Friday, July 4, 2008

Bongo, animation for Rhino - Updated

Bongo 1.0 Service Release 6 is now available to download.


  • Communication with the Zoo license manager
  • AVI writer
Bug Fixes:
  • Rhino 4.0: Explode command behaviour changed caused by Bongo
  • Keyframes were not visible in certain situations
  • Top view flipped when enabling it for animation
  • Object did not animate after deleting an object
  • View did not update on some computers running Windows Vista
  • View was clipped incorrectly during an animation
  • Animation limits did not store correctly in the file
  • View keyframes do not refresh when opening file
  • Copy/paste causes the loss of one save on evaluation versions
  • Rendering causes memory leak in certain situations
  • Crash when animation hierarchy was unresolvable
  • Crash in the Bongo options in certain situations
  • Gloss and transparency edit boxes lose focus in certain situations
  • Many other small bugs and localization issues resolved

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