Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Available now: Public Beta of sphereneRHINO Plugin - A revolution in design and manufacturing

spherene, a specialized company in Adaptive Density Minimal Surface Technology (ADMS), launched its public beta release of its sphereneRHINO plugin. Now accessible directly through Rhino's package manager, the plugin offers a range of features beneficial for professionals in computational design, footwear, orthopedics, automotive, aerospace, and other sectors. The sphereneRHINO plugin improves both material efficiency and structural integrity in various design and manufacturing applications.

The plugin extends the capabilities of Rhino by integrating spherene’s patented features, including:
  • Efficient material use for additive manufacturing
  • Exceptional rigidity with minimal material
  • Adaptive surface integration
  • Parametric control
  • Open-pored or closed-construction options
Getting started couldn't be simpler. Just go to Rhino's package manager and download the sphereneRHINO plugin. For step-by-step installation instructions, check out spereneRHINO's comprehensive documentation.

The Public Beta is available for free for a limited period! Make sure you explore the revolutionary features of sphereneRHINO at zero cost. This will become a paid service in the future.

A trailblazer in Adaptive Density Minimal Surface Technology, spherene is dedicated to revolutionizing design and manufacturing. 

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