Thursday, June 27, 2013

Rhino Showcase and workshops at eCAADe TU Delft

eCAADe 2013 - Computation and Performance
Faculty of Architecture - Delft University of Technology (Netherlands)
Sep 16-20, 2013

eCAADe (the Association for Education and research in Computer Aided Architectural Design in Europe) is a non-profit making association of institutions and individuals with a common interest in promoting good practice and sharing information in relation to the application of computational technologies in research and education for architecture and related professions.

The yearly conference and workshops take place this year at the Faculty of Architecture - Delft University of Technology (Netherlands) on September 16-20.

On September 16-17 there will be a Rhino Showcase (open to anyone) and a series of Rhino workshops (free for TUD students & staff and eCAADe attendees, and only 25€ for other people).

Crossover FabTalk Jun 29 2013

FabCafe Tokyo+Taipei @ Mini Maker Faire Barcelona
Crossover Fabtalk

6/29 Sat. 20:00 - 21:30 @ FabCafe Taipei
/Barcelona/ Kinga Kubowicz|Cut&Fold
/Taipei/ Kamm Kai Yu|Fabraft Design Lab
/Tokyo/ Yusuke Oono|noiz architects 

Bricsys announces RhinoWorks V3

Plugin gives Rhino users parametric control over their 3D models

Ghent, Belgium and Merrimack, NH, USA – June 26, 2013. Bricsys, a global provider of dwg engineering design software brought to market under the BricsCAD® brand, today released V3 of RhinoWorks, a plugin for Rhinoceros®, bringing constraints-based parametric design to the popular free-form modeling tool from Robert McNeel & Associates.

V3 of the plugin adds support for Rhino 5 for the Windows environment and comes with different installers for 32-bit and 64-bit versions. The plugin now also provides automatic conversion of Rhino 5 extrusion objects to polysurfaces upon constraints creation.

“Smoothly integrated in the Rhino environment, RhinoWorks allows designers to edit many kinds of solid, surface, and wireframe models parametricallyindependent of the history of their creation, including geometry imported from other CAD systems,” said Dmitry Ushakov, CEO Bricsys Technologies Russia. “It gives them full control over design intent through the application of geometric and dimensional constraints, which significantly increases the productivity when designs change.”

Based on the most recent version of the Bricsys LGS 3D Geometric Solver and its integration module for boundary representation, RhinoWorks V3 comes with substantially increased performance, in particular for models containing cylindrical, toroidal, and spherical fillets.

Available now

The English language version of RhinoWorks for the Windows environment is available for immediate delivery and can be downloaded from the Application Catalog on the Bricsys web site store. Pricing for RhinoWorks is €495/$595. Existing RhinoWorks users can upgrade for €150/$175. For more information please email your request to

About Bricsys

Bricsys® is a global provider of dwg engineering design software brought to market under the BricsCAD® brand. With relentless commitment to the success of the BricsCAD community, Bricsys is focused on providing an industrial strength CAD software platform and industry-leading support at a compelling price to customers in the AEC, GIS, civil engineering, process and power, and mechanical CAD markets. Founded in 2002, Bricsys is a founding member of the Open Design Alliance. For more information about Bricsys, visit

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Grasshopper and RhinoCommon workshop in Shanghai

CAAD Futures 2013 Shanghai - Tongji University
July 1-2, 2013

Introduction to expanding out-of-the-box parametric CAD applications to project-specific toolsets with a focus on geometric methods for architectural design and manufacturing.

What can participants expect to learn in this workshop?

This workshop is targeting architects, engineers, and designers who want to algorithmically process geometric entities by their own methods or functions. It is an introductory workshop on the borderline where the architecture-engineering-construction-branch meets the basics of programming.
Participants will learn concepts of object-oriented programming and essential syntax of C# to endeavor to personally extend parametric toolsets. The workshop will focus on introducing the .NET language C# and the Software Development Kit (SDK) RhinoCommon to the participants.

Throughout the workshop, we will switch between step-by-step explained code samples, compact summaries of underlying concepts, and simple but effective geometry generation and manipulation tasks. By the end of the workshop participants will have learned the essentials to write, debug, and compile Custom Components for Grasshopper utilizing both their own code as well as available libraries.

Balancing craft and technology: a classical guitar maker

Chuck Marfione
Chuck Marfione, builder of hand-made concert Classical Guitars and 18th and 19th Century reproductions, is incorporating his love of a tactile craft with the precision and efficiency a CNC machine provides.

Marfione is a luthier, a master of making string instruments. One of his projects is the Concert Classical guitar, modeled after the 1912 Ramirez owned by Segovia.

Marfione says, "Probably my greatest challenge is balancing my desire to maintain all of the wonderful traditions of this instrument, while taking advantage of all that is available today in terms of materials and technologies, which can potentially improve its performance."

