Monday, November 6, 2017

Grasshopper Workshop Series in Poland is a cyclical workshop-like event taking part at the Object office in Poznań, Poland.

This event's intention is to provide a relaxed and flexible tutoring experience, with only one goalgetting to know Grasshopper better. Starting with a very exhaustive introduction, you'll then venture into the computational geometry world in whichever direction you like.


The long duration of the series (with the possibility of extension) will enable each participant to come up with their own research problems during the learning process. The scope of those problems will have a major influence on setting the direction of each workshop. While a couple of initial meetings will be solely spent on Grasshopper basics, the latter part of the series will have a more open character.

Each meeting day starts at 10 AM and lasts till 5 PM, with an hour-long break for lunch (14 hours of tutoring per meeting).

Planned meetings:
  • 02/03 Dec | User interface, geometry types, Rhino/Grasshopper connection
  • 16/17 Dec | Data flow, paneling, geometry rationalization
  • 06/07 Jan | Data I/O, excel, csv, data visualization, preparing geometry for fabrication
  • 20/21 Jan | Working with complex definitions, project organization and helpful plugins
  • 10/11 Feb | Looping with Anemone, generative design
  • 17/18 Feb | Automating tasks with Anemone, scripting introduction
  • 03/04 Mar | Scripting
  • 17/18 Mar | Kangaroo
  • 14/15 Apr | User_defined_1 (flexible)
  • 28/29 Apr | User_defined_2 (flexible)

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