Thursday, January 9, 2020

Parametric Design Seminar in Oslo - February 11, 2020

Håvard Vasshaug from Bad Monkeys at the Parametric Design Seminar 2019. 

For the third time in Norway, a seminar dedicated to Parametric Design/Visual Programming is specifically arranged for the construction industry.

Several Norwegian and international speakers will show how they combine different visual programming tools to solve challenging and time-consuming work in the design process. Such tools allow for entirely new opportunities in design optimization of buildings and other constructions by adding rule-based relationship and logic, rather than doing it manually.

When you now can use standard software based on visual programming, it is also made available to everyone, and not only the large offices.

The lectures are by architects, engineers, and industrial designers who use many different types of software to achieve their goals. The seminar aims to display the wide range of applications and possibilities with parametric design, regardless of software providers. Also, there will be an opportunity to meet representatives from Robert McNeel & Associates, the creator of Rhino and Grasshopper.

Speakers that are confirmed for the Parametric Design Seminar 2020 in Oslo:
  • Matteo Cominetti - Senior Automation Developer Arup and cofounder of Speckle - London/United Kingdom
  • Dimitrie Stefanescu - Open Source Data Infrastructure Arup and founder of Speckle - London/United Kingdom
  • Sylvain Usai - Architect Design-to-Production GmbH - Zurich/Switzerland.
  • Alexander Matthias Jacobson - Architect Climate and Computational Design Specialist Bjarke Ingels Group Architects - Copenhagen/Denmark
  • Krzysztof Wojslaw - Parametric Design and VDC Specialist/Bridge Engineer at Sweco - Norway
  • Øystein Ulvestad - BIM developer at Sweco - Norway
  • Carlos Perez - Head of sales, marketing, and business development, McNeel Europe - Barcelona
  • Daniel Covacks - Parametric Design and BIM specialist at GRAPHISOFT - Hungary
  • Ellika TAVERES-CACHAT - PhD candidate, Department of Architecture and Technology Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) - Trondheim/Norway
The complete list of speakers is now ready and the program is being finalized. (Please also see the program from the 2019 event to get an idea of what to expect.)

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