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Thursday, November 26, 2020

3D CAD Modeller (Rhino) job at Marc Newson Ltd

3D CAD Modeller (Rhino) 
Marc Newson Ltd 
London, UK 
November 2020 

Marc Newson is one of the most acclaimed and influential designers of his generation. He has worked across a wide range of disciplines, creating everything from furniture and household objects, to bicycles and cars, private and commercial aircraft, yachts, various architectural commissions, and signature sculptural pieces for clients across the globe. 

Job description
  • Create and manage the 3D master design model in Rhino for a multi-deck mega yacht project.
  • Work with the internal design team to ensure that the model is both up-to-date and accurate.
  • Assist with other transport and general design modeling as required. 
  • 12-month fixed-term contract (with potential for renewal).
  • London-based studio role (currently work from home, but successful hire must be London-based and able to attend studio working sessions on short notice).
General Requirements
  • At least five years’ experience 3D modeling in Rhino. Experience in yacht exteriors, interiors, and furniture is preferred, though not required. 
  • Experience in managing large data sets. 
  • Comprehensive knowledge of design, work to a high level of dimensional accuracy, and ability to create light surfaces.
  • Ability to work as part of a team within tight deadlines.
  • Must have the legal right to work in the UK/sponsorship not available.
Technical Requirements
  • Advanced 3D modeling skills, excellent proficiency in Rhino with solid experience in understanding the development processes.
  • Evidence in the CV of technical detailing.

To apply, please send your CV, portfolio, and covering letter to, with “3D CAD Modeller” in the subject heading. 

Start date: January 2021 

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Chaos Group releases V-Ray 5 for Rhino

Chaos Group has released V-Ray 5 for Rhino, a powerful new update to bring realtime rendering into Rhino and Grasshopper. 

V-Ray for Grasshopper is included with V-Ray for Rhino and includes a collection of nodes to support V-Ray geometry, lighting, materials, rendering, and animation. Use Grasshopper's node system to use V-Ray's functions.

Some of the key features are:
  • Live Link component for V-Ray Vision. Visualize your Grasshopper designs in realtime. Build models, apply materials, and set up lights and cameras with immediate feedback.
  • Light Gen. Lighting options are generated automatically and displayed as a series of thumbnails, making it easier to find the best look and mood for a scene. 
  • Redesigned V-Ray Frame Buffer (VFB). Now includes some of V-Ray 5’s most user-friendly features, making it easy to apply finishing touches to any rendering. Composite render layers, make color corrections, and instantly adjust the lighting.
  • Light Mix. Interactively change the color and brightness of any light without rendering again. You can add image adjustments like exposure control, color balance, and color corrections. 
V-Ray 5 for Rhino is compatible with Rhino 6-7. For more features and pricing, visit the V-Ray 5 for Rhino product page.
To see some user comments, go to our discourse page.

Free GhPython Introduction Course by Niloofar Zaker

Rhino3D.Education invites you to sign up for the GhPython Introductory Course by Niloofar Zaker

Python is a well-established component in Grasshopper. It's easy to learn and has a fast programming language. Enroll in this free introductory course and enjoy learning how coding works in Grasshopper!

In this introduction to GhPython course, you will learn the basic components of GhPython like variables, operators, etc. Also, some essential conditionals for loops and while loops. As well as its functions and how to make points, curves, shapes and divide them and how to make complex geometry like snowflakes and anti snowflakes.

Niloofar Zaker is a computational designer who works on parametric modeling in Rhino and Grasshopper with Python. She has a background in architecture, and after several years of working in this field, she believes coding is becoming the language of the near future. She is excited to share her experiences with you throughout the course. 

Questions? Contact Niloofar Zaker at

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Monday, November 23, 2020

Research Position at KAUST

KAUST (King Abdullah University of Science and Technology) announces a Research Position:

The Computational Design and Fabrication research group of Helmut Pottmann at KAUST is seeking a qualified research engineer to work on innovative research in Computational Design and Fabrication. The research involves mathematics, computer science, architecture, and design; the multidisciplinary group is composed of experts from these fields. Ongoing projects are in architectural geometry, fabrication-aware design, computational fabrication, and discrete differential geometry motivated by applications.

  • Advanced degree in architecture or related fields (M.A., M.S. level)
  • Experience in parametric design
  • Understanding of architectural geometry
  • Excellent Rhinoceros/Grasshopper skills including scripting
  • Experience in model building and digital fabrication
  • Practical experience in video editing
  • Good English language skills
  • Interest in new inter- or transdisciplinary challenges
If you strive for excellence, and are skilled and highly motivated to participate in interesting research projects at the interface between geometry and architecture, please apply now.
  • Application deadline: December 15 
  • Employment start: Early 2021
Please send your application including CV, portfolio, one page summary of master thesis (or equivalent), and your latest degree via email to Helmut Pottmann, cc to Florian Rist.

More information on the CDF Group at KAUST is available at their Computational Design and Fabrication Research Group web site

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Florian Rist.

