Monday, November 28, 2011

Engaging generative BIM workflows

"Generative tools such as Grasshopper are being utilized to explore architectural projects and influence design decisions with increasing popularity. Rapidly produced multitudes of options will not be utilized to full potential if entire design team assessments take days or weeks to fulfill. Maintaining and coordinating external documentation models is redundant and consuming work. To maximize the potential of these tools, teams must efficiently assess multiple objectives and criteria, to seek optimal solutions. Utilizing the generative information model as input to analysis and simulation tools (including structure, services, environmental, construction programming, and cost assessments) can facilitate superior design decisions."

Jon Mirtschin (GeometryGym) recently presented at IABSE-IASS London,   LSAA Australasia, and Algode Tokio

Read his technical paper on Engaging Generative BIM Workflows.

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