Wednesday, November 23, 2011

MadCAM 4.3 released!

MadCAM 4.3 is a free service release for existing madCAM 4.x users.

A partial list of new functions in madCAM 4.3:
  • Contour remachining: (Expert-level)
    Automatic rest material contour machining calculated from previous cutter. This function works for 3-axis, 4-axis, and simultaneous 5-axis.
  • Axis of revolution: (4-axis and Expert-level)
    New option for calculating towards or away from the axis of revolution. This makes it possible to cut the inside of a shape with 4-axis or 5-Axis tool paths.
  • Profiling: (4-axis and Expert-level)
    New option for keeping the cutter perpendicular to curve when using 2D-profiling in 4-axis.
  • V-carving: (4-axis and Expert-level) New V-carving option when using From boundary Curves.
  • madCAM License: Two new certificates for Entry + Remachining and 4-axis + remachining. You can buy each bundle or upgrade from the Entry level or 4-axis version.

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