BIM Design Student Contest by VisualARQ

The VisualARQ BIM Design Student Contest seeks to recognize emerging talent in AEC students. The competition is open to any student enrolled in an academic program (during the 2020 – 2021 academic year) associated with the AEC industry (proof of enrollment required). Competition entries will take advantage of VisualARQ tools to create innovative spaces that are considerate of the current worldwide societal pressures.

Participants can use the VisualARQ evaluation version that is available for 90 days.

Submittals will be accepted until February 15.

MaCAD Winter Edition - Master in Advanced Computation for Architecture and Design


Applications for MaCAD Winter edition January 2021 are now open!

Last October IAAC successfully inaugurated the first edition of the  MaCAD – Master in Advanced Computation for Architecture and Design! MACAD is the world’s first online accredited master program in AEC (Architecture, Engineering, and Construction), focusing on computational design and integration of new digital technologies in the Architectural design and construction process. 

The program provides expertise in applying the latest digital tools for design simulation, analysis and optimization of digital data in architecture, offering a broad and advanced theoretical and practical knowledge of computational design from renowned experts. 

Based on a Data-Driven Learning by doing and Design by Research methodology, the master offers a unique online educational experience.

Thanks to MaCAD's flexible structure, applications are still open for the Winter edition of the program. You can join the program in January 2021, completing the course in December 2021. 

More information about MaCAD applications... 

Friday, November 20, 2020


PAZ Academy (Parametric Academy Zurich)

BSS - Building System Specialist is a unique 4-month essential Certificate Program for those who want to have access to unlimited design tools such as Grasshopper inside BIM software.

BSS focuses on the powerful Archicad + Grasshopper Live Connection with numerous interoperability connections to become #BIMlingual!

BSS will not only lift you over Archicad BIM limitations, but it will also provide you with a deep understanding of visual scripting and working methods to organize your daily work.

Fully personalized, challenging, and on a visual and exciting platform. Be part of the professional #PAZNET!

Join our winter edition starting December 1st!


PAZ Academy (Parametric Academy Zurich)

BSS - Building System Specialist is a unique 4-month essential Certificate Program for those who want to have access to unlimited design tools such as Grasshopper inside BIM Softwares.

BSS focuses on the powerful Rhino.Inside.Revit plugin with numerous interoperability connections to become #BIMlingual!

BSS will not only lift you over Revit BIM limitations, but it will also provide you with a deep understanding of visual scripting and working methods to organize your daily work.

Fully personalized, challenging, and on a visual and exciting platform. Be part of the professional #PAZNET!

Join the winter edition starting December 1st!

Thursday, November 19, 2020

DesignMorphine Masters Degree in Computational and Advanced Design

DesignMorphine Masters Degree in Computational and Advanced Design
September 2021 to June 2022 (9 Months)

DesignMorphine has created a bespoke, accredited 9-month Online Master of Science program, crafted to be accessible from the comfort of one's home. 

The program aims to fulfill the demands of those who seek to exceed and lead in the field of multidisciplinary advanced and computational design. 

DesignMorphine is an international educational institution that acts as a catalyst of progress. By expanding its diverse multidisciplinary design family, it creates a unique collaborative experience. 

The technological advancement in advanced and computational design has led to exciting new opportunities that blur the lines and norms of conventional design education and its application. 

DesignMorphine's mission is to democratize these innovative design practices and allow all fields of design to blend. Today, more than ever, all architects, engineers, and designers (interior, vehicle, industrial, animation, fashion, etc.) should be exposed to this mindset and techniques to be on the frontier of the inevitable rapid technological advancement. 

For six years, DesignMorphine has met and taught thousands of specialists from 82 countries, with some of the biggest companies in the world. Their teachers are a group of fearless design innovators experienced in teaching and practicing with the best. DesignMorphine is constantly adapting its teaching methods, not only in workshops and webinars but now at a University level!

Friday, November 13, 2020

New webinars by DesignMorphine (polygonal modeling, morphing, SubD, Grasshopper and much more!) - December 2020

DesignMorphine has announced new webinars for December 2020:

  • December 5 - Hyper Skins V1.0 - Hyper Skins V1.0 will focus on polygonal modeling techniques on the human body to develop new and interesting body typologies.

  • December 6 - Spatial Synthesis V1.0 - Spatial Synthesis V1.0 will focus on polygonal space morphing by low poly meshes and non-destructive morphing techniques using Maya and Grasshopper to generate living cell typologies.

  • December 12 - Procedural Assemblies V1.0 - Procedural Assemblies V1.0 will explore the opportunities provided by aggregation and growth algorithms with Grasshopper plugins to investigate how multiple living cells can create clusters based on bottom-up deployment strategies.

  • December 13 - Biomorphic Networks V1.0 - Biomorphic Networks V1.0 will introduce students to circulation and transport networks at the city scale with stigmergy systems. Through the Physarum Polycephalum algorithm, students will dive into the world of agent-based modeling.

Click on the links above for complete information and registration!

MIAUCADEMIA – ArchViz with V-Ray Next for Rhino (in Spanish)

Offmiau has organized a new workshop Archviz with V-Ray Next for Rhino, taking place online on November 21-29.

Details and registration (in Spanish)...

