Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Online Hull Design and Fairing Training for Professionals by RhinoCentre NL

If you are a designer, engineer, or naval architect and you need to design high-quality hulls with Rhino in a fast and flexible way, this new online training is for you.

This training unveils the mystery of Class-A fairing at your own pace.

One advantage of creating hulls in Rhino is that you can directly integrate them into your overall Rhino design.

Three online training modules are now available:

  1. Prepare 2D Input is interesting for anyone who needs 2D input for creating 3D models: ACAD drawings, PDFs, and images. Especially for ACAD drawings, you’ll learn a more intelligent approach than just opening a DWG file and modeling. That often leads to a big mess and loss of original information.
  2. Hull Design and Fairing Level-1 teaches the basics of modeling and fairing any vessel hull. Also, you’ll receive a Rhino file with example hulls of six ships, four yachts, and three workboats. Use these hulls to kick-start your own projects.
  3. Hull Design and Fairing Level-2 teaches advanced Class-A fairing skills and a reverse engineering technique to model a high-quality 3D hull from an existing 2D lines plan.

These three modules are usually taught in the four-day Hull Design and Fairing Level 1&2, which is now also available as online training as a bundle of the three modules for only €995. This promotion ends on January 1, 2018.

Named Rapid Hull Modeling Methodology, and developed by RhinoCentre in cooperation with other professionals in the marine industry, this method is applicable to ships, yachts, boats, workboats, and multihulls. Since 2012 this training has been taught worldwide at shipyards and design offices.

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