Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Grasshopper webinar with David Rutten

Introduction to Grasshopper with David Rutten
Join us for a webinar on Tuesday, November 5th

Title: Introduction to Grasshopper with David Rutten
Date: Tuesday, November 5, 2013
Time: 9:00 am - 11:00 am PST

Space is limited... sign up today!

Join David Rutten, Grasshopper developer, for an informative and entertaining introduction to Grasshopper. Learn the basics of Grasshopper and how to get started creating your Rhino designs in Grasshopper. Presentation will be approximately one hour with a time for Q&A at the end of the session.

If you are new to Grasshopper, you will want see this presentation. If you cannot make it, no problem. This webinar will be recorded and posted here by November 8th.

After registering you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar. Please email Mary Fugier if you have any questions.

System requirements:
PC-based attendees
Required: Windows® 8, 7, Vista, XP or 2003 Server

Mac®-based attendees
Required: Mac OS® X 10.6 or newer

Mobile attendees
Required: iPhone®, iPad®, Android™ phone or Android tablet

Scan&Solve 2014 WIP, new features

The new version of Scan&Solve 2014 for Rhino WIP adds two often requested visualization features:

  • See which portions of a model are dominated by compressive or tensile stresses by selecting the Principal Tension/Compression component in the advanced visualization tab.
  • Distribution of the strain (deformation) energy stored in your model can now be seen by selecting the Strain energy density component on the advanced visualization tab.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Model a water bottle with Kyle LIVE

Join us for a webinar on October 30

Space is limited -- reserve your webinar seat now!

Kyle Houchens of The Outside Design Digital Design invites you to model a water bottle in Rhino 5. Kyle will make 3D modeling entertaining and informative in the webinar classroom. The water bottle design will be influenced and defined by a fictitious design brief. Join Kyle for this presentation and get started modeling in Rhino.

Presentation will take approximately 1 hour and questions will be taken at the end.

Presentation will be recorded.

Title: Model a Water Bottle with Kyle LIVE
Date: Wednesday, October 30, 2013
Time: 9:00 am - 10:00 am PDT

After registering you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the Webinar.

System requirements

PC-based attendees
Required: Windows® 8, 7, Vista, XP or 2003 Server

Mac®-based attendees
Required: Mac OS® X 10.6 or newer

Mobile attendees
Required: iPhone®, iPad®, Android™ phone or Android tablet

Friday, October 25, 2013

Rhino 5 introductory learning

Rhino Visual Tips v5 chapters 1, 2, and 3 are now available for free! 
To get them, just click here.

Rhino Visual Tips v5 is a tutorial USB flash drive (8G) with more than 22 hours of video clips designed for either instructor-led or self-paced learning. Eighteen chapters with more than 270 videos will provide instructions on how to set up the interface, how to use the drawing, editing, modeling and transform tools including the new Gumball tools. You can also learn how to use the 2D and drafting commands, how to obtain vital information for model analysis and repairs as well as advanced features like history, UDT, and print layouts. It also includes Savanna3D: a library with more than a thousand detailed 3D models, in 3DM format, grouped by type or function. These collections bring together an extensive and complete library of Rhino blocks prepared for architectural and interior design purposes. 

You can purchase Rhino Visual Tips v5 from any Rhino Authorized Reseller, at our online store, or at Amazon.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Makerlele: 3D printed ukulele

Mr. Min-Chieh Chen redesigned some important parts of  Mr. Erik Duwoodll's ukulele headstock in Rhino. This video is the 3D printed tone adjustable ukulele. You can download the stl files from the Thingiverse web site. Have fun!

Monday, October 21, 2013

"Galo do Barcelos" modeled in Clayoo

Pedro Loureiro of TDM Solutions has won a 3D design contest at the Lisboa Design Show ’13. The awarded design consists of a 3D puzzle of the Portuguese “Galo do Barcelos”. The design has been modeled in Clayoo, rendered in V-Ray, animated in Bongo and finally 3D printed by BeeVeryCreative.

RhinoProto - The Rhino / DeskProto combination

RhinoProto: The integration of Rhino CAD and DeskProto CAM makes the process easier.

An exceptional value for your money can be obtained by combining the Rhino CAD software and the DeskProto CAM software. Rhino is a well known 3D CAD program offering NURBS modeling for Windows. The program matches well with DeskProto, as both programs share the same ideas about ease-of-use and low cost.

