Monday, September 4, 2023

Grasshopper Meets Lacquer: Innovating Art with Ekkehard Altenburger

The artist Ekkehard Altenburger showcased his latest work, which merges Grasshopper definitions 
with the traditional technique of Vietnamese lacquer art painting.

As a well-respected Professor of Sculpture at the Academy of Visual Arts in Hong Kong, Altenburger collaborated closely with a master lacquer artist in a Hanoi studio to master the ancient Vietnamese lacquer art technique. With his expertise in programming robotic systems and the extended use of Grasshopper code in his research, Altenburger took inspiration from the convergence of ancient traditions and modern technology.

Altenburger's fascination with the shift from high-end digital environments to the humble surroundings of a Hanoi studio is evident in his exhibition. Working in intense humidity, crucial for the drying and curing of Vietnamese lacquer derived from tree resin, Altenburger's art exudes a unique blend of ancient artistry and contemporary innovation.

The exhibition, held at Galerie Lunette in the heart of historic Hanoi, allowed Altenburger to showcase his works alongside established artists such as Claudia Van and Dinh Ngoc Canh.

Looking forward to further exploration in this field, Altenburger is drawn to the immersive experience of working in Hanoi studios. He anticipates many more productive days in the sweltering heat as he continues to explore how digital technology opens new aesthetic avenues in this ancient technique.

For more about this exhibition, look at this local TV interview.

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