In his process to build well-crafted detailed guitars that deliver a great sound, Marfione incorporates into his instruments what he feels are the best design elements from the history of classical guitars.

He recently purchased a CNC machine for the precision and the repetitive parts of the guitar making. The modest Marfione says he stepped into this hi-tech world with absolutely no knowledge of CAD/CAM or CNC technology. "Going down this path presents some conflicts and challenges. One of the attractions to lutherie for me is being able to work with my hands; that tactile feeling of being in touch with the materials." Marfione finds the need to be able to work precisely and consistently with his hands is often diametrically opposed to the concept of working quickly.  That is where the CNC technology becomes appropriate.

"Some of the first projects I worked on were jigs and fixtures, as it made sense to get some of those out of the way. One of the projects was making my own sanding disks. It was fairly easy to model the dish in Rhino, create the G-Code in RhinoCAM, and run the job in my Laguna IQ HHC."

Jamparc_v5 for Rhino 5

Jamparc_v5 is a free plugin for Rhinoceros 5, developed by Jaeman Park. Jamparc_v5 allows you to manage layers effectively and provides additional features for architectural modeling.

You can download it for free from his blog.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Online Rhino and Grasshopper training

Looking for Rhino training but can't get away from the office? Consider an online class! Save time, money and travel expenses. All of our online sessions are instructor-led and are recorded for later viewing. If you cannot make a session, watch the video and catch up before the class meets again.

Sign up early to guarantee your spot. Our summer schedule is following:

Note: Times listed are Pacific Daylight Time. Calculate your time zone.

Questions? Contact Mary Fugier or Jody Mills.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

New Rhino plugin for the MicroScribe Portable CMM

Revware announces the new Rhino plugin for the MicroScribe® Portable CMM Raleigh, N.C., (May 13, 2013).

You can read the press release here.  

MicroScribe is a strategic partner of RhinoFabLab. Watch a short video about how this new plugin works with Rhino 5.  

RhinoShoe 2.0 for Rhino 5

RhinoShoe 2.0 for Rhino 5, by TDM Solutions, has been announced!

RhinoShoe adds to Rhino advanced tools to scale and correct shoes and soles, in accordance with international patterns and with the possibility to define new ones.

It allows vectorization, developing 3D curves on the plane, variable offset to correct patterns.... Extremely easy and intuitive!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

New BoltGen 1.71 with aircraft bolts

New in BoltGen 1.71:

   BoltGen 1.71 now creates inside thread cutters and nuts,
   as well as the bolt selections.

   Added English Head-type HEX heads for small sizes.

   Parts have names in the properties window for easy identification.

   BoltGenAN for type AN aircraft bolts is included.

   Still free!

Download BoltGen and more from McVan Aerospace...

RhinoCAM + Rhino Technical webinar

At this webinar you’ll get an in depth look into both RhinoCAM and
Rhino 5MecSoft’s Support Manager Uday Honnalagere will be
showcasing the advanced capabilities of RhinoCAM 2012 and its
seamless integration into Rhino 5.  As a bonus, Scott Davidson of
McNeel & Associates will demonstrate the power of Rhino 5.  This is going
to be a great learning experience for beginners and advanced
users alike.  This is a free webinar, so feel free to spread the word.

Here are the details:

Date: Wednesday, June 26, 2013
Time: 8 AM (Pacific Daylight Time)
Location: Any internet enabled computer!

Register now...

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

MixExperience new website

MixExperience, the social network for Italian Rhino users, has recently launched its new website:

Architecture Challenge 2013 - Robotic Infiltrations - Vienna (Austria)

June 28-July 7 at Die Angewandte (Vienna)

The Architecture Challenge program is an international design workshop series organized by Andrei Gheorghe and Bence Pap in collaboration with international experts and institutions. It is intended for architecture students interested in exploring integrated digital design and fabrication while simultaneously designing a full-scale built project within the teaching environment of the Institute of Architecture at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna.

Architectural Design at the Angewandte is taught as an integrated, multidisciplinary process. Following this tradition, the design process will be enriched with robotic design strategies combining Grasshopper plug-ins such as the HAL and Karamba platforms. Specialists from the Institute of Architecture and invited guest experts Georg Grasser, Kadri Tamre, and Thibault Schwartz from Technical University Innsbruck will co-tutor the workshop. The handling of virtual simulation methods and the engineering of full-scale structures using robotic manufacturing will be the primary focus of the workshop. Three ABB industrial robots will be used for on-site fabrication. This workshop will result in not only in built structures and environments but will also inform and prepare interested students for the architecture study program at the Angewandte.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Online course for Marine Designers

ProBoat E-Training has announced that their next Rhino for Marine Designers course will begin on July 7th. It is a six-week online course.

Enhance your boat and yacht design skills with Rhino. Participants will learn how to work with curves, then surfaces, then move into fairing a simple chine hull, followed by a more complex sailing schooner hull.