Note that DeskProto can be combined with any 3D CAD program, as all these programs offer STL export. Rhino is the only program offering this easy integration though.

For many DeskProto users Rhino will be interesting as companion software with their current CAD system. DeskPro makes prototyping easy and affordable. Many CAM packages are available: DeskProto differs as it has been created for designers instead of for mold makers. Only those parameters are available that are absolutely needed for prototyping, so the number of choices is limited and the software is easy to learn.

Digital Goldsmiths workshop in Ottawa (Ontario, Canada)

Digital Goldsmiths Workshop
Ottawa, Ontario (Canada)
26 November - 12 December

Project Egg by Michiel van der Kley

Michiel van der Kley is starting one of the largest 3D printing projects to date:

Project Egg is a large space (5 x 4 x 3 meters) that is consisting of 4760 unique 'stones'. The space, the 'Egg', is entirely built in Rhino and Grasshopper.

Project Egg is also about co-creating. We are asking all people that sympathize with the project and possess a 3D printer to print us a stone. This way it will also be a community project. People that do not own a 3D printer but like the project are invited to adopt a stone and thus be apart of the project as well. The outcome of project Egg is to be shown in Milan, during the Furniture Fair in April 2014.

Complete info at

Biodigital Architecture Master in Barcelona

The registration period for the Biodigital Architecture Official Master will end shortly. Come to Barcelona and see what new architecture looks like.

The UIC Master’s Degree Programme in Biodigital Architecture was created in 2000 as a pioneering postgraduate programme, the first that treated architecture from the biological and digital perspectives, and the first to provide systematic studios, workshops and seminars with the founders of digital organism, the new cutting edge of the 21st century. Within the context of the research line on genetic architectures at the ESARQ School of Architecture, students will pay special attention to new cybernetic-digital and new ecologic-environmental architectural design as a way of developing biodigital architecture, emergence, genetic and generative concepts in the biological and digital worlds, biomimesis, biolearning, morphogenesis, etc. Students will also experiment with genetic-driven software, evolutionary processes, emerging systems, algorithms, parametrics, scripting, etc.

New technologies have given us new production possibilities (Data-Driven Production, CNC machines, 3D printers) that lead to new formulations of non-standard architecture based on genetic principles (variation, mutation, hybridization): New architecture for new possibilities.

RhinoPython workshop in Paris

Rhinoforyou and Giulio Piacentino have organized a RhinoPython workshop in Paris on Dec 9-10.

"For designers and engineers who want to lay the foundation of Rhino.Python scripting, as well as RhinoScript users who want to update themselves, this workshop will transmit all the necessary instruments and concepts to successfully develop code for geometry in Rhino 5 for Windows and for Mac. The instructor of the class is Giulio Piacentino.

As a participant, you will be guided through the details of the new and friendly programming language in Rhino, including: automating commands at necessity with macros, performing calculations, making decisions after iterating code and manipulating several data structures. Also, we will study how to couple Python’s iteration and recursion powers with Grasshopper." 

How To Teach Rhino

Join us for a Webinar on October 24th.

Register now - space is limited.

Join Bob Koll for his first web presentation on how to find and locate resources that will help you teach Rhino. 

In this webinar, Bob will look in detail at how to use the Rhino Curriculum Guide and related resources like the User Guide, Level 1 training manual, certain videos, and other useful links to successfully implement Rhino in your classroom. 
This webinar is a must for anyone who has to teach a Rhino class or section this year. Also, we will look at the Rhino in Education web site as a way to collaborate, network, and share ideas about what works and what does not in the Rhino classroom. Join the Rhino in Education community! 

Bob Koll is the Lead Teacher Educator at McNeel. He specializes in teaching teachers how to incorporate Rhino into their current design or shop curriculum. His experience includes 32 years teaching high school tech classes. He now stays current by visiting high school programs around the US, helping teachers who teach Digital Design and Digital Fabrication in their classrooms. 

Please email Bob Koll or Mary Fugier if you have any questions. 

Please do the following before the webinar:

This webinar will be recorded. If you cannot attend, but would like a link to the recording, please email Mary Fugier.

Title:    How to Teach Rhino
Date:    Thursday, October 24, 2013
Time:    3:30 pm - 4:30 pm PDT

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

System requirements

PC-based attendees
Required: Windows® 8, 7, Vista, XP or 2003 Server

Mac®-based attendees
Required: Mac OS® X 10.6 or newer

Mobile attendees
Required: iPhone®, iPad®, Android™ phone or Android tablet

Monday, October 14, 2013

Rhino User Meeting at IE Madrid

Announcing the Rhino User Meeting Madrid 2013 on the October 30-31 at the IE School of Architecture and Design.

