Friday, November 13, 2020

New webinars by DesignMorphine (polygonal modeling, morphing, SubD, Grasshopper and much more!) - December 2020

DesignMorphine has announced new webinars for December 2020:

  • December 5 - Hyper Skins V1.0 - Hyper Skins V1.0 will focus on polygonal modeling techniques on the human body to develop new and interesting body typologies.

  • December 6 - Spatial Synthesis V1.0 - Spatial Synthesis V1.0 will focus on polygonal space morphing by low poly meshes and non-destructive morphing techniques using Maya and Grasshopper to generate living cell typologies.

  • December 12 - Procedural Assemblies V1.0 - Procedural Assemblies V1.0 will explore the opportunities provided by aggregation and growth algorithms with Grasshopper plugins to investigate how multiple living cells can create clusters based on bottom-up deployment strategies.

  • December 13 - Biomorphic Networks V1.0 - Biomorphic Networks V1.0 will introduce students to circulation and transport networks at the city scale with stigmergy systems. Through the Physarum Polycephalum algorithm, students will dive into the world of agent-based modeling.

Click on the links above for complete information and registration!

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