Monday, November 6, 2017

Algorithmic Accessories V3.0 by DesignMorphine

February 22-25, 2018


In this Algorithmic Accessories V3.0 Workshop session, we will look at the available emerging technologies used to create mass-customized accessories. We will bring the fabrication of novel ideas back into reach for the designer. The center point of the workshop will be the design of a sizeable choker necklace piece, inspired by coral growth and the hyperbolic structure. We will also elaborate on the structure, delving into the many aspects connected to the algorithm that creates this form. Also, we will look at pattern work found on the surface and observe how the FDM print method interprets this result when it comes down to fabrication.


On the technical side of the workshop, we will focus on learning the UI and building the definition in Grasshopper on Rhinoceros, using the parameters to create and also restrain the forms so that they can be processed by the PLA print software and manufactured for real-life physical use by an FDM printer. The participants will learn to create a definition step by step and use the parameters they build to customize and create iterations of their shapes. Participants will bake the hypothetical creations into real mesh objects that can be exported for rendering and manufacturing. For the rendering, we will use KeyShot. Participants will learn about environments and materials in a real-time rendering engine. And finally, the objects will be repaired and prepared in Meshmixer and arranged in Cura for the print queue for final presentations.

What you will learn
  • Introduction to Grasshopper and algorithmic geometry
  • Basics of creating wearable accessories
  • Creation and customization of complex geometries through parametric modeling
  • Rendering basics
  • Fabrication tools

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