Friday, June 13, 2014

Advanced Architectural Design workshop in Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain
28-30 July 2014 

This course is geared towards architects and spatial designers who wish to enhance their workflow with parametric and data-rich modeling capabilities.

From concept design to documentation, every stage of the design process is an opportunity to increase efficiency and creativity. This course has been designed to give architects access to simulation, analysis, and advanced modeling capabilities in order to better inform and execute design decisions throughout the design process. During the 24-hour course, we will look at the relationship between Rhino 5, Grasshopper, and associated plug-ins to create workflow tools that can be tailored to each project.

This 3-day seminar and workshop will explore strategies for applying parametric design for the purpose of generating informed architectural models. During the course, participants will learn how to connect a digital model to external data sources such as environmental data and GIS databases. The participants will also learn how to evolve designs to reach multiple objective optimizations. This combination of tools and strategies allows the participant to further their projects with informed design decisions.

Instructor: Luis E. Fraguada - Director of Research - Built By Associative Data // Faculty at the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalunya. *Authorized Rhino Trainer.

Cost: Early Bird Academic: 295€ - Early Bird Professional: 395€


Anonymous said...

This looks very interesting. Is that cfd analysis screenshot?What plugin will you be using for cfd analysis?
Thank you for the reply.

wiso said...

This is a solar incidence analysis done with native GH components.

Carlos Perez said...

That's solar analysis done with Luis Fraguada's custom components.