Wednesday, March 9, 2016

EdiTree - data management and manipulation in Grasshopper

EdiTree is a set of useful open source components developed by EDIT Collective to provide easier manipulation of data structure and data management.

It offers some additional features as follows, plus the existing data management components:

Retrieve a specific branch/subbranches from a data tree. Extract items under the specified branch, when branch path indices are assigned.

Divide List
Divide a list into sublists by the predefined number (divisor). Any remaining item will be stored in the separate path followed by last branch.

Partition List (Advanced)
Partition a list into sublists by partition size. This is pretty much the same as the existing Partition List component except that it gives any remaining item in a separate list.

Split List (Multiple)
Split a list into separate parts at a specified index number. Similar to the existing Split List Component, each index indicates the first item in each list.

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