Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Seascape Prototype #1 designed using Rhino


Seascape Prototype #1, Verena Vogler from Verena Vogler.
Some of the main challenges that our civilization is facing are related to environmental depletion and the restoration of damaged habitats. Can we slow down the Global Coral Crisis? Coral Reefs in coastal areas have been depleted by human action, endangering vulnerable coastlines and habitats.
Seascape Prototype #1 is an underwater experiment about Computational Design and Ecological Manufacturing. It is a story of creation in one of Earth's most challenging environments: the ocean, where local natural material and energy resources occur in abundance, ready to be used for a novel way of creating. A solid self-replicating, self-repairing and self-sustaining underwater structure is produced taking advantage of the mineral accretion process.

An innovative way of creating: This experiment related to Computer-based Ecological Manufacturing will be the base to propose and develop further sets of computational design and fabrication strategies inspired by natural reef formations with the focus on the integration of form, material and process. Rhino is a powerful tool to incorporate physical form-finding procedures as computer-based analysis, simulation, scanning and production to further explore how process and material can generate a design form.

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