Saturday, August 6, 2011

Evolving Hybride Male sculptures

Catharina van de Ven, a sculptor from the Netherlands, likes to explore different production methods for her work.  In her current work, she wanted to achieve symmetry and smoothness "like a car" for her Hybride Male series.

Catharina first made a clay sculpture. Through the Internet, she contacted Dot San in Scotland, who built a Rhino model from the clay sculpture.

Next, a small white 18 cm model was printed at Shapeways in Holland. The design was modified and the small black 8 cm model was printed. This design was approved and the big model was printed and sprayed metallic black. A silicon mold was made from the big model and a limited edition bronze model was cast and finished in Belgium. The bronze model is now being shown at exhibitions.

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Anonymous said...

The sculpture of Christina van de Ven is extremely creative, emotioning and beautiful.
Willem M MediStart