Tuesday, July 8, 2008

ParaCloud for Rhino workshop in London

ParaCloud opens the registration for a professionals workshop in London, together with SimplyRhino. The Workshop is a 2-day event and includes a ParaCloud Modeler Version 1.0 software license.

Course description:

ParaCloud™ is a low-cost software solution converting your Excel™ spreadsheet into a powerful parametric modeler that drives CAD tools and extend its abilities. ParaCloud™ powers Rhino with generative design capabilities and provides parametric control to accurately and intuitively edit your design for fabrication, construction and performative studies. ParaCloud™ powers Rhino with: Parametric Behavior Modeling, Surfaces and Ribs unfolding, Parametric Shells and Ribs structures, Parametric Components Population, Rhino Blocks Generative Population, Simplified Numeric Control over Spatial Geometry.

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