Thursday, November 5, 2020

Parametric Design Webinar

Parametric Design Webinar 
November 30-December 10 

Are you interested in gaining parametric competency to push your design skills to the next level?

Are you ready to learn an exciting and powerful tool that will take your ideas and concepts to a whole new realm?

This Parametric Design Webinar will provide you with the necessary knowledge and ability to use Grasshopper, a free visual programming plugin in Rhinoceros.

If you already know Grasshopper and would like to uplift your parametric knowledge, then you can choose option 2.

  • Option 1: General Webinar for Beginners - 8 Days / 16 hours in total: Starts November 30
  • Option 2: Intensive Webinar for Intermediates - 4 Days / 8 hours in total: Starts December 7 

Timezone: CET / Berlin Germany Time

Language: English

Participants will be given a certificate of participation at the end of the webinar.

Complete details and registration...

SubD in Rhino 7 Beta Webinar

Did you know Rhino 7 Beta has SubD tools? 

Rhino3D.Education invites you to the SubD in Rhino 7 Webinar with Brian James. 

Brian James is part of the team at Robert McNeel & Associates where
Rhino has grown. While providing technical support and training to Rhino users, he has the chance to see lots of wonderful designs and ideas
that get realized daily. He also teaches part-time in the Industrial Design
department of the Rhode Island School of Design, where he gets to help guide some incredibly talented students. 

In this webinar, Brian will show the use of the SubD creation and editing tools recently added to Rhino 7.  SubD is a new geometry type that can create editable, highly accurate free-form shapes.

Date: Friday, November 6, 2020
Time: 11:00 am (EST)
Open to the public with prior registration.

Questions? Contact Lucia Miguel at

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Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Hull Design and Fairing Level 1 & 2 - Live Online Training - November edition

Hull Design and Fairing Level 1 & 2 - Live Online Training
November 10, 12, 19, 26
By RhinoCentre NL

This training course teaches you rapid hull modeling for ships, yachts, workboats, and multihulls.

Develop competence in Class-A Fairing – Final Design – Fairing for Production – Hull Optimization – Reverse Engineering – Hull from GA/ Lines-Plan – Advanced Analysis – Modeling Strategies – Developable Hulls.

Follow and finish this training in three weeks:
  • Three training modules are covered in four live training sessions of two hours. In between the live sessions, you practice self-study exercises with the instructional videos and written exercises.
  • The intensive training sessions are November 10, 12, 19, 26.
  • For trainees around the world, each session is offered twice per day. Central European Summer Time (CEST): 09:00–11:00 h. (Group 1) and 17:00–19:00 h. (Group 2).
  • Maximum of 10 participants per session.
  • The trainer is naval architect Gerard Petersen, one of the developers of the method and a fairing professional.
  • After sending in some tasks, you will receive a certificate of completion.

The Architecture Machine Exhibition

For the first time in German-speaking countries, the Architekturmuseum der TUM presents a large-scale exhibition on the computer's influence on architecture. Covering from the 1950s to the present, the show recounts this fascinating history in four chapters which sum up key developments of the so-called digital revolution: The computer as a drawing machine, the computer as a design tool, the computer as a medium for storytelling, and the computer as an interactive platform. The fundamental question that guided the two-year research project is simple: Has the computer changed architecture, and if so, how?

More information...

Digital Crafting webinar by Yoshio Fukumori


CEDIM-The School of Design will be hosting a webinar with Yoshio Fukumori as the speaker. He will focus on Digital Crafting and talk about the intersection between digital tools and local manufacturing processes as a collaborative feedback methodology. Some of the designs that will be presented were created using the Weaverbird plugin in conjunction with the new SubD tools from the Rhino 7 beta.

Yoshio is an architect from the National Autonomous University of Mexico. His work focuses on the intersection of digital tools with artisanal production processes. He has worked in leading architecture offices such as Rojkind Arquitectos and was Senior Manager Computational Designer at WeWork. He is currently an Architect Designer at Mad Architects.

Join the webinar online via Zoom
Date: November 4, 2020
Time: 6:30 pm (GMT-6:00)
Open to the public with prior registration

Questions? Contact

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Food4Rhino webinar series: Lands Design - Friday 20 November at 11:00 CET

Discover new features of landscape modeling and BIM technology in Lands Design.

During this webinar session, uncover:
  • BIM advantages of the program
  • Terrain modeling and vegetation tools
  • 2D Documentation tools for generating setting out plans, zoning tools, and quantity take-off lists
  • Hardscape tools
  • Animation tools
  • Interoperability with Revit: Lands Design in Revit through Rhino.Inside technology

Dr. Elham Ghabouli, Lands Design Product Manager, Asuni

Elham Ghabouli has a PhD in Urban and Architectural Management from Polytechnic University of Catalonia. Elham boasts seven years of experience as a researcher and lecturer in landscape and urban planning programs. She worked as a Landscape Architect for almost a decade.

Francesc Salla, Architect and Product Manager, Asuni

Francesc Salla is an experienced architect with an international portfolio spanning Spain, Russia, and Slovenia. Francesc was appointed Product Manager of Asuni’s VisualARQ and Lands Design software plugins in 2010.