The agenda includes presentations by Carlos Perez (McNeel Europe), Francesc Salla (VisualARQ), Rafael del Molino (TDM Solutions), Diego Cuevas (ControlMAD), Miguel Vidal (Friquearq), Manuel Hidalgo (ETSAM), Mireia Luzárraga (takk-arquitectura), Roberto Molinos (IEUniversity), Adolfo Nadal (IEUniversity) and Anna Pla Catalá (IEUniversity).

Also included are workshops on Grasshopper, RhinoScript, Digital Fabrication, RhinoNest, VisualARQ, Lands Design, Clayoo, and V-Ray for Rhino.

See also the latest news on Rhino 5, food4Rhino, VisualARQ, Lands for Rhino, Clayoo, RhinoGold 4.0, RhinoNest and V-Ray.

All presentations and workshops will be in Spanish.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Design and fabrication webinar, October 16

Join us for a free webinar!
Date: Wednesday, October 16, 2013
Time: 9:00am - 10:30am PDT
Space is limited; register now!

This webinar presentation is for anyone who wants to know more about the connection between Rhino and Precision Board Plus HDU.

Andrés González of McNeel Latin America and Kellie Miller of Coastal Enterprises will show you how modeling in Rhino and fabricating with Precision Board can produce amazing results! Andrés will demonstrate how to create a panel design in Rhino with Grasshopper and generate tool paths with RhinoCAM. Then Kellie will show how Andrés' design and others can be cut from Precision Board Plus HDU and become a tangible reality. She will also cover basic information about the Precision Board Plus HDU product and how it is used in many applications.

See many wonderful examples of Rhino and Precision Board creations in this entertaining and fast moving presentation. For more information on Precision Board, click here.

Presentation will be approximately one hour. Questions will be taken at the end. This session will be recorded. Links to the video will be sent in a follow-up email to those that register (shows and no-shows) within a day of the presentation.

After registering you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

System requirements:
 PC-based attendees
 Required: Windows® 8, 7, Vista, XP or 2003 Server

Mac®-based attendees
 Required: Mac OS® X 10.6 or newer

Mobile attendees
 Required: iPhone®, iPad®, Android™ phone or Android tablet

Friday, October 11, 2013

Bongo 2 released

New in Bongo 2. 

VSR Realtime Renderer Webinar and Tutorial

Novedge and VSR Webinar: VSR Rendering & Modeling for Ambitious Product Design
Live! Wednesday, October 30, 2013 — 11 AM PDT

This webinar will show how to set up a model in a realistic environment and assign materials in an easy way, using VSR Realtime Renderer 4.0.3. Variants of material assignments, environments and views will be created and restored with single mouse clicks. A preview of VSR Shape Modeling 3.0 Beta will be shown, demonstrating that it is possible to model geometry in such an environment in real time. Do not miss it!

Tutorial for VSR Realtime Renderer

A tutorial for VSR Realtime Renderer is now available. Learn to quickly and easily put your model on stage. Get to know the possibilities and methods of creating photorealistic renderings in no time at all, with simultaneous modeling of the 3D model data. Optimize the visualization process by using special features such as glow effects and ray tracing. Use the variant manager for model presentations and the VSR iView App for mobile communication with the Apple world.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Eddie Paul's Tool Talk Radio

You all know Eddie Paul's work, but do you know his radio show, Tool Talk?

Listen to Eddie's interview with fellow Rhino user and sometimes collaborator, Kevin Pasko.

Advanced Composite Workshop

Cook Composites and Polymers (CCP) is conducting an advanced composite fabrication workshop at Kreysler & Associates facilities. There will be both classroom and hands-on workshop sessions presenting a general overview of the latest in composite technology with an emphasis on architecture, engineering, and construction.

  • Attendance is free
  • Lunch is provided. 
  • There will be cocktails or a wine-tasting afterward. 
  • Discounted accommodations are available nearby. 
Where: American Canyon, CA (Napa Valley)
When: November 15 (all day)

Space is very limited. Please contact to request a spot.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Webinar: Free-form modeling in Rhino

Welcome to Free-form Modeling In Rhino - free webinar
Thursday, October 10
9:00am - 10:30am PDT
Seats are limited. Registration is required.

