Wednesday, December 23, 2020

ShapeDiver now supports Rhino 7!

After a big development push and a few weeks of coordinating, ShapeDiver is happy to launch its brand new Rhino 7 system (almost) in time!

Rhino 7 is packed with new features, and several of them come with brand new Grasshopper components that are compatible with the ShapeDiver Rhino 7 system. If you are excited about the new organic modeling possibilities offered by the SubD feature, try out the new SubD components in Grasshopper! Need to clean up or smooth some nasty meshes? The QuadRemesh component is there for you, producing clean quad meshes that will also help with the rendering performance in the ShapeDiver viewer.

At the moment, Rhino 7 is running on a brand new test system. The testing phase will extend until the release of the new platform in Spring 2021. If you want to test it right now, use the contact form on their website and request your account to be switched to the new Rhino 7 system.

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