Thursday, January 30, 2020

Seminar: Modelling with Tekla & Rhino/Grasshopper - London - Feb 25, 2020

Join Trimble to discover more about algorithmic design using Tekla software and Rhino/Grasshopper.

Digital Data provides a basis for rethinking the structural engineering design process and with the addition of increased computing power, this combination is beneficial to a computational data-driven process helping engineers work more efficiently with closer data-driven collaboration.

The Institute of Structural Engineers is hosting a Trimble industry workshop. The workshop will focus on the Grasshopper-Tekla live link which enables algorithmic modeling for Tekla Structures using Rhino/Grasshopper. The link is a set of Grasshopper components that can create and interact with objects live in Tekla Structures. We will also look at how a Tekla Structural Designer model can be driven parametrically using Grasshopper.

The day will be divided into a series of presentations and demonstrations during the morning. During the afternoon, there will be interactive demo workshops providing an opportunity to delve deeper into the software with Trimble's experts.

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