Thursday, July 31, 2008

RhinoAir 7th public build, etc.

The seventh public build of RhinoAir, a new plug-in for rendering with Air from Rhino 4, is now available. What's new:

  • Subdivision surfaces: new option to render a polygon mesh as a Catmull-Clark subdivision surface (SDS)
  • Blobbies: new option to render a point cloud as a blobby implicit surface
  • Volume rendering: new option to render a point cloud as a volume primitive
  • Textured area lights
  • Render to an image file and the framebuffer simultaneously
  • New depth output channel
  • Internal changes to work properly with changes in Rhino 4 SR 4

Clement Greiner has released a companion BakeRender tool for baking texture maps with RhinoAir and BakeAir (with examples).

T-Splines 2.0 WIP 7 for Rhino available

T-Splines 2.0 WIP 7 for Rhino is now available, featuring axial symmetry, smooth surface preview, and an improved manipulator.

Rhinophoto's new beta available

Rhinophoto is a photogrammetry plugin for Rhino. Rhinophoto provides automatic 3D digitizing from a set of photographs.

  • Contactless digitalizing
  • Fully automatic, a "one button" process...
  • No special equipment needed
  • Works with most digital cameras, and also includes camera calibration software
  • Accuracy between 5 /1000 and 5/10000 according to the camera
  • No part size limitation

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Rhino Teacher Training in London - August 14-15

This Level 1 certified course is a free training opportunity for educators.

Brought to you by Simply Rhino Ltd in association with Metropolitan Works. The training is delivered by the most experienced Rhino trainers in the UK and we offer a training package aimed specifically at academic staff.

Program: A comprehensive two day course aimed at those new to Rhino. Learn to create and edit accurate 3D models and explore Rhino's functionality, including advanced surfacing commands.

When: Thursday, August 14 and Friday, August 15 from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm each day

RhinoScript workshop in Seattle - August

Join instructor David Rutten in Seattle for our two-day RhinoScript workshop. Over the course of the workshop, David will teach you about Variables, Arrays of Variables, Conditional Statements, Iteration, Recursion and Custom Functions. In addition, he will explain more behind Rhino specific topics including surface and curve parameter spaces, geometry addition and transformations, 3D vector mathematics, and mesh geometry and topology.

Space is limited. Sign up early.

Dates: August 26-27, 2008
Location: Robert McNeel & Associates, Seattle, WA
Cost: US$995.00
To register: Call Jody Mills at (206) 634-4571 or email

IBEX - Free marine workshop

Using Real-time Analysis to Improve Design Efficiency

An efficient design process demands quick analysis of hydrostatic properties, stability characteristics, and performance. With the Orca3D marine design plug-in for Rhino, the designer receives real-time analysis feedback as the model is created and modified.

Where: IBEX 2008, Miami Beach, Florida
When: Monday, October 6, 1 PM-2 PM
Presenters: Steve Baer and Bruce Hays

Monday, July 28, 2008

RhinoScript and Grasshopper at ABK Stuttgart

The class Digitales Entwerfen (digital design) at the ABK Stuttgart, under the guidance of Prof. Tobias Wallisser and Ass. Martin Schroth M.A., had its Final Review of the Studio Draft on July 15th, 2008.

New Tutorial: Monasterio del Escorial

One more Architecture tutorial by Manuel Hidalgo. This time Manuel and his team describe step by step all the underlying geometry found in Monasterio del Escorial.

RhinoScript workshop in Paris - September 2008

Due to the big success of the first RhinoScript workshop held in June in Paris, with students coming from Hermes, JIP, Arup, Ateliers Jean Nouvel, HDA, R&Sie and Agence Portzamparc, we've organized another class on Sep 22-23.

Again Marc Fornes will teach how to get the most from RhinoScript starting from the basics (operators and functions, conditions, arrays) to the final analysis, description, reconstruction and tessellation of NURBS surfaces.

Marc Fornes, Architect DPLG, is the founder of THEVERYMANY, a design studio and collaborative research forum engaging the field of architecture via encoded and explicit processes. As a Rhino and RhinoScript expert, Marc collaborates with McNeel on a regular basis.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Rhino scripting blog by Pablo Herrera

Once again, Dl. Pablo C. Herrera Polo, Professor, Facultad de Arquitectura, Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas Escuela de Posgrado, FAUA, Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería. Lima, Perú has another new blog.

This one is only focused on Rhino Scripting Resources.

Moldex3D European Users’ Meeting 2008

You are invited to attend the annual “Moldex3D European Users’ Meeting” which will be held at “Crowne Plaza Chester, United Kingdom” for one and a half days, from September 24, 2008 (Wednesday) to September 25, 2008 (Thursday).

Following the users’ meeting, Moldex3D’s long-term user, Unilever, offers an attractive and practical workshop tour at their model factory.

