Friday, January 17, 2020

Creation of a BIM model of a façade using Rhino, Rhino.Inside, and Revit

Imagine Computation, a German-based consultant for digital AEC processes, was asked to deliver a native Revit BIM model of a façade of an office building. To use the flexibility of Rhino and in-house developed Rhino plugins, they created a new toolset to transfer 3D objects, attributes, and other specifications such as materials and transformations to Revit without having to break the hierarchy of Revit elements.

To speed up the creation of 3D façade elements, they first developed a tool to link all elements as external blocks, including material information and other attributes. Next, they exported the same block definitions as single files and re-imported them into Revit as families to set the given attributes and materials. In the final step, they inserted all Revit families at the corresponding position in 3D space to digitally assemble the façade. 

The tools were mainly developed as C# Rhino plugins and as C#- Grasshopper components as part of Rhino.Inside within Revit.

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