Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Using Grasshopper for snowshoes

When you live in Norway you must understand snow. And snowshoes. First, the Norwegian company Fimbulvetr did extensive research of 6000 years of snowshoe evolution -- give or take a few years. Then they used Grasshopper to help design a new snowshoe.

From their web site: "We set out to create a stronger, lighter, more durable and ergonomic snowshoe from scratch. Previous snowshoes typically have many breakable parts, feel detached and limit movements. Through redesign, prototyping and testing we developed a high-end tool for superior, personal, winter mobility. The result is a whole new snowshoe experience, best described as a natural extension of the foot. Try it, and never go back."

Fimbulvetr currently sells their snowshoes through their web site.

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Unknown said...

These look fabulous! would like to try them out...because traditional snowshoes are generally too awkward for me.