Thursday, January 18, 2024

Getting to Know... Interstice: Democratizing 4D models!

Interstice aims to fill the gaps between stakeholders in the AEC industry by building custom solutions for complex challenges and guiding projects from concept through execution.

In this interview, Eric Guenther, Co-Founder and Principal of Interstice and Digital Practice Manager at FSE, talks about the company's origin and how the desire to explore beyond traditional structural engineering led to its formation. He discusses the potential of Mass Timber, highlighting its sustainability, aesthetic appeal, and cost-effectiveness. He talks about the challenges of specialization and siloing in the AEC industry and explains how Interstice aims to create innovative solutions that span across various domains, bringing cohesiveness to the industry. Enric also emphasizes the importance of tools like Rhino, Grasshopper, Python, and ShapeDiver in transforming project delivery and client collaboration.

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