Thursday, January 30, 2020

Morphine Streams V2.0 Webinars by DesignMorphine, March 2020

DesignMorphine has organized a series of webinars in March 2020:

"Welcome to our webinar series, Morphine Streams V2.0! See below the webinar topics we have curated for this Morphine Streams version. Each webinar will be 4 hours long of prerecorded video with a 30-minute live stream Q&A which will also be recorded and uploaded. 

Webinars will take place in Private Facebook groups and participants will be able to ask questions by commenting on the videos, this gives the webinars a more interactive community environment. Each webinar will be prerecorded and uploaded at the time of the webinar to ensure optimal quality and to avoid issues of connectivity that can occur with live streaming. At the live stream Q&A times, tutors will be live streaming to summarize the videos and answer questions. 

All videos will remain available, including the live streams, for your viewing as much as you like, even after the live stream. This means you can also enjoy the videos if you are not able to at the live stream time, you may view them at your convenience and availability. 

All webinars will be conducted in English and there is no previous experience of the topics required. You must have a valid non-business Facebook account to attend and watch the videos."
  • March 8: Formfinding Optimized Shells
  • March 14: Dynamic Parametric Pavilions
  • March 15: Morphing Polygonal Geometries
  • March 21: Procedural Architectural Landscapes
  • March 22: Advanced Plugin Creation
  • March 28: Fluid Skin Interoperability
  • March 29: Twisted Box Jewelry

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