Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Free Webinar: Rhino for Mac - Intermediate

Free Webinar: Rhino 5 for Mac Intermediate - Modeling and Rendering of a Ski Pole Grip
McNeel Europe
March 2016
10 am (CEST)

If you have spent time working with Rhino 5 for Mac and are ready to go one step forward, or if you are curious about the capabilities of Rhino 5 for Mac, sign up for this free webinar.

The session covers the modeling of a cross country ski pole grip from a sketch. The goal is to add details and edit the main surface to display the different construction materials, ending up by rendering the model using custom materials.

Sign up now:

Spanish: March 14, 2016
Panelist: Rodrigo Bárcena

EnglishMarch 15, 2016
Panelist: Rodrigo Bárcena

French March 16, 2016
Panelist: Vanessa Steeg 

ItalianMarch 17, 2016
Panelist: Giuseppe Massoni

GermanMarch 18, 2016
Panelist: Verena Vogler 

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