Price: US$390 (student discount available on request)
Instructor: Cliff Estes

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Digital Fabrication at FAU-UPM, São Paulo

RhinoFabLab and shopfront fab are pleased to announce a presentation on Digital Fabrication with Rhino 5 and Grasshopper. André Schimmelpfeng and Affonso Orciuoli will demonstrate designs and models created using cutting-edge technologies and their application in architecture during the project development.

Date/Time: Thursday, June 13, 2013 / 12:30 pm UTC

Location: Edifício da Faculdade de Arquitetura e Urbanismo - Mackenzie - Auditório do subsolo.

For more information, please contact: shopfront lab or click here.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

ROB|ARCH 2014 - last call for workshops proposals and other news

The organizing committee of the ROB|ARCH 2014 conference and the Association for Robots in Architecture are inviting the community to submit workshop proposals for the upcoming Rob|Arch 2014 conference (May 14-18, 2014). A total budget of 15,000 USD is available to support the workshops financially.

One of the defining elements of ROB|ARCH 2012 was the eight robot workshops that were offered all over Europe. European universities not only organized their own workshops but also hosted teams from the American universities Harvard and SciArc.

For Rob|Arch 2014, the host universities of Michigan and Carnegie Mellon have additional robot capacities for external workshops. We are encouraging workshop proposals until June 15,2014. See for more details.
In other news, several robot workshops and lectures are upcoming: Robots in Architecture will hold a lecture at the BIM for Life Cycle Structures symposium in Vienna (June 13-14), alongside other presenters such as Tobias Schwinn (from ICD Uni Stuttgart—refer to their great robotic research pavilions), Christian Derix from AEDAS, Baris Cokcan of 2Architects-Int, Martin Tamke of CITA, and Stephan Laub of LaubLab/VrayforC4D. Registration is free for students.

Later in June (27-28), the 7th National Symposium on Digital Design takes place in Istanbul/Turkey, with a robot workshop that is offered in cooperation with KUKA Turkey and ITU. Soon thereafter, from July 3rd to 5th, we are doing a two-day robot workshop in Shanghai as part of the upcoming CAAD Futures 2013 conference.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Orca3D 1.3 released

Leveraging the power of Rhino for the naval architect

DRS Technologies, Inc. announces the release of Version 1.3 of Orca3D. This version has been through a number of Work-in-Progress (WIP) releases, that allowed feedback and suggestions from many Orca3D users.

Some important points to know about Version 1.3:
  • This is a free update to licensed users and, as a full release, will not expire.
  • Any Orca3D information in a Rhino file that is saved with this new version will not be readable in version 1.2.4 or earlier versions. No native Rhino model information will be lost, but Orca3D information, such as section locations, weight/cost information, etc. will not be found by earlier versions of Orca3D. Since this is a free update for licensed users, we recommend that version 1.3 be used to avoid this issue.
  • This is expected to be the last version of Orca3D that is compatible with Rhino 4. All future updates, WIPs, and upgrades will require Rhino 5.
  • In the event that a critical bug or other significant issue is discovered in version 1.3, there may be a 1.3 Service Release that is compatible with Rhino 4.
  • Some new features which are still in development are not included in Version 1.3 (Stability Criteria Evaluation, Longitudinal Strength).
  • A new WIP (1.4) will be released soon, which will include Stability Criteria Evaluation, Longitudinal Strength, and more.
  • Version 1.3 includes both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the standalone and network license versions.
 Version 1.3 highlights include:
  • 64-bit network license version now available.
  • Option to have real-time sections computed from the mesh (as in previous versions) or from the surface (previous versions were computed from the surface only after the control point editing was finished). Rhino 5 has improved the speed of this computation to the point where it is practical to use sections that are computed from the surface during real-time editing.
  • Better licensing compatibility with Windows 8.
  • Inclusion of short tons in the available options for Weight and Force custom units.

Download Orca3D Version 1.3...
About Orca3D...

Rhino at Fab Lab DC

• Introduction to Rhinoceros®

Fab Lab DC
Saturday, June 8, 2013 from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (EDT) 

This all-day workshop offers an introduction to Rhinoceros®Rhino provides the tools to accurately model and document your designs, to create, edit, analyze, render, animate, and translate curves, surfaces, and solids with accuracy and flexibility. Files created in Rhino can be exported to laser cutters, milling machines or 3D printers.

This workshop includes: 
Class time, one-on-one guidance, and a chance to meet other makers.  

For more information, click here.

