Friday, June 20, 2014

CLIMATE RIBBON™ - data driven design by Hugh Dutton Associés

Hugh Dutton Associés is a unique team of people striving to create a synthesis of poetic intent and physical reality through their designs. With this focus, the Parisian studio recently designed the CLIMATE RIBBON™ in Miami. The project combines precision engineering and environmental design with an elegant sculptural form: an exciting union of art and science. 

The CLIMATE RIBBON is a topographical composition of a faceted grid of steel framing, glass covering and architectural fabric shading blades that respond to climate performance parameters. The architectural form is an expression of the performance data. Rhino, Grasshopper and its plug-ins have been extensively used during the design process.

In June, the studio launched DESIGN by DATA, a workshop organized in partnership with the digital art center Gaîté Lyrique in Paris, in order to share and explore this particular approach to performance-driven design. 

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