Thursday, September 21, 2023

New version of Lark Spectral Lighting Grasshopper plugin


ZGF Architects and the University of Washington Applied Research Consortium (ARC) have released version 3.0 of Lark Spectral Lighting on food4Rhino and GitHub. The Lark project is a global, peer-reviewed, open-source software to expand the toolkit for researchers and designers predicting non-visual light for human health.

Lark v3.0 allows for custom spectral power distributions for the sky, sun, electric lights, glazing, and finish materials. The workflow can be used by architects, lighting designers, manufacturers, researchers, and public health officials to test any configuration of daylight and electric lighting for any building type. 

Applying measured spectral data for light sources has been a driver for Lark, first with skies (v1.0), then electric lights (v2.0), and now the sun (v3.0). Their research shows the color of the sun transitions from warmer spectrums at sunrise (e.g., violet, orange, red) and sunset to cooler spectrums (e.g.,  blue) at its zenith, which can largely impact non-visual light stimulus. This cycle can be simulated with full-spectrum lighting for improved health and well-being in any indoor environment.

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