Friday, October 26, 2018

Using Unreal Studio to get epic results with Rhino 3D Files in Unreal Engine

For digital creatives across all industries, finding faster, more efficient ways to get your design data into Unreal Engine can revolutionize your design pipeline. In our upcoming webinar, we’re going to show you how to speed up your 3D workflows using the time-saving power of Unreal Studio paired with Rhino software to achieve incredible results in a fraction of the time.

Join design specialist Eddie Perlberg, as he walks you through the process of using the Datasmith toolset in Unreal Studio to import your Rhino files directly into Unreal Engine. From there, he’ll also show you useful tips and techniques to make your work shine!

You’ll learn:

  • Best practices when you’re working with Rhino data 
  • Importing and polishing your data inside the Unreal Engine
  • Tips for leveraging the Unreal Studio product viewer template for best results
  • And more!

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