Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Stressed chair

Dauphin Human Design Group take pride in the chairs they design. They put a lot of effort in testing and development. Each design is put through stringent performance tests. If the chair fails, the chair is redesigned.

Now Dauphin uses Scan&Solve (SnS), a plug-in for Rhino, almost daily to do stress tests on Rhino models and solve any design problems with the chair components. Manufacturing discusses the design options with Engineering, eliminating the step of shipping samples between offices and waiting weeks for a fail/nofail report.

The Eddy chair started as a fragile frame, breaking in a "tip back failure'. Welding, back bars, clips, and steel specifications were all analysed before the prototype was built. With careful redesign, the chair ended up with a battle tank frame, but with the original aesthetics.

Ian Boyd, of Dauphin Human Design Group, raves about the changes,  "Since we started using SnS, not a single component analysed has been returned with structural failure. Not one. If ever I came across an application that earns its keep, this is it."

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