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food4Rhino webinar: TRmesh and TRfem - Volumetric applications in geometry and simulation (January 31 at 4 PM CET)

food4Rhino webinar: TRmesh and TRfem - Volumetric applications in geometry and simulation
Wednesday, January 31, 2024, at 4 PM CET

TRmesh is a Rhino plugin for generating tetrahedral meshes, also known as unstructured grids, in a robust and performant way.

It differs from other meshers in that it is directly based on the Rhino API instead of relying on an external open-source wrapper. This allows it to be extremely fast and flexible by performing direct distance queries and skipping the intermediate surface triangle/quad meshing step entirely.

This webinar presents the new version 2.91 of TRmesh and the accompanying thermal solver TRfem that was rewritten from scratch and now offers near real-time performance with a smooth interactive user experience.

While applications to finite elements and physics—such as heat transfer solutions and other engineering tasks—are evident, we will focus on less evident purely geometric applications, such as isosurfacing and shrink wrapping with locally adaptive sizes.

TRmesh's close integration with Rhino turns 3dm into a file format with volumetric data storage, providing for user-driven and lossless isosorfacing without the need for baking isosurface meshes for persistence. With the growth of advanced additive manufacturing techniques allowing for intricate topologically optimized structures, implicitly defined surfaces and lattice configurations are increasingly prevalent. In this context, we will demonstrate how TRmesh is an ideal fit for Rhino 8's ShrinkWrap feature.

The capabilities of TRmesh extend to complex, locally variable constraints and are particularly effective with noisy data such as imperfect input meshes or point clouds.

We will also mention the deployment of TRmesh on compute servers, catering to high workloads and positioning Rhino to more conventional engineering applications.

Speaker's bio:

Mathias Fuchs is a Mathematician with ample experience in applied geometry, statistics, and simulation. He's been a Senior Researcher at the CODE group, Zaha Hadid Architects, London, and is now an independent programmer specializing in numerical algorithms for geometry and Rhino.

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