This event is aimed to let attendees experience our state-of-the-art simulation innovations and inspire ideas among international Moldex3D experts.

Moldex3D, the leading company for simulation solution in plastics injection molding, has included Rhino in their product line for many years.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Fryrender Plug-in for Rhino

Image by Frances Gainer Davey at Surreal Structures

Feversoft is now shipping their physically-based render engine, Fryrender, plug-in for Rhino 4.0.

Details and demo download...

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Design your 3DWorld

Diseña tu 3DMundo (Design your 3DWorld)

McNeel Miami and Jorge Tadeo Lozano University are pleased to invite you to participate in one of the most important design events in Latin America.

September 4, 5 & 6

Fabio Lozano Auditorium
Jorge Tadeo Lozano University

PanelingTools - Small Update

A new release of PanelingTools plug-in for Rhino 4.0 is available for download In this release:

  • Fixed a bug in "Reset" option in ptPanel3D command.
  • UI improvements for "New" pattern definition in ptPanel3D command.
  • Fixed two memory leaks.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

More Grasshopper tutorials

Karl Daubmann's ParaMod.Net blog is a digital sketchbook devoted to parametric and digital modeling where you will find some very interesting Rhino and Grasshopper tutorials.

PanelingTools Updated

A new release of PanelingTools plug-in for Rhino 4.0 is available for download. New in this release:

  • Added new command to create 3D paneling pattern called "ptPanel3D". Available patterns are:
    • WireBox: Create box edges.
    • Partition: Create box partitions.
    • Box: Add box polysurface.
    • Wedge: Add wedges.
    • Pyramid1: Add basic pyramids.
    • Pyramid1: Add aligned pyramids.
    • New: user defined pattern edges and surfaces.

  • Added 2 new scripting functions for variable curve and surface divide points. Example scripts are included in the Scripting toolbar buttons:
    • DivideCurveByVariableDistances.
    • DivideSurfaceByVariableDistances.

  • Added new command to offset grid points "ptOffsetPoints".
  • Fixed a bug in Triangular paneling pattern.
  • Fixed a crash bug.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

AEC Magazine - July/August

The first issue of AEC Magazine under new management is out. The former editorial team is now also the owner, X3DMedia.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Rhino Training for Jewelry Designers

Designers will have hands-on experience on using Rhino and RhinoGold on their jewelry design and analysis process. Then, they will be able to learn how to output the models to a CNC machine or directly from Rhino to a SolidScape rapid prototyping machine.

Aug 12-15 2008
Appalachian State University
Boone, NC 28608

SIGGRAPH 2008 - Aug 11, Los Angeles

Get up close and hands on with the newest hardware systems, software tools, and creative services from hundreds of companies. Explore the products, systems, techniques, ideas, and inspiration that are creating the next three generations of computer graphics and interactive techniques.

Visit us and our partner company booths:
A limited number of free Exhibits Only passes are available. Code: Rob2091

DSSP Seminar in Slovenia - July 14-15

Global trend in 3D technology use is expanding into all spheres of human functioning and creating. The seminar will draw attendance to the successful global stories from different fields. Industry speakers will present and discuss the latest topics in contemporary and prospective 3D technology issues, focusing on strategies, experiences and techniques in the trends, innovations and use of modern 3D technologies.

This two-day seminar delivers the most up-to-date information for those interested in 3D technologies and also provides opportunity for attendants to exchange ideas on technology trends and best practices.

Don't miss the special workshops on 3D Modeling and 3D Printing with Rhino.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

VisualARQ for Rhino Beta 2

This new Beta fixes all known bugs and adds the following features:
  • A solid can be assigned as a shape for the walls:
    - This solid can be deformed based on the base curve using Rhino UDT technology.
    - In the Top view it shows a section ( at 1.40m fixed height) of the solid.
  • New command VA_WallSetPath allows changes to the wall base curve.
  • New command VA_WallSelect that:
    - Selects all connected walls to the specified walls.
    - Selects all doors or windows in the specified walls.

New in Beta 2...

Grasshopper for Rhino - minor upgrade

Generative Modeling for Rhino

This (really, really minor) release fixes two display crashes related to Connector Wire drawing.

Other changes and additions:
  • Grasshopper Log is no longer recorded in public versions
  • Grasshopper Asserts are no longer echoed in public versions
  • New point components added (Spherical, Cylindrical, Oriented)
  • Sliders now have more options, including snapping to Odd/Even numbers and custom decimal accuracy

Advances in Architectural Geometry 2008

This symposium will bring together researchers from the fields of architecture and geometry to discuss recent advances in research and practice and to identify and address the most challenging problems. We aim at connecting researchers from architectural practices and academia. The event consists of two parts: two days of hands-on workshops followed by two days of oral and poster presentations in conference style, featuring prominent invited speakers.

