Friday, June 20, 2014

Interactive Architectural Prototypes workshop, Frankfurt

Interactive Architectural Prototypes | Summer Lab 2014
Frankfurt / Germany
July 21 - August 1, 2014

“Interactive Architectural Prototypes” is a 2-week summer lab based on the principles of experimentation and interactivity through emerging technologies in architectural production.

It is organized by arch.tualize and AWARE in partnership with the Städelschule Architecture Class (SAC), Frankfurt, and will be held at the campus of SAC from July 21 – August 1, 2014.

The lab engages students, architects, designers, and game developers with four techniques of prototyping: designer-informed, analytics-driven, crowd-operated, and sensor-actuated. Participants learn to use digital and parametric design tools and engage with feedback collected from simulation algorithms, online users and real-world sensors.

The acquired knowledge will be applied to designing interactive prototypes ultimately be exhibited at an open public exhibition at the Städelschule.

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