Thursday, March 3, 2016

Taco - ABB robot programing for Grasshopper

Taco is a user-friendly freeware plugin for the simulation and control of ABB industrial robots directly within Grasshopper. With Taco you can program and visualize ABB robots with parametrics. The current and main features include:
  • Single and Multi-Robot (ABB Multi-Move) Tasks
  • I.K Solver + RAPID code generator
  • IRC5 read calibration + Upload Task Files
  • Custom tool definition
  • Custom speed settings
  • Custom rapid commands
  • Lots of options on toolpath TCPs
  • ABB_IRB2600_20165 robot definition
  • Robot simulation
  • Collision detection
  • Axial range check
  • Singularity check
Taco was developed during a course at the University of Innsbruck (AT) | institute for experimental architecture.hochbau (Univ.-Prof. Marjan Colletti, PhD) in cooperation with Media x Design Lab (CH), EPFL (Prof. Jeffrey Huang) and is an ongoing project by the three developers Shih-Yuan Wang, Yu-Ting Sheng, and Florian Frank.

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