Friday, December 11, 2020

Piegatto Design Masterclass

The central theme of this course is the basis of design conceptualization and creation, form vs. function. Through contemporary discussion, parametric and digital tools, participants will design an object that can accomplish both form and function. They will also review how an object can be functional and formally aesthetic through key concepts and ideas.

The course starts as a theoretical session of Piegatto’s design principles, extracting and conceptualizing the ideas into a 3D model through advanced modeling techniques with Rhino 7. Next, with guidance from Dimension N, participants will explore computational design principles to expand the creation of manufacturable alternatives through Parametric Modeling using Grasshopper. Here, the class will focus on developing digital fabrication techniques to materialize the objects previously designed.

Architect - Alejandro Estrada - Piegatto Design Director
Architect - Pietro Estrada - Piegatto Junior Designer
Industrial Designer w/M.Arch - Javier Gaxiola - Dimension N Design Director

Date: January 13-17  
Time: 6 pm-10 pm CST
Cost: $200

The class will be taught in English.

Questions? Contact Javier M Garxiola at
or Pietro Estrada at

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