take place at Georgia Tech this year!

Join Andres Gonzalez, RhinoFabStudio Director and Rhino & Grasshopper specialist in a couple of workshops and in a presentation in partnership with TROTEC USA

Andres will team up with Nazanin Tabatabaei, designer and researcher. Nazanin is currently pursuing her doctoral studies in Computational Design with a minor in Computer Science and Human Computer Interaction at Georgia Institute of Technology

Join Andres and Nazanin for the Introduction to Grasshopper workshop!

This course is for design professionals who want to efficiently learn the concepts and features of Grasshopper at an accelerated pace with real-life examples.

Location: Georgia Tech Manufacturing Institute (GTMI)
813 Ferst Drive NW, Atlanta, GA 30332
Date: Friday, October 5, 2018
Time: 9:00 am-4:00 pm 

Spaces are limited! Register now!

What is a RhinoFabStudio? RhinoFabStudio (fabrication studio) is a small-scale digital workshop, certified by McNeel, with an array of Rhino and Rhino compatible software and computer-controlled tools and training. These tools cover the various leading-edge industrial methods and materials needed to design, analyze, and fabricate almost anything.

The Making of Modern House: Essential Techniques for Rhino Users

Did you miss the V-Ray for Rhino webinar?

CG Specialist at Chaos Group Anastasia Zhivaeva walks through the first steps in the creation of Modern House. Discover the essential tips and tricks to create fast and efficient visualizations using V-Ray for Rhino. Learn how to set camera, environments, lighting, shading, atmospheric effects, rendering settings, and much more.

A 3D printed skateboard: print, skate, break. Repeat.

MakerBot and Felipe Castañeda, an industrial designer, published a series of design studies, including this look at the skateboard.

In the project, Felipe joined Frog's skateboard challenge with the goal of designing a functional 3D printed skateboard deck. He wanted a deck compatible with standard trucks and wheels, lightweight and textured for tricking, "while still durable enough to support the weight of your average Brooklyn hipster."

Using parametric design, he used Rhinoceros with Grasshopper to explore lightweight forms. And he had access to the large format MakerBot Replicator Z18 from MakerBot, a Brooklyn-based 3D printing company.