Authorized Rhino Trainer James Carruthers of Hydraulic Design will show his basic process--as well as a few advanced tricks--for modeling complex free-form shapes in Rhino, and an introduction to rendering with Rhino and the Neon interactive ray-tracing plug-in.

This webinar presentation is for prospective or current Rhino users interested in seeing how Rhino and NURBS are used to design free-form surfaces like cars or aircraft. James will show you a workflow for creating free-form product designs in Rhino and how to present them with Neon.

Presentation will be approximately one hour and questions will be taken at the end. This presentation will be recorded. Links to the video will be sent in a follow-up email to those that register within a day of the presentation.

After registering you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

The webinar will be recorded. After the webinar, you can listen to the recording here.

Tec Talk - Generative Jewelry Design

We are pleased to announce a presentation on Generative Jewelry Design (GJD3D) with Rhino 5 and Grasshopper. Andres Gonzalez, Worldwide Manager for RhinoFabLab, will be visiting Tecnologico de Monterrey, Campus Guadalajara - México.  

GJD3D is for jewelry designers who are exploring new shapes using generative algorithms. Grasshopper® is a graphical algorithm editor tightly integrated with Rhino’s 3D modeling tools. Unlike RhinoScript, Grasshopper does not require knowledge of programming or scripting, but still allows designers to build form generators from the simple to the awe inspiring.

Date/time: Wednesday, October 9, 6:30 pm

Location: Auditorio 3, Centro de Congresos

This event is free. Please reserve your spot. Space is limited!
For more information, please contact Swetia Michel - Tel: (33) 3669 3000 Ext 3815 or click here.

ROB|ARCH 2014 registration now open!

ROB|ARCH has been initiated by the Association for Robots in Architecture as a new conference series on robotic fabrication in architecture, art, and design, closely linking industry with cutting-edge research institutions. In December 2012 the conference was hosted by its founders in Vienna, Austria. In 2014 the conference travels to North America, hosted by the University of Michigan Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning.

Continuing with the previous theme of collaboration, the conference seeks to bring together artists, designers, fabricators, and industry leaders to advance the discourse surrounding robotic fabrication. Following the success of Rob|Arch 2012, the conference will again present a series of workshops held at select research institutions on the East Coast of the United States, aimed at exposing the advanced capabilities of applied robotics research. Following the workshops, the conference will span two days at the University of Michigan Campus in Ann Arbor, Michigan, about an hour outside of Detroit, the origin of robotics in North America. The internationally renowned publishing house Springer Wien/New York will publish and market the conference proceedings worldwide.

Registration for workshops and conference is now open with early pricing:

And the schedule and info for the Call for Papers for all interested enthusiasts:

Friday, October 4, 2013

GE Jet Engine Bracket Challenge

General Electric just announced the ten finalists for the GE Jet Engine Bracket Challenge.

The contest took place on, the famous online 3D models archive and had a key point of 3D printing technology.

Among the ten finalists there is a project entirely modeled in Rhino by Andreas Anedda and support. They experiment in a new way of modeling in Rhino: a basic mesh was relaxed with Grasshopper and Kangaroo to obtain a fluent shape. After this first step, T-Splines was used again to edit the mesh and reinforce the bracket, creating several rims and cavity to get a stronger and lighter structure similar to a bone. Using these tools, they were able to design a bracket capable of distributing the stress in a very efficient way, creating a complex shape in a relatively short time.

To know more about how to model the Bone414, visit the following link:

Datakit Rhino to PDF 3D

Datakit just released a new plugin for Rhino 5 to export any models as PDF 3D.

3D PDF format can be read with the free Acrobat Reader.

TEC TALK - Rhino 5

We are pleased to announce a presentation on Generative Design and Digital Fabrication with Rhino 5 and Grasshopper. Andres Gonzalez, Worldwide Manager for RhinoFabLab, will be visiting Tecnologico de Monterrey, Campus Guadalajara - México.
Date/time: Monday, October 7, 6:30 pm

Location: Auditorio 3, Centro de Congresos

This event is free. Please reserve your spot. Space is limited!

For more information, please contact Swetia Michel - Tel: (33) 3669 3000 Ext 3815 or here.

RhinoMembrane 2.0 at Structural Membranes 2013

The sixth conference on “Textile Composites and Inflatable Structures” (Structural Membranes 2013) will be organised on October 9-11, 2013, in Munich, Germany.

