Friday, September 22, 2023

Notilus marine plugins are expanding


Notilus plugins are tailored to meet the needs of the maritime industry. Trusted by industry leaders, these tools empower you to expedite your design processes, reduce errors, and bring your projects to life faster.

- Automatic part detection, posing, and marking.
- Creation of 2D cutting files with ease.
- Automated stiffener generation and easy cutout management.
- Collaborative working within the same project.
- Instant bill of materials list with weight and Cog values.

- Quick pipe and fitting addition.
- Customizable pipe and equipment libraries.
- Fast measurement and COG calculations.
- 3D pipe dimensioning and positioning.
- Live bill of materials and fluid weight calculation
- Automatic penetration addition
- HVAC design
- Spool Generation

- Automatic dimensioning and labeling.
- Automatic generation of 2D drawings.
- Easy layout creation and scene management.
- Revision management and label editing.

- Swift clipping plane location determination.
- Enable/disable clipping planes effortlessly.
- Project-based clipping plane saving and restoring.

- Customizable symbol library.
- Auto-count and labeling of items.
- Instant bill of materials.
- Automatic pipe and symbol legends.
- Easy rescaling of drawings.
- Check pipe dimensions and instruments.

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