Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Advanced workshop on Rhino and V-Ray in Oslo (Norway) - Jan 15-17 and Feb 12-14, 2020

Rhino for Designers + V-Ray, 3 days
Oslo, Norway


The main objective of this course is to gain deeper knowledge in order to create high quality surface models. We will work with various surface properties that influence visual quality. Geometric properties that influence production, such as: draft angles, thickness and file transfer to other CAD software. During the classes, you will be introduced to Grasshopper and learn how this visual programming interface can improve the modeling process to create parametric geometries and repeating patterns. The last section of the course will focus on using V-Ray for Rhino to render high quality images efficiently.


This three day class starts with a refresher on Rhinos interface and modeling concepts before moving on to use various methods to create high quality CAD models. We will look at how to automate modeling and to ensure repeatability and consistency in your workflow. Grasshopper and V-Ray will be a natural part of this course. The course is adaptable, and we will consider including specific modelling tasks from attendees upon request. Lunch is included, unless the course is held on-site, please notify us if you have special requirements for the food.


Trainees should ideally have at least six months of experience with using Rhino. Experience with other similar type of modelling software can however make up for little or no Rhino experience.

Level: Advanced

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