The objectives of Structural Membranes 2013 are to collect and disseminate state-of-the-art research and technology for design, analysis, construction and maintenance of textile and inflatable structures. The conference will address both the theoretical bases for structural analysis and the numerical algorithms necessary for efficient and robust computer implementation.

Gerry D'Anza will showcase the new RhinoMembrane 2.0 64-bit, including the integration with Grasshopper, on the October 9th.

4th Rhino-Day at the TU Graz

3D Base invites you to the 4th Rhino Day at the TU Graz on the October 16th 2013, at the Rechbauerstrasse 12, from 8 am to 5:30 pm.
  • 08:00 - 11:00 - Workshop 1 - "BIM + Parametric architectural modeling in Rhino with VisualARQ"
Building Information Modelling und parametrisches Modellieren von Architekturobjekten direkt in Rhino - topaktuell
Francesc Salla - Asuni CAD - Barcelona, Spanien
Kosten: EUR 30,- inkl. 20 % Mwst. Wird bei Softwarekauf innerhalb von 10 Tagen gutgeschrieben !
Sprache: Englisch

  • 09:00 - 11:00 - Workshop 2 - "Rendern mit Rhino und V-Ray"
Perfektes Rendern in höchster Qualität mit Echtzeitvorschau - Schnellkurs
Gerit Corsmeyer - Qoobee GmbH - Wiesbaden, Deutschland
Kosten: EUR 20,- inkl. 20 % Mwst. Wird bei Softwarekauf innerhalb von 10 Tagen gutgeschrieben !
Sprache: Deutsch

  • 11:00 - 12:00 - MITTAGSPAUSE und CheckIn für Nachmittag
Gelegenheit um mit den Vortragenden zu diskutieren !

  • 12:00 - 12:30 - "Rhino 5 - Design, Computing, Fabrication, Visualization"
An overview of the most relevant improvements in Rhino 5 and 3rd party plug-ins including food4Rhino and RhinoFabLab
Carlos Perez - McNeel Europe - Barcelona, Spanien
Sprache: Englisch

  • 12:30 - 13:00 - "VisualARQ - architectural software for Rhino"
3D parametric architectural objects, editable and customizable anytime
Francesc Salla - Asuni CAD - Barcelona, Spanien
Sprache: Englisch

  • 13:00 - 13:30 - "Modellieren & Rendern mit Rhino, V-Ray & GrassHopper"
Rhino und Grashopper in Verbindung mit einem professionellen Render Plug-in nutzen
Gerit Corsmeyer - Qoobee GmbH - Wiesbaden, Deutschland
Sprache: Deutsch

  • 13:30 - 14:00 - "Urban Strategies: Applied Tools in Urban Research and Design"
Rhino in Zusammenhang mit Entwurfsstrategien an der Schnittstelle von Architektur und Städtebau
Mag.arch. Alexander Karaivanov - Urban Strategies Postgraduate Program, Universität für Angewandte Kunst Wien, Österreich
Sprache: Deutsch

  • 14:00 - 14:30 - "Rhino in geometrisch komplexem Bautrieb"
Die Stärken von Rhino beim Einsatz im geometrisch komplexen Baubetrieb
DI Martin Reis und DI Heinz Schmiedhofer - feasible industrial geometry engineering OG - Wien, Österreich
Sprache: Deutsch

  • 14:30 - 15:00 - "Pallantis - Algorithmic Chandelier"
Modellierung von Kronleuchtern in Rhino - Master Design Studio
DI Richard Dank und DI Christian Freißling - Institut für Architektur und Medien der TU-Graz, Österreich
Sprache: Deutsch

  • 15:00 - 15:30 - "Rhino als Basis für robotergestützte Prototypenfertigung"
Erstellung von Prototypen im Holzbau mit CAM-Anbindung
Michael Lackner - Holzcluster Steiermark GmbH - Leoben, Österreich
Sprache: Deutsch

  • 15:30 - 16:00 - "Rhinogold als neue Dimension im Schmuckdesign"
Erstellung von Schmuckstücken in Rhino
Leopold Rüdiger von Input Output e.U und FELBER'S Nachfolger Mag. Markus Wieser e.U - Wien, Österreich
  • 16:00 - 16:30 "Some examples of concept modelling wih Rhino in the car industry"
Automotive Design in Rhino
Dipl. Ing. Bela Bognar - Pernegg, Österreich
Sprache: Englisch

  • 16:30 - 17:00 "Walking City"
Die etwas andere Art von Stadt
DI Dr. Techn. Jan Kokol - Graz, Österreich
Sprache: Deutsch

  • 17:00 - 18:00 - DISKUSSION
Gelegenheit zum Austausch mit Vortragenden und Besuchern

This is a free event (except the workshop that has a 30€ fee). 
Register here...

