Thursday, November 30, 2017

New course on structural analysis with Karamba now available

ThinkParametric now has a new course on structural analysis with Karamba.  This course will teach you how to check the performance and structural integrity of your designs and how to enhance them.

Karamba can provide an accurate analysis of spatial trusses, frames, and shells early in the design process. It's fully embedded in the parametric design environment of Grasshopper, a plugin for the 3D modeling tool Rhino. This makes it easy to combine parameterized geometric models, finite element calculations, and optimization algorithms like Galapagos.

In this intro course:
  • Understand how to use Karamba. The course starts by briefly going through the installation process and the different licenses that exist. 
  • Build definitions with Karamba with six basic steps.
  • Create your first load case scenario using two simple beams and a point load. The course covers the different components of Karamba, their inputs and outputs, and what they all mean. 
  • Create a simple canopy to use for structural analysis and to control parametrically. 
  • Perform structural analysis of the structure. Take a critical look at the results, like maximum displacement, resulting force of gravity, and internal elastic energy. 
  • Visualize the results to better understand how the structure behaves under loads. 
For this course, no prior Karamba knowledge is required. The free Karamba version is sufficient, which you can download.

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