Friday, March 14, 2014

"TRANSLATE" Workshop - Structural design in material fabrication - Rome (Italy)

Rome, Italy
14-18 May 2014

In this 5-day workshop we will translate the typical typology and materialization of the house into the definition of surface-active structures. We combine the system of geometry, structural design & fabrication and construction into a new era of architecture.

We follow three lines of thought to translate structural design in material fabrication. First, ultra-lightweight, rethinking shape and material. Second, dealing with the same single material components aggregated within a network, working with the elements' directionality and their connections to perform stability. Third, we will rethink the definition of the brick.

We will design, analyze and present our translations in both digital and physical prototypes -- from tabletop models to 2m high structures. 

Grasshopper, Karamba and Digital Fabrication tools drive our design evolutions. With structural design, we will play with the type of forces in elements, orientation, force flow, geometry, restraints, and connection. We use this structural behavior to search for new links between materiality, form and construction, progressing towards a unique relationship of structure, construction and fabrication.

We will present our translations through digital and physical prototyping, showcasing the process of linking digital and physical inputs as a continuous feedback loop, rethinking structural design and material fabrication.

Tutors: Manja Van De Worp (NOUS Engineering London) and Aldo Sollazzo (Noumena)

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