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Workshops at facades+ in Chicago

facades+ PERFORMANCE is taking place in Chicago on October 24 and 25. Technology workshops will be offered again this year and they are filling quickly. Don't miss your opportunity to register. Technology workshops include:
Tech workshops will be held at Illinois Institute of Technology. AIA CE credits will be available.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

+mob | Embracing design inside the company

On October 7 and 8, furniture manufacturers from more than 14 regions in Colombia will meet in Medellín for the 5th edition of the +mob - Colombian Furniture Manufacturers’ Congress. The main focus is furniture design and this year’s edition main topic will be Embracing design inside the company.   

Attendees will have a chance to hear the experiences from a start-up company called TuTaller Design that intensively uses Rhino and Grasshopper to develop their designs. This is an opportunity for the furniture companies in the region to share their experiences with small and medium-sized manufacturers relating technical, technological and managerial matters in a semi-academic format.

Date: October 7-8
Place: Plaza Mayor Medellín - Convenciones y Exposiciones
Or contact: Felipe Zapata
+mob organizer is the Colombian government´s work-force training agency: SENA (Servicio Nacional de Aprendizaje) – and the star sponsor is the Chilean company Masisa.  Other sponsors and partners will be supporting the congress, including Pontificia Bolivariana University (Authorized Rhino Training Center and Certified RhinoFabLab). 


RhinoBIM Beta 3.24.111 now available

RhinoBIM beta 3.24.111 includes the following functions and fixes:    

  • Bug fixed importing CIS/2 files from Architecture Desktop
  • Bug fixed when no material/treatment/role selected when changing properties
  • Custom User Tags at BIM reports
  • Custom User Tags at Takeoff reports
  • Assemblies Function combines related elements into assemblies for Reports
  • Various fixes

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Rhino & Grasshopper workshop in Singapore

Introduction to Parametric Modeling with Rhino, Grasshopper and Python
Symposium & Workshop
October 4-6 and October 12-13, Singapore

Following the ARCHIFEST Conference in Singapore, this workshop will kick off with a symposium on October 4th where industry professionals will share their experiences of parametric design in practice. The workshop will be held over the course of two weekends. Details are below:

Symposium: October 4, 19:00-21:00
Workshop: October 5-6 and October 12-13, 10:00-16:00

Design competition deadline is approaching

Hatch Live: LIVE Design Competition in Rhino for Industrial Designers

There are only a few days remaining to submit your design entry for the Hatch Live competition. The deadline is October 4th. Enter today!

Hatch Live is a new and fast-paced competition allowing product designers to showcase their talent. Bringing together the design community and an audience of design lovers, Hatch Live will take place at We Work Lounge in the Soho neighborhood of NYC starting on Saturday, October 19, 2013 and culminating in a final on Saturday, November 23, 2013.

FSU’s Facility for Arts Research is a new RhinoFabLab

We'd like to introduce you to the Florida State University's Facility for Arts Research. Please join us in welcoming FAR FAB LAB as a new Authorized RhinoFabLab.

About the Facility for Arts Research
Located in Tallahassee, Florida, FAR is part of Florida State University’s College of Visual Arts, Theatre & Dance. FAR incorporates both Small Craft Advisory Press (SCAP), which blends traditional and digital printmaking processes and promotes collaborations to create artists’ books, and formLab, which gives artists, designers and scientists access to a variety of tools they can use to create unique 3D objects and explore and visualize form in a tactile, multisensory way. 

Visit FAR on the web at or check out FAR’s Facebook pageFor more information, contact Michelle Ray, Information Assistant/Writer, Facility for Arts Research or call (850)562-1238.

What is a RhinoFabLab?

A RhinoFabLab™ (fabrication laboratory) is a small-scale digital workshop, certified by McNeel, with an array of Rhino and Rhino compatible software and computer controlled tools and training. These tools cover the various leading-edge industrial methods and materials needed to design, analyze, and fabricate almost anything.