Would you like to run an Authorized RhinoFabLab 
A RhinoFabLab is an Authorized Rhino Training Center (ARTC) with a digital workshop, certified by McNeel, with an array of Rhino and Rhino compatible software and computer controlled tools and training. These tools cover the various leading-edge industrial methods and materials needed to design, analyze, and fabricate almost anything.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Fantasy and Sci-Fi outfits with Rhino 5 and Poser

Sergio Martinez, one of our instructors at McNeel Miami has been creating  Fantasy and Sci-Fi outfits for more than a decade. Come and join Sergio for the virtual conference: Poser Content Creation Masterclass with Rhino 5, Photoshop CS6, UV Mapper 3 Pro, Unfold 3D, and more.

For more information, click here.

Digital Novelty – Crystallised Geometrics

Should you be in Paris on the 20th of June, don't miss the Wendy W Fok Open Studio at the Cité internationale des arts Paris. This will be a work-in-progress exhibition of the design-research Project "Digital Novelty – Crystallised Geometrics".

Over 100 iterations and studies which challenges, and produced through, the premise of digital production and analog tooling, Digital Novelty is a series of design-research that is an intersection between platonic solids and the notion of basic geometric shapes, assisted by 3D modeling software (Rhinoceros), 3D printing technologies (additive manufacturing processes), and hand-drawn inked on vellum exercises. The research and development of Digital Novelty – Crystallised Geometrics reveals itself through a feedback system that carefully interrogates a simple method of production and design.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Grasshopper User Meeting in London

The next London-UK Grasshopper Group meeting (organized by Arthur Mamou-Mani, SimplyRhino UK) will take place at Robofold's studio and production facility in Herne Hill, London, on Wednesday, June 26th from 18h30.

Gregory Epps (RoboFold founder) and Florent Michel (RoboFold developer) will present a recent project, and how they used Grasshopper for the design to production workflow. RoboFold projects typically take client designs and develop parametric tools for the translation of design ideas into manufacturable objects. The design development stages are complemented by CAM tools - Grasshopper plugins to output to CNC routers and robots - developed in-house and extended on a project by project basis. This has included implementing live baking, multithreading, CAM, robotics, the Godzilla timeline for the G interface, optimizing attractor systems and of course folding.

This Grasshopper User Meeting will also be a chance for an informal discussion about your experiences using Grasshopper, and where you see Grasshopper in the future. Please bring your ideas and experiences. What new features do you need, e.g. loops? How does Grasshopper programming compare to other approaches? Would you like to be able to automatically compile definitions into components? What are your problems? What particular features or approaches would you like to see?

The big picture is that Grasshopper is a great prototyping tool but what are limitations as it grows - and how can we help shape its future?

AEC projects designed using Rhino

Gros Ventre Residence in Jackson, Wyoming by Stephen Dynia Architects

AECCafe, the online magazine, has highlighted Rhino projects in the AEC industry. AECCafe features various architectural projects, both residential and commercial.

Droid Rhino for Android now available

Thinslices developed the Droid Rhino for Android app so you can view your Rhino models anytime, anywhere, with any Android device. Pan, zoom, and rotate with a tap or drag of your finger. The handy navigator lets you scroll through thumbnails, so you can quickly jump to any model you want.

Currently Droid Rhino for Android is available on more than 766 Android devices, ranging from handsets to tablets.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

facades+ Performance, San Francisco

Architects, fabricators, developers, consultants, and all other design professionals are invited to participate in the San Francisco facades+ Performance conference, symposium, and workshops!

Dates: July 11-12, 2013 - Early-bird registration ends June 14th.
   Day 1 - Symposium
   Day 2 - Dialog and Technology Workshops

Location: San Francisco @ UCSF Mission Bay Conference Center

Workshops include:
  • Responsive Facades, Jason Kelly Johnson
    (Grasshopper, Firefly, Arduino)
  • Design Scripting, Ronnie Parsons
    (Rhino & Python)
  • Intro/Intermediate Grasshopper, Andrew Kudless
  • Hands-On 3D Printing, Gil Akos
    (Rhino & Makerbot)
AIA CE credits available.

ZAHNER + TEX-FAB skin competition

TEX-FAB is pleased to announce a new partnership between ZAHNER and the Digital Fabrication Alliance. ZAHNER will be joining forces to provide engineering, material and fabrication support for the skin competition. They will assist with full-scale prototyping after a competition winner is chosen in October.

Registrations and submissions are due by June 30, 2013. Have you entered the competition yet?

Not just whirligigs of color and shapes

An 8' tall silicon bronze by Andrew Carson

We have discovered another fascinating Rhino user, Andrew Carson Kinetic Sculpture: Whirligigs ranging from sophisticated metal to a cacophony of colors. And always delightful and fun. To see the art in motion watch one the videos.

The artist starts with a rough sketch, stores those ideas, and eventually pulls the most intriguing for his projects. He then works digitally, sizing the parts and working out the mechanics, including reflecting the rotations and clearances on these moving pieces of art, designed to withstand 60 mph windstorms.

Andrew Carson Kinetic Sculptures will be at these art fairs this summer:

Summer 2013