Thursday, August 4, 2011

Symposium Digital Fabrication - a State of Art - Lisbon

Symposium Digital Fabrication - a State of Art
ISCTE-IUL in Lisbon, Portugal
Sep 9-10, 2011

This symposium brings together in Portugal, ISCTEIUL, a set of internationally renowned investigators in the field of Digital Fabrication and Architecture.

Keynote speakers:

- Kevin Klinger (Ball State University)
- Vicent Guallart (IaaC)
- Bob Sheil (Bartlett UCL)
- Gabriela Celani (UNICAMP)
- Tobias Bonwetsch (ETH Zurich)

The workshop - by José Pedro Sousa (FAUP/DARQ/OpoLab) - will provide to a broad audience (students, professionals, and non professionals) the opportunity to experiment and try new methods of approaching the issues outlined in the conference cycle. The workshop will take 7.5 hours and it is composed of two modules. In the first module parametric modeling techniques (Grasshopper) with the use of CAD-CAM systems will be exposed. In the second module rapid-prototyping techniques will be experimented and applied to real construction materials. The aim of the workshop is to apply digital manufacturing techniques through the production by laser cutting or milling machine to prepare a 3D solid model.

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