Friday, November 24, 2017

Vertical Variables V2.0 Workshop, Sofia - Bulgaria

February 24–March 1, 2018
Sofia, Bulgaria

Vertical Variables 2.0, a workshop supported by the Union of the Architects in Bulgaria, will focus on the applications of various computational strategies in the design of high rise buildings. As a new architectural paradigm emerges with the development of the new technologies, parametric tools are becoming essential and particularly applicable to modern skyscraper design. In this regard, the participants will be introduced to computational design techniques which will lead to form finding and optimization through various parameters.

The workshop will begin with an introduction to Rhino and Grasshopper, which will be the main tools to carry out studies of the final design. Participants will be guided through the writing of parametric definitions in Grasshopper and the applications of various plugins, mainly Kangaroo, WeaverBird, Lunchbox, FabTools, MeshTools, Ladybug, and KeyShot.

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