Friday, September 27, 2013

HiveKit for Grasshopper

HiveKit is a plugin for Rhino/Grasshopper to:
  • Virtually simulate your complex interactive experience within your Rhino/Grasshopper model
  • Easily program a network of interactive devices directly from the Grasshopper interface
  • Use advanced distributed algorithms to synchronize all devices in your network and create global behaviors without the need for a central control unit or control system infrastructure
HiveKit comprises a virtual machine running on the embedded platforms which is responsible for several functions: 
  • Managing the communication between devices
  • Running the distributed algorithms 
  • Listening for new behaviors (via the Grasshopper interface)
Once a new behavior has been created in Grasshopper and downloaded into one embedded device (via the Deploy component), the code is virally propagated into the network without any additional configuration steps.

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