Vienna, Austria
Workshops: September 13-14, 2008
Conference: September 15-16, 2008

ParaCloud for Rhino workshop in London

ParaCloud opens the registration for a professionals workshop in London, together with SimplyRhino. The Workshop is a 2-day event and includes a ParaCloud Modeler Version 1.0 software license.

Course description:

ParaCloud™ is a low-cost software solution converting your Excel™ spreadsheet into a powerful parametric modeler that drives CAD tools and extend its abilities. ParaCloud™ powers Rhino with generative design capabilities and provides parametric control to accurately and intuitively edit your design for fabrication, construction and performative studies. ParaCloud™ powers Rhino with: Parametric Behavior Modeling, Surfaces and Ribs unfolding, Parametric Shells and Ribs structures, Parametric Components Population, Rhino Blocks Generative Population, Simplified Numeric Control over Spatial Geometry.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Grasshopper tutorial

David Fano has turned David Rutten’s Shift Example into a very nice video tutorial.

Students having too much fun

Patricia Muñoz's "Morfologia" students at the Universidad de Buenos Aires, Facultad de Arquitectura, Diseño y Urbanismo are showing their projects on YouTube.

Modeling for Jewelry Designers - Cleveland

The Cleveland Institute of Art, Jewelry + Metals Department is hosting a 5-day modeling workshop by Giuseppe Massoni, August 4 - 8

This workshop is an opportunity to explore design and 3D modeling with one of the world leaders in 3D design, modeling, and education. Giuseppe will address concepts and methods for CAD/CAM (computer-aided design / computer-aided manufacturing) and RP (rapid prototyping) with Rhino™ 3D modeling software. Through a project-based curriculum, the workshop will challenge each student to apply these technologies to create work that remains unique to their individual vision. Design and modeling with Rhino with output to the Roland MDX500 CNC (computer numerical control) milling machine, and the Solidscape BT612 3D Wax Printer will provide new opportunities in the creation of work right here in the CIA Jewelry studio.

To register please contact:
Lisa Kramer Reichel
Director of Continuing Education

For workshop details, please contact:
Matthew Hollern
Professor of Jewelry + Metals

Bongo, animation for Rhino - Updated

Bongo 1.0 Service Release 6 is now available to download.


  • Communication with the Zoo license manager
  • AVI writer
Bug Fixes:
  • Rhino 4.0: Explode command behaviour changed caused by Bongo
  • Keyframes were not visible in certain situations
  • Top view flipped when enabling it for animation
  • Object did not animate after deleting an object
  • View did not update on some computers running Windows Vista
  • View was clipped incorrectly during an animation
  • Animation limits did not store correctly in the file
  • View keyframes do not refresh when opening file
  • Copy/paste causes the loss of one save on evaluation versions
  • Rendering causes memory leak in certain situations
  • Crash when animation hierarchy was unresolvable
  • Crash in the Bongo options in certain situations
  • Gloss and transparency edit boxes lose focus in certain situations
  • Many other small bugs and localization issues resolved

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Poli.Design Milan: Rhinoceros Architectural Design Course

Architectural Design with Rhinoceros

On the 14th of July, as part of the launch of the first Italian Rhinoceros course for architectural modeling, (covering both conceptual and practical modeling) you are invited to the presentation of Rhinoceros in architecture. During the presentation, we will cover various ways Rhinoceros is used in architecture as well as plugins available to extend its capability.

The topics covered will be:
  • Rhinoceros in architecture
  • VisualARQ
  • Grasshopper
  • PanellingTools
  • SectionTools
  • RhinoTerrain and other plugins
Date: 14 July 2008
Time: 9:30-12:30
To register visit:
Phone: +39.02.2399.5864

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

HyperShot 1.5 with Rhino support

LONG BEACH, CA, June 30, 2008 – Bunkspeed announced today HyperShot® V1.5. Improvements include:

  • Improved real-time raytracing by providing faster calculation of self shadows.
  • Better real-time handling of materials on objects without texture coordinates.
  • Cached material library, which will display all materials instantly.


  • Sharper shadows in the final rendering.
  • Sharper texture maps.
  • Better turntable animation in HyperShot Pro.


  • Improved Pro/E, SolidWorks, and IGES support.
  • Support for Rhinoceros on the Mac
  • Plug-in available for Rhino on Windows.


Another interesting blog for Rhino users

They work for Her

The new wework|4her blog by the team at Zaha Hadid Architects has many interesting Rhino-related ideas.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Rhino Training in El Segundo, CA

New Rhino Level 1 Class
Dave Schultze will hold a Level 1 Rhino class on August 6-8 (W-F) at the Learning Tree facility in El Segundo, CA. He will also have a second instructor "roaming" to offer individual assistance whenever needed during the class lessons.

Previously, Dave had only conducted on-site training at the clients' locations. But, he received so many requests from individuals and smaller companies that he added this class.

Space is limited.