Monday, December 14, 2020

Rhino 7 webinar in German - December 17, 2020

Authorized Rhino Reseller has organized a free Rhino 7 webinar (in German) on December 17 at 11:00h CET:

"In our 1-hour webinar, our experienced Rhino trainer will introduce to you the most important new features of Rhino 7 and the main differences to previous versions."

Among other things, he will introduce the QuadRemesh feature, which allows you to create a perfect SubD model from a polygon model with just a few mouse clicks.

He will also show you how to use SubD modeling to create complex, organic shapes easily and edit them afterward.

Overall, the trainer will cover the following topics:

- Subdivision Surfaces (SubD) Modeling
- QuadRemesh
- Minor new features and improvements in known commands
- Improved preview and display options

Afterward, there will be time for some questions from the participants.

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